The Complete List of Dragon Species

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For a long time I have been keeping track of the dragons introduced in the game, so if you are unfamiliar with the species and titan wings available you should look to this list.


This will cover all adoptable dragons whose colours you can customize. The following post will show the legend for my colour coding.


Gorge II

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Brightslime is all grown up (& reached level 50)


Battle High Scores:

1. Headvord    -  1225

 2. Globstract   -  1203!

3. Streamglide - 1122

4. Sparkflare   -  1070

5. Brightslime  -   980

6. Flingshot     -    900

7. Grimpinch   -    895

8. Bulkshield   -    859

Expansions completed:

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 Sparkflare                        Streamglide

Female titan wing Nightmare                 Male Windwalker           

Level 50                                         Level 50

 Found July 18, 2013                    Rescued July 23, 2016

      Cheerful, ferocious in battle,               Caring & comforting, dragon rescuer,

distracted, excitable, reckless                        brave, stealthy, nimble     



Globstract                                  Flingshot 

Female Death Song                           Male Singetail    

Level 50                                         Level 50

Adopted Nov 11, 2016                   Bonded Feb 12, 2017 

      Reclusive, disobedient,                       Sociable, co-operative, curious,

showy, artistic, cheeky                              lively, protective of me




Persistent & focused; mature; outgoing; confident; short-tempered



 Bulkshield                        Brightslime

    Male Rumblehorn                     Female Flame Whipper

Level 50                                        Level 50

  Hatched Jan 1, 2015                  Adopted June 11, 2017

Friendly, stubborn & determined,             Adventurous, likeable, observant,

      moody, tough, heroic                        has quick reflexes, poisonous



Headvord                          Grimpinch

   Male Sentinel                            Male Deathgripper

Level 50                                         Level 49!

Befriended Oct 10, 2018              Befriended Aug 30, 2019

Dignified, benevolent, tenacious                Dangerous, touchy, submissive 


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Legend: Where the species originate from
  • How to Train Your Dragon
  • Book of Dragons short film
  • Riders- and Defenders of Berk
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2
  • Other games (Rise of Berk, Titans Uprising)
  • School of Dragons
  • Race to the Edge
  • Original book series
  • How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World
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Exclusive & Non-Adoptable Dragons

The following species are unique specimens that won't go in the main list:


  1. Toothless (temporarily adoptable with 1-week or 3- to 12-month memberships)
  2. Green Death (seen during Return to Dragon Island)
  3. Luminous Krayfin (accompanies player in Secret of the Leviathan & Wrath of Stormheart)
  4. Seashocker (seen during Wrath of Stormheart)
  5. Light Fury (temporarily adoptable with 1-week or 3- to 12-month memberships)
  6. Dart (available for 2500 gems during Snoggletog Event)
  7. Ruffrunner (Snoggletog Event exclusive)
  8. Pouncer (Snoggletog Event exclusive)
  9. Ghastly Zapplejack (Thawfest Event exclusive; customizable)
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Timeline of Adoptable Dragons

In order of release, here are the 65 customizable species available in the store, animation updates for some of them, and the 32 titans or other variations of the original models:


       2013 - Back when you could only choose one


1.    Monstrous Nightmare

2.    Deadly Nadder

3.    Hideous Zippleback

4.    Gronckle


       2014 - TD and WD were DVD exclusives until stables were added


5.    Thunderdrum

6.    Whispering Death

7.    Skrill

8.    Scauldron

9.    Rumblehorn

10.  Flightmare

11.  Hobblegrunt

12.  Smothering Smokebreath

13.  Typhoomerang

14.  Raincutter

15.  Boneknapper

16.  Hotburple

17.  Stormcutter

18.  Snafflefang

19.  Changewing

20.  Fireworm Queen

21.  Screaming Death


       2015 - Icestorm Island, Call of the Death Song & Battle for the Edge released


22.  Tide Glider

23.  Scuttleclaw

24.  Sand Wraith

25.  Sweet Death

26.  Woolly Howl

27.  Shivertooth

28.  Shockjaw

29.  Groncicle

30.  Speed Stinger

31.  Moldruffle

32.  Mudraker

33.  Grapple Grounder

34.  Snow Wraith

35.  Sliquifier

36.  Prickleboggle

37.  Razorwhip

38.  Devilish Dervish

39.  Death Song

40.  Snaptrapper

41.  Catastrophic Quaken

       (Flightmare animations)

