The Clue of the Missing Socks - Chapters 8 and 9

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Sorry for the delay in posting the eighth chapter of my book, I had a busy week last week with a state tournament with my basketball team.  We did win by the way.  I will be even busier this week starting yesterday, Sunday.  This week I have one game plus a regional tournament with my basketball team.  So I thought I would post two chapters instead of just one, because I won't have time to write this week.


I am introducing a cat plus a new charatcter in these chapters.  Please comment what you think about the cat and about the new character.

What role do you think this new character will play in my book?  Is he good or bad?  Can he be trusted?

What role do think the cat will play?




The Clue of the Missing Socks.


Chapter 8


          When I woke up, I found that it was night.  I also found that my head was throbbing with pain when I tried to sit up.


          “Now hold on there.  Lay back down.  You had quite a blow to the head,” said a strange voice as he kept me from sitting up.


          I replied,” Who’s there?!”


          “It is okay.  I am a friend, or would like to be,” said a very tall man with short brown hair.  He also had a beard but it looked like he kept that short as well.  This was all the features I could see being it was dark and the only light was the fire.  He was sitting off to my right about seven feet.


          “Where did you find me?  I don’t remember getting here… to this island,” I said in an eased tone as I felt I was safe.


          “I found you here on the beach two days ago.  And…”


          “Two days ago!?” I exclaimed in surprise


          “I was returning from the forest when I saw a group of rough looking characters in a large ship.  There were three anchored very close to the beach, but one of the ship’s mast was missing,” the stranger said as he came over and sat on a stone next to me.  “I saw them left up what looked to me to be a body and then dump it over the side.  I didn’t know if that person was still alive or not.  It was a good thing they came on this side of the island because the outlet of the harbor was by a small entrance right near their ships.  The island surrounds the harbor cove on each side with a towering rock formation wall.”


          “I knew I had to start off for that person immediately.  I was able to reach the area no problem next to the harbor wall.  It was dusk and I didn’t fear them spotting me because they didn’t seem to be paying any attention.  The thing I did fear was the sunlight was diminishing fast because the sun was almost lower than the rock formation wall around the harbor cove,” the stranger continued.  “Good thing I am an excellent swimmer.  It only took me five minutes to dive down and find you.  I brought you back up to the surface.  You must have revived because you cough a few times before you blacked out.   I was hoping I wasn’t too late.  Obviously I was not.  I got you back to the beach just fine.  I felt you breathing so I knew you were going to be alright.”


          “Well thank you very much for saving my life.”


          “Your welcome.  Though you gave me a scare not waking up for two days,” the man added.  “What was the last thing you remember?”


          I was not sure if I should say anything about the important details relating to Berk or the outcasts during the time before I was hit on the head.  I didn’t know if I should trust him or not right now.


          “Well, some rival vikings came to my home and at first I thought they were there trying to attack us.  They did fire a round of arrows that missed.  We launched a round of boulders from our catapults.  We struck one ship and took out the mast of another.”  The stranger looked at me with interest as I continued.


          “The head viking on the flag ship wanted to talk to our chief.  Our chief agreed, but I smelled a trap.  The meeting was set to be on the flag ship.”


          “I couldn’t just stand by and watch my chief walk into a meeting with a potential trap was being set.  Those vikings would stoop to such a trick because their tribe and ours has been at odds for many years.  I was able to get to a vantage point to see and then hear what was happening.”


          "I noticed a small boat of in the distance with two vikings in it.  They then stopped when the viking that my chief was talking with stoop up.  I saw of the vikings in the small boat then stand up.  It looked like he had a crossbow in his hands.  I had to act fast because I had a very bad feeling that what might happen next.  So I climbed up on the edge of the ship.  At that very moment I saw the viking with the crossbow draw back and fire.  I jumped pushing my chief out of the way; but that was the last thing I remember before everything went black,” I said in conclusion.



          “Wow you must have a lot of courage to do that or you are just stubborn not letting your chief be killed like that,” the stranger said standing up.


          I chuckled, “Something like that.”


          “Oh by the way my name is Adam Thorvald.  But you can call me Adam.


          I said, “My name is Jarl Moller.



          “So, how did you come here to this island?” I asked while he put more logs on the fire


          “Well… I came to the island three years ago.  I came here to do some farming to stock up on food before I headed out again to the sea, also, to do some fishing.  I am might what you call a viking drifter.  I don’t like to stay in one place for long.”


          I started to yawn when Adam was done talking.  He told me I should rest before he takes me in his small sailing ship back to my home


          I looked up at the stars and the moon before I closed my eyes.  I always do this before I go to sleep.  I am always in awe in the wonder and the beauty of the night sky.


          It was only a matter of minutes until I fell asleep.




Chapter 9


          The next morning I was awakened by a strange sound and something rubbing against my back.  I was lying on my right side like I usually do.  I opened my eyes to find the strangest thing sitting about a foot in front of my face.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was a cat!  It startled me and I flinched.  The cat did not even blink.


