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I only joined three days ago and I've made good headway but there are a few things I still don't get.


1. What's the purpose of farming?


Besides getting exp of course. I get that you want to get your farming level up for points and exp and things like eggs are useful for feeding your dragon. Plus some materials are required for quests. But other than that, why would I spend several hundred coins on a pen for sheep and feed and collect a ton of wool all day? What purpose does the wool have aside from maybe one quest? That goes for most plants and vegetables you can grow, too.


2. What are the purpose of eels?


Besides to annoy you. Unless that's it? They're required for one or two quests but is that it?


3. "Viking-123456789"


Are these guys bots? I'm just curious because they never talk yet always request to be friends with me.


4. Shortcut keys for powerups in Thunder run racing?


I've heard they're the numberpad but my keyboard doesn't have one. I've also heard that it's not the numberpad. I can't find a definite answer. As someone who plays the game with mostly the keyboard and not the mouse, this is pretty important to me.


5. Censored words in the chat


Is there a list? I've heard about people getting banned for using totally normal words in the chat that are censored. I've also seen people weaving around the censors with words that are hard not to use in a normal conversation. Is it just a hit or miss with chatting or is there something I can refer to for "bad" words?


Um.... I probably have more, but that's all I can think of right now.




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1. gold, talk to johann

2. still gold

3. account not yet verified

4. no idea, sorry

5. another forum post lists them, forgot which one though.


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Oohhh!! I was wondering if

Oohhh!! I was wondering if you could sell those things. I just didn't know how. Thank you, that is super helpful!

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1. Just like you said, the

1. Just like you said, the point of farming is to get dragon and farming XP, UDT and coins. However, that is really the point of most things in the game.


2. You can sell eels to Trader Johan, and as they also played a moderate role in the franchise I suppose it makes sense to have them.


3. They're not bots. I believe they are people who have not activated their account, but I am not positive.


4. Idk, I just click them onscreen.


5. I don't know if there's a list, but chat censored numbers, many names and a few other words too.



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Most things have been already

Most things have been already covered.  As for chat censored words....I think the list people were making is in the clan portion of the forums somewhere?  Thats what I want to remember at least.


Depending on what you're into in the game....and if leveling matters to you at all, farming will be a BIG thing for leveling.  If you get a decently big farm it helps tons with your UDT points as well as leveling any of your dragons.  Seriously, I have something like 2000+ chicken eggs.  More chicken eggs than I could EVER NEED - but I continue farming the little buggers because of points.  XD


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Hello :)I can't provide an

Hello :)

I can't provide an answer for all the questions but there are some things I know. 


1/2. The purpose of farming and eels is the same :  earn coins by trading your produces/eels to Trader Johann 

When you'll finish all the quests you may want to train another dragon and you will probably need a source of income to buy a saddle or something.  It is also another way to get XP without the quests.

You also need to farm and fish to win some achievements, for you and for your clan if you join one. :)


3. I wonder about that too but I think it's just players who forgot to choose a nickname when they created their character :/


4. I would like to know about that too, couldn't find anything about the powerups and I'm very clumsy when it comes to use both the mouse and the keyboard.

I only know F for shooting fire (personally I don't shoot people on TR but it could help you for the Flight Club)


And for your last question I don't know :(


EDIT : whoops, everyone already answered x_x

Never thought about non activated accounts but it makes much more sense. ^^

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Thanks, guys! I found the

Thanks, guys! I found the list of censored words. I'd be easier to just not use the chat! >.<


I really hope we can find the answer to the shortcut for powerups, though. It's way too hard to be using both my hands on the keyboard while flying and then suddenly having to reach over to the mouse to use a powerup, meanwhile not being able to control my dragon as I try to click the icon. It's quite ridiculous. I don't know how anyone else does it.

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1. To get gold and XP. 2. To

1. To get gold and XP.

2. To give to Trader Johann for gold.

3. Players that didn't choose a name.

4. There aren't any hotkeys for TRR. :(

5. Not a list, but the chat is VERY strict.


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Banned Words

There is a list going on under the board Barracks of Valhalla since a lot of people go there to post in their clans and such.  Keep in mind it is still being built as we put words in there.  The thread is called Banned Words in Chat Listings.  There you can get some ideas of how to avoid the words, but keep in mind, so far the list is not that many, but enough to start helping people avoid the pitfalls of chat and lower the risk of getting banned from it.








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 To help you with using the


To help you with using the mouse and keyboard at the same time: put your middle three fingers of your left hand on W,A,S, and D, you can use those for moving around. Put your left hand thumb on space, to jump and boost on your dragon. Then use your pinky on shift, to brake. Use your right hand for the mouse. Hope this helps!


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Ah okay. All this time I've

Ah okay. All this time I've been using the arrow keys to move. I forgot that w, a, s, and d did that too. That should help a lot. Thanks!

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Thunder Racing Shortcuts

I did hear that the numbers 1,2,3 and 4 can be used for the powerups.If all are not unlocked i think 1 and 2.I didnt get time to check this But I read in another thread.I personally use my left hand for moving and the right one to use powerups(By keeping it on the mouse)



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Answer 3

Hey Amanita,

The People/person named "Viking-123456789" are/is not a bot..

They are the people who didnt activate their account..

Hope This Helped 


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