The Clue of the Missing Socks - Chapters 14, 15, and 16

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I had a slight delay in posting these chapters because their were suppose to be posted earlier Saturday Night, but here they are now.  Because I posted three chapters to my book, I didn't want to have spaces between each paragraph and quote because that would make this post - a very long one - .  Tell me if you like this way or the way I have been doing better.


Of my friends that I included in this fan-fic, please post a reply to tell me how I am doing on writing about your viking.  Is there anything thing I need to add or change?


I love feedback.  Feedback encourages me to continue to keep writing.

Comment about what you think of my book so far or suggestions for my book.


The Clue of the Missing Socks



Chapter 14


          We quickly followed Stoick and Spitelout to the Armory.  Hiccup said there was a well near the armory.  Hiccup wanted us to fill buckets of water for the brigade.  Also he wanted a few of us to carry the buckets over and dump them on the armory building.  Hiccup said he was going tell the Academy riders the same thing.

          With the help of me, my friends and the Academy riders, we had the fire out in no time.

          “Now,” Stoick said, “How was this fire started?”

          A viking answered, “I don’t know”

          “Well somebody needs to find out,” demanded Stoick.  “Is there any weapons in there that are not destroyed?”

          Spitelout replied, “Well, the swords are fine, a little scared by the fire but all of the hammers, shields, rope… that is all useless.”

          “Was there anybody in the armory at the time?” asked Stoick.

          “There couldn’t have been.  I locked it up over three hours ago so I could go to the celebration feast for Jarl.  I was the last one to exit the armory,” said Spitelout.

          “Hey look,” said Tuffnut.  He came out of the armory with a large hammer.  “See.  There is one hammer that isn’t useless.”

          I said, “Hey Tuff, that handle might break and the…”  Crash.  “…Hammer.. might.. land.. on your head.”

          Gobber rolls his eyes as he comes over to us with a battered and scorched shield in his hands.  “Haa!  Who could have started this fire!  Look at this shield!  This was my Grandmum’s.  It was her favorite.  It had pink flowers on it and everything.  Look here is some blood on this shield.  I remember the time when she made this shield.  When she was driving the nails in, she would always stub her thumb.  But…”

          “Okay, enough Gobber.  We can tell you are upset about the shield.  I have a bigger problem than your Grandmum’s old shield.  I have a village that is basically defenseless from any attack from anybody.”

          Gobber had kept going on about the shield, and then said, “I tell you it is those little trolls.  They started with my socks.  Then the noises in my sleep came, then the little trolls stealing my pants.  But now, now they have gone too.  The trolls daring to mar me Grandmum’s shield, this is it.”

          While Gobber and Stoick were going back and forth, I was examining the shield.  Where Gobber had pointed out the blood, I noticed something very peculiar.

          “Guys come here,” I directed my friends and the Academy riders to come over.  “Elsa, grab that lantern.”

          I showed everybody the blood that Gobber pointed out.

          “So,” said my sister Asvord.  “Just looks like some dried blood.”

          “Yes, but look next to that,” I replied.

          “Looks like a bigger blood stain,” said Ruffnut.

          “No, the flower next to the blood stain,” I said with a gruff undertone.

          “It looks like a red flower,” said Tuffnut.

          “A red flower?” said Sapphire.

          “Then that means…,” Astrid said while Hiccup finished the sentence.  “…the ‘red’ flower should be pink.”

          I said, “Exactly.  The red that we see is actually fresh blood.  Notice the difference in darkness.  One spot is dark like dried blood, but the other spot is a very bright red.  That could only mean one thing.”

          “The fire in the armory was no accident,” said Hattori.

          “The fire was started on purpose,” concluded Hiccup.

          Hiccup had gone over to talk to Stoick about this new clue, when there was a tremendous flash of light and a clap of thunder.

          “There must be a storm coming on,” I said.

          “No kidding.  I thought Thor just wanted to stretch by doing some lightning exercises,” retorted Meen.

          “Very funny,” I replied.

          Hiccup came back and said that his father said that one of the vikings that helped put the fire out must have hurt himself and the shield was lying near him.  But we all knew that this wasn’t the case.

          “I guess we should all go home there is not much we can do tonight, especially with this storm coming,” Hiccup said.

          Everyone that had a dragon got on theirs and flew home, but before Ashley got on hers she said, “You know, you guys should train a dragon because it would make your lives easier.”

          Asvord and Elsa did a subtle giggle.  I knew as well as they did that they have been secretly training their own dragons.  I gave the two of them a look.  Elsa stuck her tongue out at me, so I just shook my head at her.

          “What?” said Ashley.

          “It is not important right now,” I said.  “You will find out sooner or later what my two sister masterminds are doing.  I won’t spoil their fun.”

