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I was wondering if anyone else was having trouble logging in at the moment? Every time I try, I get the same message:

"An error has occured while your last request was processed! Please try again later!"

Is the game down or something? Or is it just me?


Also, I've been experiencing something odd in TRR the last couple of days. Sometimes when I try racing on the "Frozen Warriors" track, I get warped to a point halfway through the track before the race even starts. Then when the race does start, my dragon sinks to the ground and is unable to fly anymore. Every time it happens, I have to leave the race because I can't do anything else. And I'm worried that someone will see me warping across the map and think that I'm a hacker or something, not knowing that I have no control over it. Does this happen to anyone else?


And finally, I was racing someone yesterday, and noticed that there was a five second difference between the time that was on the timer when I finished, and the time that it showed me at the end. I started watching it after that, and it seemed to only happen when I raced this specific person? I don't know if it was just lag or not...but I was curious as to whether that person could have been cheating somehow. I honestly don't know though, so I'm not going to outright accuse anyone, or give names.


There was also an issue where a race suddenly ended on the second lap, and every racer was marked as having not finished the race. But that only happened once, so I'm not too worried about that one.



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The game is currently down,

The game is currently down, yes.


This is a common glitch. If people call you a hacker for it, they don't know what they're talking about. I'm quite certain the glitch always teleports you back and not forward, so you do not have any advantage from it. The sinking glitch seems like it might be caused by teen dragons somehow. If you can land on solid ground, you should be able to fly again from there. Not great, but still better than a completely lost race. The other thing that happens is the race arrow breaks and points in the wrong direction, teleporting you all over the map. All glitches.


If there is a difference between the time you got and the time shown, there was someone speed hacking in your race. The higher the speed setting of the speed hack, the bigger the difference.


I think the early ending thing is just a server glitch. I have found myself experiencing it race after race with certain vikings, so I wonder if there isn't some kind of hack involved in that.

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Thank you for answering :)

I've never seen that glitch before. I wonder what causes it? It seems to only happen on that one track (for me, at least). At least I can relax a little knowing that I won't be accused of anything. And unfortunately, when my dragons sink down to the ground, I can't fly up again. I can only kinda jump into the air a bit, and then sink back down. It's a little annoying...

And I was afraid that there was cheating going on :/  I'll need to keep an eye out for that. Can't help but wonder how many times people have done that without being caught. I wish I had taken a screenshot or something now.