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Viking Name: coolerthandragons

Dragon Name: Sparky (Monstrous Nightmare), Icey (Nadder), Queen (Monstrous Nightmare), Flame (Nadder), Scauldy (Scauldron), Zoom (Skrill), Stella Star (Flightmare), Digger (Whispering Death), Freeze (Nadder), Thunder (Thunderdrum), Freedom (Smokebreath),  Shadow (Smokebreath), Midnight (Hobblegrunt), Tsunami (Thunderdrum), Sonic (Thunderdrum), Flare (Typhoomerang), Gemstone (Whispering Death), Storm (Raincutter), Spiderman (Typhoomerang), Beauty (Skrill), Neon (Flightmare), IronMan (Smokebreath), Temperance (Boneknapper), Ella (Gronckle), Storm Bringer (Stormcutter), Cloudchaser (Stormcutter)

Clan: The Phantom Shadows

Hobbies/Interests: Racing in Thunder Run, exploring the new lands, and training each of my dragons <Link to the picture

  Hello! I am Coolerthandragons and I've going to try out for the Viking of the Week. But first let me tell you a little bit about myself and my back story. 

  Ever since I was little I was always alone. I had no friends, no family, just me. I was on an isolated island that was infested with dragons. I was mortally terrified and afraid for my life. Everywhere I looked a dragon was close by until I found a small dark cave. It looked like it was only large enough for a person like myself. I immediately went inside and hoped no dragon would find me. Inside the cave I found a small stone that looked sort of like a chair or maybe a stalagmite. I couldn't tell which but I made myself at home anyway.

  After my first glance I surprisingly found out this cave was bigger on the inside than the outside. So I went exploring through this huge cave. I walked farther into the cave into these 'rooms' type things. They weren't really 'rooms' but they were pretty close. They looked like they were carved from the surrounding stone. There were about three of these 'rooms'. One looked like a bedroom including a bed made of weaved grass. Another looked like a dining room with a table made of stone with three chairs. Last but not least, an art gallery, this room was full of beautifully hand painted paintings. Paintings of Monstrous Nightmares, Nadders, Scauldrons, Skrills, Flightmares, Smokebreaths, Hobblegrunts, Thunderdrums, Typhommerangs, and many more types of dragons. Some of which I've never seen before. I gazed at these fantastic paintings and began wondering who had made them and all the other objects.

  I paced back and forth trying to think of who could have made these great paintings. "My family," I realized, "Are they still alive?" I suddenly felt something I've never felt before... hope! I looked though the cave to see if I could find any signs of life. I came into a weaved grass basket full with fruit and vegetables. The fruit looked like it had been picked that day. Then I heard something crashed to the ground with a huge echo. I turned around and saw a woman about forty looked at me with shock. "Cool?" She muttered, "Is that you?" She ran towards me and looked at me closer. 

  "Mom? Oh, Mom!" I began to cry, "I thought I was alone and you were dead." She wiped away my tears and gave me a great big hug. Mom almost squeezed the living daylights out of me and then began crying too. I hugged her and wouldn't let go until we started to laugh. We laughed and laughed. "So where's Dad? Is he still alive?" I finally asked. Mom looked down at the ground. 

  "I haven't seen him since you were about five when a blue Monstrous Nightmare with pink spots attacked us." She saw a tear run down my cheek and continued, "This is supposed to be a happy time not a sad one. Cool have you seen my paintings yet?" I shook my head no even though I  already saw them. I wanted my mom to show me her special paintings. I followed her into the third room that contained the paintings. She smiled and showed me one of myself as a baby. Then one of my father and one of the Monstrous Nightmare that attacked us. She explained all of her fantastic, wonderfully done paintings and showed me how to paint one. 

  After a few days I soon got used to my Mom's schedule. In the morning she would pick fruits and vegetables closest to her, I mean, our cave. Then she would prepare breakfast and while it was cooking she and I would paint in her, opps I mean, our painting room. My paintings were greatly improving over the few days. I'd paint wonderful pictures of a pink monstrous nightmare with purple spots and a blue belly which I had named Sparky. I hoped that I'd get over my fear of dragons and train one that looked exactly like the one I was painting. I laughed I knew that was never going to happen. When we were finished Mom would get the food and set it out on the stone table in the dining room. We'd then go back into the painting room and paint some more. We'd fix lunch and dinner in the same manner and repeat. We did that for about a week or so.

