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This thread goes hand in hand with the Share your Art thread. Come here to get your art critiqued by anyone. I'll definitely try to help but I'm just trying to make a nice place for y'all to go :)



1) Be constructive when critiquing. This is not a place to attack people for their art style. We don't want art-tok moments.

2) If someone critiques your art, don't get defensive. It's merely a helping tip. *this rule doesn't apply if they're just flat out being rude*

3) Follow basic forum rules (no NSFW, etc)

4) You can totally ask for art advice here and I will add some in, so will others!

5) Don't be mean to others. Haven't seen it much here but I feel like it needs to be stated.

6) Try not to spam or have conversations. Short talks are fine, but at a certain point it's too much. That's what PM's are made for :)

7) Try to support other artists if you can by following, liking, or sharing their art.

8) DO NOT steal peoples art. By reshare I mean retweet or share to your story. If I hear that you stole, traced, copied, etc someone's art I will personally pluck out your eyeballs and make a community soup with them.

9) Remember that this is a literal forum meant for kids. If I see anyone say someone's art style sucks I'll steal your soul /th




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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-o! I liked the idea of having a thread like this around and don't want to see it hidewithout a chance, so I finally have this piece I've been working on that I'm okay with sacrificing showing now:

This is my first attempt at a serious background like...... ever! Like.. second actual landscape setting I've done in the past 5 years so I'm working on getting the hang of uhhhh properly parselling up foreground vs. background colors and figuring out silhouettes/level of detail and whatnot.

Left this one kinda simplistic because coloring it was a bit of a pain, I already feel like the big tree in the background could've used a bit more detailwork or else more fog to cover up how unfinished it looks, buuuuut I am not here to self critique I seek the minds of Others!! 


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Ha! Got ya >:D

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pretend there is a title

This is gonna be a really quick response because I just finished overdoing a project in one night (why on earth I decided to slap in water color and hand drawn things for an english project we may never know) so here's my ugly bad probably not helpful critique.


First off, the colors and simple shading pulls it together really well. I think that there could be a bit more perspective to make it look extra spunky, but I know how stupidly difficult that can be. The way the ground rises with the big tree in the back makes it look a bit off, so maybe pull the foreground up more and pull that down slightly so it makes a more clear vanishing point?


I also love that despite the simplicity, it still holds detail. Although, if I may suggest, maybe add details that add a pop of color? My personal favorites are fungi and bold colored flowers. That'll seperate the green of the background and make it a little more palletable? Is that a word? idk, its 11 PM and my cat is going absolutely bonkers so my brain isn't functioning anymore.


I also think that making the little pond thing blend in more could be neat, right now it looks like it's akwardly flowing into another area. If it is, show that! I can include a weird poorly done example tomorrow morning when i can grab a picture of the weird painting thing I'm doing for art class. It's not the best because I'm working out kinks, but it shows how far the lake extends and adds depth! Also, it'd be a lot more work and blah blah blah but I'd personally slap a lot more ground cover plants (fern, bushes, fallen trees, etc) to fill space and add more interest and character to the drawing :)


Anyways I am done my stomach hurts and so do my eyes so I'm gonna eaet the mazapans I hid in my backpack and feed my fish brrr good job on the art its very prestty



Edit because I just thought about it: Backgrounds require a ton of work to pull together ngl. The more details the better it'll look 90% of the time. Small things like bugs or leafs on the ground can really pull together a work of art :]

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Take care of your eyes silly !!!!! Don't stress about getting a whole comprehensive thing together by tomorrow too I can WAIT ! Artist healths come first (-W -)


Enyway, thank you for the quick response! Don't worry about smashing toes here, I'm very aware of this being very barren for a forest scene as I didn't want to spend too much time on it and get stuck somewhere. Very good advice all around! I definitely want to try adding more varied color elements in my next try, as I was a bit overwhelmed just figuring out the foreground-to-background gradient for this one and thus was antsy about adding even more colors into the mix.


I thought there was something a lil hinky with the background hill, I'll have to keep that in mind next time + interesting proposed fix! This was a sketch outta my sketchbook so I definitely didn't put as much time into asset framing as I should've (again just... was trying to get it finished at all. Talking to a very adamant character artist here so the biggest grapple was keeping interest in this project in general :'D)


Yawwww the pond thingie is a little silly as it is, that was an impulse puddle x') next few goes/studies will probably be focused more about props/foliage because Heck bodies of water !!


Overall thankyou for the review! Good to have a second opinion and confirm some things I need to work on. Eat those mazapans !!! Tell your fish I said hi!! Goodnight and/or Goodday to you !

((It's 2:00am. Forgive my screech energy. I tend to exaggerate my exclamation points to emphasize I am in no way provoked nor hostile in tone and it gets a bit excessive the tired-er I am :'D))

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Wooo wait wait wait my lady

Oi hold up, lemme wake up... I'll figure out the proper way to word this, but backgrounds actually require less detail rather than more. You bring up good points, but detail has to be sparse, this I know for sure XD just lemme wake up a bit then show you what I mean XD 


Edit: Yes it was maybe 10 hrs later when I finally get to this XD But had some other art stuff to do. Anyways...


