Continued Syncing Problems with everything Dreadfall related and preventing the earning of prizes

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How on earth are we expected to even get the Skrillnapper if we can't complete anything?  I have had the sync update fail happen to me on two main quests, and yes logging back in repeatedly worked, but that is extremely annoying.  The worst part is I've had the sync update fail on me right as I went to open the chest in Loki's maze, thus losing whatever prize I would have received! Come on!  If it keeps doing that every time I do the maze...  Also, every time I try to play Flight Club for Snotlout's Fitness Dreadfall job thing, the sync fails, thus preventing me from earning that prize too.  

Please fix this.  I would like to point out I've never had this problem to this extreme extent, and it is incredibly annoying and making the game very much not enjoyable. Thank you. 



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Got pretty much the same problem. Kinda wishing for it to just end, there is no fun it in anymore, you can't win anything, no matter how hard you try. And it gets in the way of things you would normally get like the prizes of normal ships. 


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Quest board not opening

Yeah honestly because of all the bugs I think they should just give us the skrillknapper or some other big thing for all the problems this event is causing. I mean yeah it's really nice to have a new event and more quests for those of us who have completed everything but if it's going to be this buggy is it really worth it? Not really. I haven't even been able to open my job board today and the game glitched out and logged me out right when I was about to get the chest in Loki's maze and its really starting to get on my nerves and I know I'm not the only one. Some people have even had their dragon levels reset to almost short wing and their levels have glitched down because of all the bugs so I'm getting scared that it's going to happen if I get on and try to figure out one of the quests, of course hoping that it won't give me that "your progress cannot be synced to our server. Please try again." message that it's going to basically glitch out and reset my character that I've been building up for years and no one wants that to happen.