  Then we heard terribly loud roars. I knew what that meant a dragon attack. I glance at my Mom and she stared at the cave entrance, fear in her eyes. She ran towards the entrance. I put out my hand trying to grab her arm and stop her from doing something foolish. But I missed her arm by a few inches and Mom ran out of the cave to face the dragons. I heard a scream and then saw red-yellow glow of dragon fire. "No," I cried with tears streaming down my cheeks, "No! This can't happen! I just got to be with my Mom! This is so unfair!" I stood there and dried my tears.

  Next I walked to the entrance of the cave determined to face these monsters. But when I looked out of the cave all I saw was some other vikings and some dragons. There was a viking on a Night Fury, another on a Nadder, one on a Monstrous Nightmare, another on a Gronckle, and two on a Hideous Zippleback. I couldn't believe it they were riding on dragons! I saw them socializing with each other. I didn't see my Mom though, I was too late. I looked down and shook my head. A tear strolled down my cheek, I couldn't believe I had lost my Mom for a second time and this time for real. "Hey you over there," One of them yelled.

  When I looked up I saw one of the vikings fly over to me with his dragon, a Night Fury. I backed up against the stone on the outside of the cave. I still wasn't really fond of dragons, yet. He hopped off his dragon, Toothless or that's what I think he called it. He said, "Don't be afraid we're not going to hurt you. I'm Hiccup and this is Toothless. What's your name?" 

  "I'm Coolerthandragons nice to meet you," I said quickly. I glanced at Toothless, he didn't seem bad at all. He was smiling happily and seemed friendly. I smiled slightly and then my smile disappeared. Hiccup caught my smile and glance towards Toothless.

  He asked, "Do you want to meet Toothless? I bet he would love to fly with you." Toothless heard the word 'fly' and started jumping around excitedly. I nodded my head slightly. Hiccup took my hand and we got on Toothless. Then Hiccup showed me how to fly Toothless. Toothless flew though the clouds and towards an island I've never heard of before, Berk. Hiccup offered me to join the School Of Dragons and choose my very own dragon to train. I accepted his offer. He told me to follow him to the Hatchery. 

  Inside the Hatchery I saw tons of dragon eggs. I walked around the Hatchery looking for the perfect dragon. Then I came upon a Monstrous Nightmare egg that was not like the others. This egg was pink, not the normal red, and had purple spots. It reminded me of the Monstrous Nightmare paintings I had done in the cave and of the time I spent with my mother. I picked it up and brought it to the big lava hatching area. I put the egg on the podium and it sunk into the lava. It popped out back out. Then a crack appeared and another and another! Until a little pink baby Monstrous Nightmare came out of the egg. I picked her up and named her Sparky. I trained Sparky for a long time until the two of us were bonded for life. 

  Now I've been training more dragon types and gotten over my phobia of dragons. I thank you for reading my back story. Have a great day. :)


(Profile Pic by Colress)

     A Little About Me:  First off feel free to call me Cooler. :-) I love to role play and draw. My favorite color is pink, if you can't tell. :P My favorite animal is a giraffe. Although I love all types of dragons, my favorite is the Monstrous Nightmare. I love Marvel comics and super heroes, especially Spiderman and Iron Man! My favorite TV series are Bones and Scooby Doo. My favorite books are Wings of Fire, The Dragon Keepers Series, Scorched, The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf, Dork Diaries, The Last Synapsid, The Boxcar Children and many, many more. Basically I love most of the books I read, and I read a lot. I'm a crazy cat lady who's got four cats, Rio, Slick, Stormy aka Derpy, and Sweety Pie- who is not very sweet.  I'd like to have more... :-D If you want to know my OC Cooler's back story go ahead: Click here I'm obsessed with dragons, the HTTYD movies, and the series. Why else would I play this game or be on the forum, right? XD


(Top two by me)

(By WolfLight)

Main Dragon: Sparky

   Personality: Fierce, protector of all my dragons, the alpha/leader of all of them (no matter how much Queen dislikes it), a little hot headed, stubborn at times, sarcastic, silly at times, and most importantly: very loyal

      Back Story: When I first came to the school, I was allowed to choose one dragon just like everyone else. But I felt like something, a dragon, was calling me. I wondered around the hatchery for a while searching for the perfect dragon companion. Then my eyes  laid on the monstrous nightmare eggs. At the very bottom of the bin was an odd color for a monstrous nightmare egg, it was pink. Of course I picked up that one 'cause it's my favorite color. The next thing I know is that I feel my arms tingling, like this was that moment you know when something is right. This is what was calling me. I hatched the egg and a cute, pink, little monstrous nightmare hatched. I named her Sparky because of she seemed to have a fiery personality. I knew right then that Sparky was the perfect dragon for me! The two of us, after long days of training, enjoy exploring, racing, and fishing together.

