Collecting the bewilderbeast armor

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I've been collecting the bewilderbeast set on and off for a while, and here's where I'm at:

So far I have...

  • Bewilderbeast Helmet
  • Mighty Bewilderbeast Pants

The rest of what I am wearing, if anyone is wondering...

  • Alvin Top
  • Night War Bracers
  • Stormheart's Blade Boots

I also have the Bewilderbeast shield.

I would like to ask anyone who has or is collecting the set, how do you get items for the top, bracers and shoulder pads?


The shoulders require, well, more shoulders, of a tier two variety, and I have no blueprints for these, and I haven't found any as DT rewards (is there a certien level or set of levels that is better?).


The top is similar, but worse, and tier 3.

And lastly, I haven't found a blueprint for the bracers. Help?


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Here's a post where I go more into detail on what I would like to see.



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I'm pretty sure you should be able to get the Bewilderbeast items as well as the Bewilderbeast blueprints from the Icestorm Island levels.(That's the way it used to be anyway. If they haven't changed it then you should still be able to get them from those levels.)


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Sounds like I have many days

Sounds like I have many days in the ice to look forward to, yay. Hopefully I will get the complete set soon!

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Good luck! :)

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Swiftail, stop chasing my subject away!

Hi fellow dragon rider!

For the Bewilderbeast set, I got mine a while ago and if I recall correctly, all the parts, even tier 3, were given as Dragon Tactics rewards. They are very, very rare and it took me months before having the whole set, but that's how I got mine. I've seen blue prints, but as I haven't yet figured out how to use the forge, I never used it and can't tell you if it's worth it using the forge when you get blueprints, or if it's still better to play DT and hope getting your whole set this way.

Hope this helps and have a good game ^^


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If you'd like to learn to use the forge and fusing here's a comment another forum member posted explaining how it works.

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I've been using a combination

I've been using a combination of rewards and the forge. I'm hoping to get more items as rewards, because then it saves me the trouble of collecting all the items