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The title says it all, really-but, I feel like controller support would be appreciated by many players! Or, at least, be a convenient way to play if your mouse doesn't want to work with you. I guess you could play on mobile, but for some people that'd probably be less convenient than adding some simple controller support. (I know I'd definitely find it useful-there's a little controller support, at least, but only with movement and camera, and that's a little... jittery, at best.)


Thanks much for your time! This isn't a huge suggestion or anything that would completely change the game, but something that might be useful for a lot of people. Have a nice day!


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The game does work with a controller. You can't remap your buttons though.


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Hi there!

Hi there!

I don't play this game with a controller myself, but I do know that Steam allows for custom controller profiles. If it's possible, I would suggest playing the Steam version of the game and creating a custom controller profile using this detailed guide. This will allow you to create, find, remap, and share a layout that works best for you!


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Any chance

Any possibility of making the game work with controllers on iPads and or other brands of tablets . Tried a controller once before and it let me fly but wild movements. Tablet players already seem to have a slight disadvantage in racing as steering seems sharper on pc play. Myself and others seem to have to race pouncer to get the same steering as toothless on pc version .