Every time we explore we almost always find a new dragon which I train with the help of Sparky. Out of the fifty times we have explored we have found forty five dragons. She mainly likes to explore to find more dragon friends. I just explore for the fun of it. I'm starting to run out of room in my stables. Guess I'll have to build more!

When we race sometimes she runs into the walls. Then blames me for making her run into the walls and smacks me with her horns. She then runs into the wall so I hit the wall as payback! I've tried to help her with the turns but she just ignores my "training" and reverts back to her old ways. (Sparky just read this and smacked me in the head with her wing.) Fine, fine Sparky doesn't run into the walls I do (If that makes any sense). I don't she does. She can't read it this small. Haha. -Yes I can, Cooler! Grrr, you better run when I find you!- Oh sure of course I will... y-YIKES H-HELP!!

And Sparky trying to fish haha... it's hilarious! She shoves her head into the water and tries to bite at the fish when they are to far away and then she blows bubbles angrily when she doesn't catch them. Not only does she do that, but when she gets really annoyed she flies into the sky and dives down into the water. Then she freaks out when fish swim under her belly. She takes off saying, "Nope, nope, nope. I'm done with fishing! I'm out, peace!" Then she flies off and leaves me behind. She usually comes back but only after she raided my fish stockpile. -Ah, yes I do do that. Fish may be tasty but they're slimy!-

Extra: I adopted her on June 15, 2014. She and I have been together for more than three years now. She's my first and most favorite dragon, just don't tell the other dragons about that. Sparky loves to eat salmon, it's her favorite, and occasionally a perch. Sparky loves Snoggletog so much that she wears antlers and jingle bells all year long!

My In-Game Dragons:

Bouncies/ Gifs/ Pictures others made for me:

Storm                                         Storm Bringer                                        Scauldy  

(Raincutter bouncie made by bubbles5498)(Scauldron and Stormcutter (1st one) bounces made by TimberJackGirl) (2nd Stormcutter Bounce made by ThunderRider19)

Sparky                          Temperance            Queen's Banner                 Icey      

(Nightmare by Amerissa2890)(Boneknapper Bounce made by LisieChap)(Banner made by Wutend Bonfire)(Nadder Bounce made by Autumn5467)


Flame                      Icey                    Freeze                        Ella                 Gemstone

  Zoom                  Beauty            Cloudchaser               Storm Bringer         Digger


Midnight                  IronMan                      Cotton Candy                  Flare                    

(Everything above made by hot lava girl 29)       

Flare                                         Neon                                   Stella Star

(Typhoomerang Bounce made by NightFuryLover)(Flightmare Bounces made by 1flower aka Spy)


(By Amberleaf, my secret Santa! Thanks SOO much!)

Awesome Image of my Stormcutters, Cloudchaser, and Storm Bringer By Gigimon! Thanks!

Adopted Dragons:


(Dazzle adopted from 1flower aka Spy)(Dazzle- Night Fury Titan Glow Gif made by Fury of the night)


(Blaze adopted from chocolate24)(Blaze- Night Fury Bounce made by Autumn5467)

(Nightingale adopted from Reiraku)(Nightingale- Night Fury Titan Glow by Fury of the night)



                Misty                                                               Belle                           Emerald

(Dewmist adopted from Cerebellum)(Death Wing adopted from kimbenoso)(Terrible Terror adopted from 1flower aka Spy) 

Jewel                             Venom                                     Primrose

(Pebble-Shooting Speed Demon by xXHallaXx)(Both Velociraptor Draconis adopted from DuskDaybreak)


(Dewmist adopted from Cerebellum)


Night Fury OC: Plasma

      Personality: Independent, free willed, exclusive most of the time, almost too trusting, laid back, and very stubborn (even more stubborn than Sparky and trust me, Sparky is VERY stubborn)

        Back Story: One sunny day not-so-long-ago, I was walking through a forest, feeling the breeze in my hair and having fun on my Alone Time. I like to have an "Alone Time" at least once a week, for about an hour, so I don't go insane (Some would say I am but I beg to differ) and today was one of them. I was alone or so I thought. The whole time I felt the hair on the back of my neck standing straight up as if someone was watching or even following me. But there was no one with me at that time. I would turn around frequently, checking to see if anyone was following me or to see their eyes in the darkest corners of the forest.