          “I see you are awake,” Adam greeted me.  “Good morning.”


          “Good morning,” I said in return.


          “This is my cat Pebbles.  He is one of only a few kinds of cats that can survive on their own this far north.  He wanted to let you sleep a few hours more than I wanted you too.  But if it wasn’t for Pebbles I would not get up when I need to tend to my farm or small garden.  It depends on who you ask.  Anyway, uh…” Adam was interrupted by a meow from Pebbles.  “I think he wants you to be his friend.”


          I was kind of scared but I remember what my mother always said this about cats, “Cats can always sense your fear for them, if fear cats.  If you don’t fear them, then the cats will let you pet them and also let you become their friend.”  My mother had many experiences with cats because my father had several polydactyl cats on his trading ship.


          I think I heard enough of my mother’s stories about my father’s cats to be confident that I could become friends with Pebbles.  I held out my hand for Pebbles to allow him to sniff it.  Pebbles sniffed it twice, licked it twice, and then started to rub on me.  When a cat voluntarily rubs on your hand or leg that means they want you to pet them or sometimes just pay attention to them.


          “Looks like you know your way around cats Jarl,” responded Adam.  “Furthermore it looks like Pebbles likes you.  For a lot of people, this is not the case.  He will just allow you to be in his presence.  Though he loves any to pet and rub his face, as long as Pebbles knows he can trust you.”


          I then sat up and watched Pebbles go off into the forest.  Adam said he always trots off about this time to find his breakfast.


           After a few minutes, the trout was finally done cooking.  I sat on my cot where I slept while Adam sat on the stone next to the cot.  Adam had additionally picked some fresh strawberries from his garden.  I think it would be a garden being a farm usually sounds very large.


          “Last night when you told me what happened to why you hit your head, I got the feeling after you had gone to sleep that you didn’t trust me completely,” Adam commented.  “I would have done precisely the same thing if I were in your place.”


          “I just wasn’t sure if you were one of my clan’s enemies or not.”

          I felt now I could trust Adam more than I did the other night, so I retold to the best of my ability what I could recall before I got hit on the head.  Adam wanted to prep his ship for sailing so he could take me back home.  As I was retelling the story, I inserted the important details such as Berk, the Outcasts with Dagur, Stoick, and along with Hiccup.  This was all I included.  I was still playing it safe because Adam still might be an enemy, even if he is not from or associated with the Outcasts or the Berserkers.


          “I can tell you one thing, I am not with the Outcasts or the Berserkers,” Adam said with a reassuring tone.  And also thinking about it, he doesn’t dress or talks like either of those clans.  Still, I only just met the man and I still didn’t know if I should trust him fully.  Then again, he did save my life.


          After a half an hour, we were ready to sail to Berk.  Adam had to gather the rest of his the fruit and food he had in his garden in the forest.  He wanted me to check over everything we packed on his ship to make sure that his stuff was secured.  As I was checking I had a feeling something was missing.  I finished checking.  Everything was secured and fastened down.  It dawned on me what was missing.


          “I wonder where…”


          “The cat is?” Adam finished my sentence.  “He always waits until the last possible moment to get on my ship.  I don’t think he likes sailing.  Though it seems like he doesn’t mind sailing either.  He probably just tolerates it,” Adam said as he pulled up his anchor in his ship.  The waters near the shore were very deep within ten feet from the edge of the beach.  No worries of a ship foundering.


          “Watch this Jarl.  Pebbles will jump up on board when I reach for the pole I use to push off this beach with.”


          As soon as Adam grabbed the pole I saw Pebbles Jump up on the side of the ship.  I also notice he doesn’t it mind getting wet either.  This is rare remembering the cats my mother would talk on her husband’s trading ship.  They didn’t mind getting sprayed with water or sailing; but they despised walking through water that was still, let alone walking through a tide on a beach.


          It was only ten minutes before we were out off the harbor cove and sailing toward Berk.  Adam had a set of oars that he used for his small boat he had on board.  He didn’t have many supplies on board so it wasn’t too difficult to paddle.


          Adam told me he had never been to Berk, but he has heard about it from other merchants and traders on ships that had sailed to or near Berk.  So he had a pretty good idea which way to go.



Adam's cat is of the breed of Maine Coons.  Maine Coons and Norwegain Forest Cats both have long hair and both do very well in cold weather places.

Click Here for an image that I imagined the cat would look like.  The only difference from the cat in the image and the cat in my book is that my cat would have different shades of gray spots on his coat.


***Down at the bottom here it censored the singular word for Coons.  It is just a breed of cats.  I edit it and put in Coons.  I saw it didn't censor that word in the very next sentence.***


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Slight delay in posting my tenth chapter

The tenth chapter of my book will most likely come out next week.  I have things to plan and pack the next few days for a trip I am taking all next week.  This means I will not be able to post the tenth chapter of my book this week.  I have been going over the next chapters in my head so it shouldn't take long to post the chapters once I have written them, as long as I can find enough time to write them.