Collecting Sheep in Honour of Bork

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The mission Gobber sent me out on was to collect 10 sheep in honour of Bork having once been a Shepard (which is a lovely reference, thank you!)a


Two things, not sure on this first one: Cannot collect the sheep from dragonback, the dragon just glides right through the sheep, neither of them distrupted. Can only collect them while running. 

-Uncertain if this is a bug, because usually when my Whispering Death helps collect things, he does so with his mouth and many many many teeth. Which would mean he'd be nomming on the sheep and yeah... >_> 


Second thing: had just collected Sheep #5 out of 10, with Sheep #6 visible wandering in the background, when a message box pops up, Gobber informing me well done, I'm a great shepard, go see Multch. And then the sheep disappeared, so I never did collect the remaining 5 sheep.

Little odd. 


Just a random, not sure if it was intentional or not, but the two sheep walking in a circle around Bucket made me giggle, especially since he kept holding his head and seemed to be confused by why they were walking around him. ^___^ 

And since it won't let me comment on the update post, thank you kindly for the updates. The game is running so much faster, and I love the single player mode! Thank you!


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