At one time I thought I heard a whoosh sound from a tree's leaves. Then I thought of something: What if it's not a person but a dragon?! Slowly I sat down and pretended to rest. Slowly but surely, something can up behind me and nudged me on the shoulder. By now I am already used to things nudging me so I turned around and saw a night fury behind me. She was missing her left tail fin. It was as if she had gotten in a fight with another dragon because her tail fin was all slashed and she had bloodied slashes on her (all are healed now and you can't even see scars). But she was not like a normal night fury, she had blue on the back of her wings, two front legs, ears, and back of her body. I knew she was hungry why else would she be following me. I gave her a fish I had brought with me and she looked at me with her big eyes. She beckoned me to get on her back and was very trusting, almost too trusting, and laid back when I finally did. But we couldn't fly yet not matter how much she wanted too.

I knew I to get a tail fin for her so I decided to make one. I based it on Toothless' but with one change I made it so she could fly where ever she wanted without a person on her back. I didn't want her to be dependent on a person. Unfortunately the only fabric I had at that time was pink so that was what I made it out of. (Which is why one of her tail fins is pink.) I put it on her, with a descent amount of struggle, and when I did it fit like a charm. She immediately wanted to fly and so she did. Soon I was joined by Sparky, whom I mounted to get ready to fly, and the rest of my dragons who wanted to fly along side Plasma. They seemed to have already know her cause she didn't mind when they flew beside her. Apparently they had they were secretly protecting her from dangers and watching her to make sure she was alright.

I never did find out which dragon she fought and lost to. I just assume that it was against a monstrous nightmare or skrill. I do have a saddle for her if she wanted me to fly with her. Plasma is independent most of the time and prefers to fly by herself. But on occasion she lets me ride her and when she does she chooses where we go. Which is fine by me. I may be her trainer but I know she's independent and doesn't need no human. Plasma usually stays with my other dragons but other times she goes off and leaves to go on her own adventures. Where? Well I don't know but she always comes back within a week or two.

Gifs/Bounces of Plasma:

(Night fury bounce by TimberjackGirl)(Second Night Fury bounce by hot lava girl 29)(Night Fury Titan Glow Gif by Fury of the night)

Death Song OC: Siren's Call

Base by: Autumn5467

Dragons by me:

The Shimmering SeaScales: Click Here to get one of your own!

The Male: Ocean             The Female: Rainbow              The Baby: Coral

The Ferocious FourEyes: Click here to get one of your own!


Thank you to everyone who made something for me!! :-)


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It was very long but loved it!


" We spoke unspoken things, We rode on broken wings "

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Nice and imaginitive, good luck getting viking of the week ^_^ Phantoms roar! :)










Zippleback love  :D


(Credit - in order- to: Raziel Razgriz/ Sirenemoon/Northlark/ EmyMag/Amazonite. Thank you all for the wonderful artwork~)




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Hello Phantom

Hello Coolerthandragons, Awesome to see another Phantom in the Viking of the week.  Very create story you wrote.  Also great to get to know more about each of my Phantoms.  You do have a lot of dragons to train.  I am glad you among us and good luck with the next in clan tournament that will be starting soon.  