42.  Thunderpede

       (Stormcutter animations)

       (Boneknapper animations)

43.  Armorwing

44.  Timberjack

45.  Night Terror


       2016 - Titan wings, Titan Island & Return to Dragon Island released


       (Rumblehorn animations)

46.  Slithersong

       (Raincutter animations)

47.  Shovelhelm

       (Razorwhip animations)

       (Snow Wraith animations)

       1.  Titan Monstrous Nightmare

       2.  Titan Deadly Nadder

       3.  Titan Hideous Zippleback

       4.  Titan Gronckle

       5.  Titan Razorwhip

       6.  Titan Whispering Death

       7.  Titan Skrill

48.  Singetail

49.  Eruptodon

       8.  Titan Thunderdrum

50. Windwalker

       9.  Titan Stormcutter

       10. Titan Screaming Death

       11. Titan Flightmare

51.  Terrible Terror

       12. Titan Terrible Terror

       13. Titan Boneknapper

       14. Titan Scuttleclaw

52.  Buffalord

       15. Titan Snow Wraith

53.  Silver Phantom


       2017 - Secret of the Leviathan & Rise of Stormheart released


54.  Flame Whipper

       16. Titan Sand Wraith

55.  Triple Stryke

       17. Titan Woolly Howl


       2018 - Wrath of Stormheart released


56.  Sentinel

       18. Elder Sentinel

57.  Grim Gnasher

       19. Titan Death Song

       20. Titan Buffalord

       21. Titan Grim Gnasher

58.  Dramillion

       22. Titan Speed Stinger

       23. Titan Shockjaw

       24. Titan Rumblehorn

       25. Titan Triple Stryke

59.  Fire Terror

       26. Titan Sentinel

       27. Titan Dramillion (only coloration is different)


       2019 - The Hidden World & Curse of the Hobgobbler released, 2 seasonal events


60.  Deathgripper

       28. Titan Scauldron

       29.  Titan Deathgripper

61.  Crimson Goregutter

       30.  Titan Crimson Goregutter

62.  Hobgobbler

       31.  Smitten Hobgobbler (only coloration and teeth are different)

63.  Skrillknapper (former Dreadfall event exclusive)

64.  Dreadstrider (former Dreadfall event exclusive)


       2020 - Thawfest Event


       32.  Titan Hobgobbler

65.  Deathly Galeslash

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T-R-A-C-K-I-N-G... Tracking!!!

Tracking! This is really helpful! :D



I go by the name Stormy! :D


An AMAZING picture of Stormy (my viking!) done by the even more amazing MerricupNightFury!!!! It is fantastic!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stormy as a Draconian!!!! By the incredibly talented TosiLohi!!!!!!! Thanks so so so much!!!!


All My Dragons!!


Tracker Class

Stormshear - Female Deadly Nadder (Main Dragon!)

Skypiercer - Male Deadly Nadder

Rosethorn - Female Deadly Nadder

Moonwatcher - Male Deadly Nadder

Mudslide - Male Mudraker
Sharp Class

Starlight - Female Razorwhip

Lightshard - Male Razorwhip

Puddletwirler - Female Raincutter

Mysticshine - Female Stormcutter

Peppermint - Male Scuttleclaw (Hatched on 1st December so he has a Snoggletog-themed name! :D)


Stoker Class

Firewing - Male Monstrous Nightmare

Firedancer - Female Singetail

Pheonix - Male Typhoomerang


Boulder Class

Rocky - Male Gronckle

Frostwing - Male Groncicle

Groundshaker - Male Whispering Death

Stonegrinder - Male Whispering Death

Guardianspirit - Male Elder Sentinel

Tidal Class

Wraithster - Male Sand Wraith

Thundergem - Female Thunderdrum (Older sister to Tidalgem)

Tidalgem - Male Thunderdrum (Younger brother to Thundergem)

Oceanshadow - Female Scauldron - TITAN!

Shockwave - Female Shockjaw

Strike Class

Nightstrike - Male Triple Stryke (Sunstrike's twin)

Sunstrike - Female Triple Stryke (Nightstrike's twin)

Elektra - Female Skrill

Sparkangel - Female Skrill

Mystery Class

Zip & Zap - Male Hideous Zippleback

Sparkle & Dazzle - Female Hideous Zippleback

Nightglow - Female Flightmare

Firework - Male Flightmare

Siren - Female Deathsong



In-Game Info!