To an extent, Moss is right, some more detail is needed. But as long as it's sparse and properly placed. Like, you can't put a put a detailed leaf near the back tree or it'll actually pull you out of the emersion, and kinda make it look a little weird. Which this does pull you in really well, you got a really good grasp on air perspective, you just needed more. Cause the larger tree in the back isn't dusted enough, so it makes it look like it's in the foreground rather than the background.

So, here's what I did.. I hope you don't mind I painted over your piece. I added some more shading on the closest tree, just put some more 3D aspect to it, it looks like the pond is going over the edge to another level, which you did fantasically. But, now that space between the further tree and the upper level seems a little 2D, so I added a bit of the pond below and added some more shading and highlights. This just helps it have more depth as it shows there's something between that large tree and the level where this small tree and pond is. This also helps with the light you have going, and it just lights up that particular area a little better, gives the piece more a focus and fills it in some more.

You don't technially need those light rays to indicate there's an excessive amount of light there, you can add some more light, even if vague like I did here, to the objects it's hitting. Like the larger tree roots have a bit more light there, and the edge of the closest tree has more light. Which stands out more now that the shading is put closer to the edge. I also added a bit more light underneath that closer tree to show it's being lit by the light. Which is what it appeared to be in the original, you just didn't have enough light there.

Aside from those few things, I actually really like this piece, you got a really solid grasp on colours and air perspective.

Oh also pull the fog a bit back too, adds some more air perspective :P


Hope this helped a bit


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spontaneous combustion

I definitely didn't mean to clutter it lolll, just small little things can make it look better rather than just tree lolll. There's definitely a limit and different applications have different limits. Comic backgrounds will have a lot less detail than a landscape (Also I just figured out your birthday is the day after mine omg sorry that was random). More detail also doesn't necessarily have to be "complicated big detail" but little things like a scribbled on bark texture or Flora on the forest floor will look better than "here is mountains. Tree." It's just as my art teacher tells the class, small things will pull it together like painting and blurring the reflections in the water. Otherwise it just looks low-key flat y'know. Obviously don't pull a Howl's Room in Howls Moving Castle and have so much stuff that it's distracting (unless it's on purpose blah blah blah) but not many will say "oh yeah just don't add stuff to the background it'll look better"

Also, I'm not gonna lie, your original comment REALLY upset me this morning. I'm assuming it wasn't on purpose and I'm not blaming you for it but I am gonna address it: I'd really appreciate it is you didn't use "lady" in a way to address me, especially in a somewhat condescending tone. She/Her isn't even my most consistent pronouns so I'd really appreciate it if you used more gendernuetral terms or whatever :) I was tired and the whole comment in general felt really condescending and I had originally typed out an angry reply but had to wait for the rest of it before I said anything ajdjdjdn

To be fair having a major trauma flashback episode the night before and trying to deal with after effects of nightmares and stuff makes reading tone REALLY difficult so I was already on edge bahahah

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Sorry about that

Yeah, in certain pieces, having more detail is actually nice. Like Borodante's work is such pieces. But this piece didn't look like it needed such detail. In others perhaps. But this one seems more on the simple side, which is actually quite nice honestly, fits the piece really well.


Sorry about that, I say My Lady to everyone, either if I accidentally brush up against them, or try to kindly get their attention. And I never say it in a condescending way, more like if I was addressing some high class lady in the Victorian era upon meeting her. I'll be sure to keep your preference in mind though. I did check your signature about that, but you placing all the pronouns did somewhat confuse me. So I just assumed you were okay with any you listed. Not to mention, I've only spoken to you.. briefly on the character review thread, and it never really crossed my mind then as it never came up. Apologies though, I'll be more vigilant in the future :) Although, which pronoun would you prefer best?


(Gods, the way I type does sound kinda condescending in a way... Sorry.. Just... when you read my messages, always imagine talking in a victorian era accent to some high class family or something XD That's generally how I type out anything since I'm obsessed with that time frame XD)

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hrbrbd neurodivergence

It's totally fine lmaooo as said, trying to get out of a huge anxiety episode makes things really hard to read tone wise. I list all pronouns be ause I have waves where I feel a lot more feminine rather than androgynous or masculine and I guess I'm OKAY with she/her pronouns but I feel like it's mostly in a "nobody will respect it anyways" way. I just really don't like people using "girl" "lady" "ma'am" etc in ways to put down people which I'm so used to seeing (TikTok scares me).

I'll definitely keep the whole victorian thing in mind (I address my dad as "faaather" in a dramatic Victorian boy accent so I get it). As for pronouns, I'd prefer they/them or even he/him. She/her is kind of last on the list and I may restructure it as such and make note of that. Thanks for being understanding, the autism really likes to strike oddly and fight

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Ooooooooo :O nonono no worries, I don't mind the paintover at all! Interesting counter-opinion !


Yaaaayaya I do have somewhat of a grasp of the 'rules of the scene' where you keep all your very detailed thing-os mostly to the foreground and let the background be Silly and Less Rendered ! So no worries there, I totally get what you mean !

I definitely did feel like that farthest-back tree wasn't quite hazy enough- again my biggest issue with the piece that I knew of. More fog !!!!!! Solution to everything.. joking. ..Half joking.)


I see what you mean about the pond yesyes, definitely think I should've done more with that but I am Lazy ! Good to know for future projects.

Overall thankees for the advice! (And the compliment <3) both you guy's advice has been very helpful !