This video does not belong to me, but a big cheater in this game made this - teaching others how to cheat to win a tournament.  This is a copy of the original, but edited to take what is not appropriate for others to hear.    Stop dummies playing

Related image Image result for standing alone for what is right


Phantoms are now on discord


Not associated with the Phantom Knightz clan, it belongs to adad


Retired from tournaments - Last tournament ride 2018



Fallen Viking - Might Wind Rider (Got hacked by a hacker)

Forever gone 2/07/14 - 1/16/2015

The Phantom Lords/The Phantom Shadows - Admin hear us loudly and clearly - stop the hackers

A tribute to Hiccup of HTTYD, who would never have achieved anything if he'd obeyed the unjust authority figures in his life. If he'd 'stayed put' like he was commanded at the beginning of the story by his father/Gobber, he would never have met Toothless, and would've probably been killed in dragon training. Instead he refuses to obey- he runs from the ideals of his father and what it means to be a 'traditional Viking', and ends up changing an entire society's outlook in the process. To the Phantoms watching this who are losing hope that we can change the fate of SoD, remember that "running is a victory"- even taking the smallest stand against authority (like sneaking out the back door in Hiccup's case) can have powerful, unforeseen consequences. We have to keep fighting, even if we can't see the end of the road right now.  Roar Phantoms!     by Art

Image result for standing alone for what is right

by Orcawave101

made by Orcawave101

Made by Diamond (Friendship with Diamond Storm)    and other two are made by Nessie (Friendship with Snow Leopards)

Made by AegonTheConquerer - above and below picture........  Cartoon Characters by Northlark

Above Made by Blossom - (used Might Wind Rider as model).  Below made by Stworzydlak

by NightFuryLover Thank you NightFuryLover 

made by Orcawave101

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from Buffert

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What?? Sonic??? Hahaha!

Sonic X! Sonic X!


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I hope you get viking of the

I hope you get viking of the week! Hope my fellow Phantom gets it :)


Let's get right to buisness, with...

My Dragon Cave



"Are you, are you.

Coming to the tree

Where they stung up a man, they say he murdered three

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree.


Are you, are you

Coming to the tree

Where the dead man called out for his love to flee

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree


Are you, are you

coming to the tree

Where I told you to run, so we'd both be free

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree


Are you, are you

coming to the tree

Wear a necklace of rope, side by side with me

Strange things did happen here

No stranger would it be

If we met up at midnight, in the Hanging Tree"

When a math quiz is announced.

And then I get the paper back and I'm all like.

And my friends are all like

And the teacher's all like



Since the first three of these seven dragons have been stolen, I'm leaving Anduril (Drawn by The Ecliptic Eight) to watch them.

Natt Mord the Hypnotic Night Catcher adopted from Golden Scarlet. I wrote my butt of trying to adopt this, so there will be salt if this get's stolen.

Same for Advarsel. Except she's an Ominous Storm Rider, still from Golden Scarlet. Again, if she get's stolen, it will be Saltageddon 2015.

Vindfjaer by Goldenfury360! PS. It's a Windsong ;)

Simon the Screeching Hunchback by Chameishida! He's so adorably deadly, ain't he?

Canopy the Spacial Beauty adopted from KrazyKira. His nickname is the Einstein dragon.

Aang the Legendary Air Jabberjaw adopted from The Ecliptic Eight. Wow that's a mouthful!

 Sirius the Star Fury adopted from goldfish50!

 Electrifier spore-ized, made by BeaReptileLover!

Don't Eat My Back/Yellow Snow/ Sub-Zero adopted from Iron Man 2000! And I bet you can guess where I got all those names from!

 Darude the Paranoid Sandskritter made by NightmareRebuff



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very good

i'm myviking name or plurplesies my name got changed from a glitch or something, my past was sad before i came to this game i used to play wizard101 and i was a really high level idk why  but i got hacked about 6 times i got them back but the last one was the worst and i had lost everything and then my friends showed me this game :D


Image result for word Forgotten Image result for word racers

Skrill Master


"I am against hacking because once, There was noob! Exploring the new world of another game called Wizard101. Soon she came to find that she has almost mastered the game and had found many new friends to seek adventure with. She was the bestest best friend you could ever have. Once a friend, always a friend and it is meant to stay that way forever :D. On a wonderful day when everything was going fine, she was Hacked. This time (meaning she was hacked other times) she lost all of her friends and everything that belonged to her. That last Hack was the worst. She had lost all her joy, and she didn't play again for many months. But one day, she found School of Dragons and everything changed."

All went well and a few months later she joined the Spiral of Wizard101 again - Scarlet Blueblade 

@. @

The ultimate Racing Games have come to School of Dragons

Who will win?





Adopted Spinewist From TildenWolfGirl, i present to you... Nightshade! :D


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