Name: xXStormxRiderXx (Stormy for short! :D)

Title: Senior Nadder Whisperer

Clan: Warzone

Occupation: Dragon trainer, Huntress (for food, not dragons! XD)

Trophy amount: 3300+

UDT Score: 400,000! (MAX)

Stars: 1 Gronckle Iron Star! (MAX)

Viking Level: 48

Dragons: 32

Friend Code: FNNUWE

Favourite pass-times: Flying, training, battling and of course playing with my dragons!



Art done by others! Thanks so much!

Stormy as a Draconian by TosiLohi! Thanks sooo much!!


Shimmering Snow by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Stormshear by Andrea!! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!


An awesome picture of me and Stormshear done by the even more awesome Hillevij! Thank you!!


Springflower my Crimson Goregutter done by the amazing Embala!! Thanks!! 


Firewing!! Done by the awesome Lissa!! Thanks so much!!! :D


Zip & Zap and Nightstrike & Sunstrike by the awesome RedHoodJason! Thanks!!!


Wraithster by the awesome SangoMichiko! Thanks!


Stormy in a beautiful Nadder-themed dress! Thanks so much TosiLohi! :D



Stormy by the awesome ParakeetAndine!! The one on the left is in normal clothing, on the right is in her flightsuit with Stormshear!! Thanks so much!!!!!



Oceanshadow done by the amazing Root! Thanks!



Stormy and my Light Fury, Aurora, as a hatchling! Thanks so much to Purpy!!!!


Stormy and Stormshear (again) done by the awesome RedHoodJason! Thanks so much!!


Lightshard and Starlight my Razorwhips! By Sango! Thanks!




Firework, Elektra, Bliss and Stormshear!! All by the amazing PURPY!!!! THANKS!!


Stormshear and me done by the awesome TosiLohi! Thank you so much!


nice day here NOBG by bottomlessBOX

Stormshear and me (again! XD) done by the awesome Tosi Lohi! I couldn't resist so I put the non-background one in too! Thanks so much!!



Here be Stormy! 


Stormshear by the awesome SangoMichiko! Thanks!


Stormshear by Purpy!! Thankies! 


Stormshear done by Silverraven! Thanks! :D


Stormshear done by the amazing nathanviking!! Thanks so much!!!

Me and Stormshear done by the awesome Katerina Pettrova! Thanks!!!!


Hawk by demonguitars1214

Hawk Sokolov my OC! Done by the awesome DyliehIdol1214!! Thanks so much! :D


Firework done by the amazing nathanviking!! Thanks so much!!!!





Pheonix, Wraithster, Rosethorn, Oceanshadow, Stormy, Puddletwirler, and Stormshear! 

All by the awesome Purpy! Thanks so much!!


Wraithster and Puddletwirler!! Done by the always awesome Zikta!!! Thank you!! 


Stormshear, Stormy and Wraithster done by the awesome LilyStark!! Thanks! 


 Razorwhip Banner Scuttleclaw Banner

Smothering Smokebreath Banner

Changewing Banner

All banners by Dragonriders Fury! Thanks! :D 




My Adoptables!!!


Aurora and Blaze! By the awesome Celine!! Thank you so so so much!! :D


Aurora and Blaze!! Done by the awesome Lissa!!! Thanks!!!!!!!


Blaze | For CZNZ Dragon Rider by HypnoTheSerpentLordAurora | For CZNZ Dragon Rider by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Blaze and Aurora both done by Andrea!! Thanks!!!!


Aurora | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Aurora (again XD) by the awesome Andrea!!!! Thanks so much!!!!

Blaze my Night Fury, and Aurora my Light Fury! Thanks so much Embala for drawing them!!!


Cuddles | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLordDeigh | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLord

Misletoe | For CZNZ Dragonrider by HypnoTheSerpentLord  +  


Cuddles and Deigh my Deathgrippers; Dreambolt my Deadly Claw; Skythorn and Stormshear my Curly Nadders; Mistletoe my Christmas Wreath, Crispin my Summer Wreath and their baby, Rustle; and Gruntshine my Tingecutter!! All by the awesome Andrea! Thanks so so so much!!! 


Brightstorm my Shinglescale and Duskflyer my Shinglespike!! By Rider Jyharri! Thanks!!!

Blossom my beautiful Nightsealer! By the awesome Chameishida! Thanks! :D


Behold the amazing... Frillfire! By Lissa! Thanks so much! :D


Aurora by the great Zesty!!! Thanks!!


