Cockatoo Headshots/Adoptables!

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Lady Arthin
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I have no idea how to do this, so just don't reply yet while I write out this form, thank you!


DNR! ...Yet.


...alas, that will never be the case now.



signature not done e


Profile picture done by toothless0603!




woohoo i'm a bfb/bfdi fan




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Lady Arthin
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Cockatoo Headshot Form


you may now reply







Main Feather Color:


Crest Color:


Eye Color:


Markings (optional):





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Aussie the second
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Cockatoos are my favourite bird, I must have one!! :D


Main Feather Color: White


Crest Color: The normal Cockatoo yellow


Eye Color: A light brown?


Markings (optional): This around the eye, but in red - if its too hard thats fine! :)







Gender: Female

Nationality: Australian

Hobbies: Gaming, reading, AFLW & mountain biking

Fav franchises: How To Train Your Dragon, Lord Of The Rings

Fav HTTYD dragon: Nightlights and Scuttleclaws

Religion: Christian

Clan: Limitless 

Fav colour: Purple & blue

Fav animal: Dragons, dogs and cats

Fav food: Chocolate, haystacks and more chocolate

Other games I play: Minecraft, Age of Empires and StarStable

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Just random other things:


Youtube Channel:

Furry paws (not active)

Time for a little art!














The end



Thank you LissaFish for the

idea of the SoD petition!


Thank you so much for making

the petition EmaraldHuntress65!


Credit goes to Angel Nerd

for the portrait of Aussie (my viking)


Thank you Chameishida for the pixel dragons!


The 'Skylar' and 'Fili' heads are done by Tigerli1y!!

Thanks again Tigeri1y for the pic of my Sandwing OC, Sabre! 

(also my profile pic)


The Nightlight portrait was done by lceyshadow! 


~ Thank you artist for all your time that you've

spent just to give a random stranger a little piece of art! ~




All right! Siggy over, now get out of here!! Shoo! (JK, come back whenever you want)


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Main Feather Color: creme


Crest Color: dark purple


Eye Color: light purple


Markings (optional): little purple speckles plez :3


“When the skies cascade and the stars align, that is where we find eachother.

A loving talent has grown within the soul, one that must take flight elsewhere.

Dragons of this world. Do not forget what I have done, for who I might become is not the same as you once knew.

For I am no longer a dragon bound to earth, but bound to stars and the treading expanse."

-Erin's farewell

A Dragon's Trust | Book 1 - Chapter 40 - Wattpad

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Wow, this looks interesting.

Wow, this looks interesting. Fun! May I request?



Main Feather Color: White


Crest Color:Faint purple


Eye Color: Purple


Markings (optional): Sort of like the light fury in the hidden world? Could it have sort of a glowing effect? Here is a picture:


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Thank you Sohki!

Cute furies, by me :)

Super cool dragon banners made by Dragonriders Fury! TYSM!

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This is my dragon, Eclipse, beautifully drawn by the wonderfull LucinaOfTwilight! Thank you so much!


Edit, because I can't draw this good. :P

My Diving Nimbscale, Rainbow, made by the amazing Angel Nerd!




Made by Tigerli1y! TYSM, so cute!


Eclipse Edit made by the amazing WoollyHowlEra! TYSM!

Purple Seashocker edit, made by me!

Ikran-Fury hybrids made by toothless0603!

Little tiny pixel dragons made by chameishida, for her thread Random Dragon Pixels Raffle (Come get yours!)

Thanks for letting me use them!



Wow, If you have made it all the way down here to the end of my siggy, congrats! See you around!