*Creating Additional~Avatar/Dragon~Characters*

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Hi ya'll, Hope everyone's doing well when you read this :D  

I've noticed as I read the various postings, that some players are able to show their Add'l Avatar~Dragons +Info (signature?) they've created. if I can, I'd really like to learn how to do this, n'd one other nifty lil' trick I've seen while playing....

How do we speak to each other in game?  A couple of players have "spoken" to me using a lil' speech bubble like in the comics.... that was a Surprise!  

I swear (not much!!) the more I play the more I'm amazed how awesome this game is, I know my Dad would've Loved it too!

As for Jade n' I, we're doing well, leveling up n'd having fun learning how to fly!  Now when we earn enough coin (gems...) we'll be able to build up our farm.  I've been working to build up a good store of fish n'd dragon nips for my girl.  

I've learned to not push the energy limit in doing Fireball Frenzy, a lesson etc.... I'll enter, do the action once maybe twice

(the specific game will ask if you want to play again? y or n ?) then I'll Exit n'd feed my girl her well earned meal n'd play with her ~ a lot, ah but she's a playful thing! 

I guess this's all for now, creating a post is a fun as playing the game.... so easy to become too chatty!


Take Care ya'll look forward to joining w/you in many adventures, hope you have a great day!

Crystaal n' Jade  ;)



Always wishing you fair days n'd good health,

Take Care, Crystaal

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Hey there!

It's nice you're having fun in-game - that's the most important thing, after all!

I'll reply my best to your questions:

1) about signature and avatar. Find the "User Navigation" box on the right side of the forum and click on "My Account". Once there, choose the "Edit" page. Here you'll be able to upload a picture as your avatar and to write your signature. Once done remember to push the "Save" button at the bottom of the page. 

Images. If you need to put an image in your signature the best way is to open an account in a free-image-hosting website (I use ImageShack but there's plenty of them around) and then upload there your images. The site will return you the direct link to the image and you will copy-paste it in the URL bar once clicked on "Image", a button you find in the editing bar of the signature.


2) about chat. The game has a chat system. You can access the chat by pressing Enter or clicking on the arrow on the left side of your gaming screen and then on the bubble icon. What you write in here will be shown both in the chat and in-game with the bubble you witnessed.

Be aware that the chat system has a filter. Here you find some guidelines on how to use the chat properly.


3) an advice. Farm as much as you can! Farming is the best way to earn gold - and you need gold for a lot of things, first of all to buy baits to feed fish to your dragon. You may also buy a chicken and feed her chicken eggs. As I said, farming is really useful:)


Hope to find you in-game and have some fun together. May your dragon fly you safely through the heights!