Battleshine my Fighting Claw by the awesome Belubel! Thanks! 


Galaxy my Giarogia! (Sub-species of Spyrogia!) By the awesome Shelya! Thanks!


Princess, my moody Mood Dragon! Done by the (as always) awesome Lissa!!  Thanks!!!!!


Waterdevil my Tidereaper by the awesome Goldenwolfmidna! Thanks!


Firedemon my baby Coalskin!! Done by the awesome Chameishida!! Thank you!!!

Autumn and Roux, my Harvest Hunters! By the awesome Embala!!! Thanks!!


Aphrodite and Ares my Plume Tails by Embala! Thanks!!!


My Crytter and Bookwyrm, by Flitt! Thanks!


Alaska my Pykacynd! Done by the awesome Sheyla!!! Thanks!!!


Skyburner my Neckblaze! Done by the awesome Sheyla!!! Thanks so much!

Paco my Rainforest Griffin!! Made by the amazing Lissa!



Favourite Quotes!


- I wouldn't kill him because he looked as frightened as I was. I looked at him, and I saw myself. - Hiccup HTTYD

- Thank you for nothing, you useless reptile. - Hiccup HTTYD

- Well, you know what I always say. When in doubt, take it out! - Dagur RTTE

- Oh I'm hurt! I am very much hurt!!! - Tuffnut HTTYD

- Excuse me, barmaid! I'm afraid you brought me the wrong offspring! I ordered an extra-large boy with beefy arms, extra guts and glory on the side. This here, this is a talking fish-bone! - Hiccup HTTYD

- The chicken is not amused. - Tuffnut RTTE

- Everything we know about you guys, is wrong. - Hiccup HTTYD

- Some of us were just born different. - Valka HTTYD 2

- Oh my... Me likey! - Ruffnut HTTYD 2

- Please, you... are my best friend, bud. My best friend. - Hiccup HTTYD 2

- Atta boy! That's it! - Hiccup HTTYD 2


Screenshots Of My Fantastic Dragons!!! (I will be adding more soon!)

Firework - Male Flightmare


Nightglow - Female Flightmare


Oceanshadow - Female Scauldron


Wraithster - Male Sand Wraith


Firedancer - Female Singetail


Firewing - Male Monstrous Nightmare


Frostwing - Male Groncicle


Thundergem - Female Thunderdrum


Tidalgem - Male Thunderdrum


Elektra - Female Skrill


Nightstrike - Male Triple Styke


Sunstrike - Female Triple Stryke


Zip and Zap - Male Hideous Zippleback


Sparkle and Dazzle (Spark and Dazz for short!) - Female Hideous Zippleback


Skypiercer - Male Deadly Nadder


Pheonix - Male Typhoomerang


Lightshard - Male Razorwhip


Starlight - Female Razorwhip


Mudslide - Male Mudraker


Shockwave - Female Shockjaw


Did you make it to the end??? Stormshear and I say... "Congratulations!!!"


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Hobgobblers, Skrillknapper & Dreadstrider

I have updated the list with the new species from Curse of the Hobgobbler and the Dreadfall update. I had to look up what the special variant of the Hobgobbler was even called, and found that it's unclear whether it is albino and whether it is the leader of the pack. Both of the Dreadfall hybrid species originate from School of Dragons. The player encounters them in the quest line.

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Dreadfall & Snoggletog Event Exclusives

Since the Skrillknapper and Dreadstrider are customizable but were only available for a limited time, I placed them both in the section for non-adoptable or unique dragons, and changed the title to include "exclusive" ones.


The Night Lights (Dart, Ruffrunner and Pouncer) are now also in that category as 3 unique dragons. These bundles of cuteness will be available for just two more weeks!

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2 hybrids in the store

Now I have updated the legend to include the game Titans uprising. The hybrids originally from this game are in green, just like those from Rise of Berk.


Since the Skrillknapper and Dreadstrider have been added to the store, I moved them to the main list of dragons. The Ghastly Zapplejack is in the "Exclusive & Non-Adoptable" section.


And of course we now also have the Deathly Galeslash available. Can you believe that only 2 new dragons and 1 titan have been added so far this year?

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Great Thread . . . tracking,

Great Thread . . . tracking, and Thanks. CB

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*slides out of the shadows*

I'm just going to track this. It's very helpful.



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Also, please welcome my baby brother, likecheese, to SoD!

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