          “Okay,” Ashley told me.  “See you guys later.”

          Me and my sisters waved back and started toward home.  Our house was only a few minutes away.  As we were half way there, the rain came and man it came with heavy, huge drops.

          “Yowzers!” I exclaimed.  “These kinda hurt.”

          With that said we picked up the pace to get to our house.  Suddenly a viking ran past us, so I stopped.  I was thinking someone is going to say, “Go after that man I have been robbed!” somebody said as I was thinking it.  In fact I was mouthing the exact words as that viking was saying them.

          “Ah, I was right.”

          The rain had picked up and was coming down quite rapidly.  This made the ground under my feet start to get slick.  I noticed the man’s footprints in the dirt that was now turning to mud.  The strides were almost the same length apart as the footprints I found the day of Nora Asmolfr’s robbery.  The assailant quickly ducked between two houses.  I stopped and started to go next some houses that were adjacent to where the assailant had gone.  I kept running though traction now was very slippery.  I came out behind one of the houses and saw the suspect.

          I was not gaining on him, so I stopped to see what direction I thought he might head.  He was heading towards Gobber’s shop.  I knew a shortcut that came from behind Gobber’s shop.  So I went in that direction.

           Thinking back to what Ashley said about me training a dragon now seems to be like I should have done that a long time ago.  But I was just waiting for the dragon that seemed right to me.

          The route I took I could still hear my suspect was still heading towards Gobber’s shop.  I came out behind the shop just in time to see that the robber had just passed me.

          “Uuugg!!” I voiced.

          I started after him again.  He was now heading toward Berk’s main docks.  I wondered why he would go there.  He obviously didn’t know his way around Berk because he was taking the long way to the docks.  He took a ramp that led down where the fishing ships dock.  So I went the easier way that was a ton quicker.

          When I got to the docks the rain was now like a monsoon and my clothes were soaked.  I waited for him by the lower entrance of the docks.  He came right on schedule.  However, as I started to go down the pier, this time I took a shortcut.  I ran and jumped across the ship lengthways by stepping on some barrels that were stacked.  The suspect decided to cut between the two ships that were in front of me.  I timed my strides to run and jump on some crates in a ship.  As I got to the top I jumped and dove for the assailant, knocking him to the ground.  I did a summersault to get back up on my feet.  I jumped on him and as he was trying to regain his balance.  We struggled and wrestled for several minutes.

          I was thinking, “Why won’t a lightning strike flash so I can get a better look at this guy?”

          We rolled over three times he started to lean down.  I used his forward momentum to catapult him backwards.  He hit the edge of the stone.  I stood their ready to fight.  He got up and stared at me.  It was like he was saying, “So?  You want to play tough do you?”  He charged at me.  Though I tried to dodge him, he was still able to get me.  We tumbled to the ground.

          I could hear and see momentarily that there was a group of vikings coming down the main ramp to the docks hear.  With that, the suspect threw a left gab.  I blocked it with my right arm only to be hit squarely on the jaw by a right cross.  I fell to the ground.  Although it was only what felt like I was dazed for a few seconds, I saw the assailant turn the corner up ahead.

          I ran after him, but found when I had turned the corner he had disappeared.



Chapter 15


          I was dumbfounded.  Just then that group of vikings lead by Stoick came up to me.

          “Are you alright boy?” he asked.

          “I think so,” I replied.  “Maybe a sore jaw but that is it.”

          “How did it happen?” Stoick questioned.

          “Long story short, I chased him, wrestled him, he saw you guys coming, he threw a punch, I blocked it, though only to receive a cruel right cross on the jaw.  I slumped back dazed for a few seconds, but then ran after him again.  I turned the corner here to find that he had disappeared.”

          “Well we won’t be able to find him this kind of weather.  Let’s get you home and into some dry clothes,” Stoick said as I finished.

          Not more than five minutes were gone until I was at my front door.  I expected to my mother to say the usually things when I came home looking like a mess.

          I told the rest of the viking to relay to my sisters I am at home I walked in.  I did open the door first.  My mother gasped as she looked at me.

          “Honey you are soaked!” my mother told me.  “And how did you get all those scratches?”

          As I walked in, Stoick bid me and my mother farewell.  My mother came over and said, “You march upstairs and put on some dry clothes young man.”

          I didn’t resist because I started to shiver.  I had gone upstairs and went straight for my dresser.  I heard thunder from several lightning strikes off in the distance, which meant that the danger of the storm had moved through.  I took out a clean shirt along with some pants.  I kept looking for some socks, but couldn’t find any.  Then it dawned on me.  The disappearances of missing left socks in Berk.  The culprit has stuck again.  Back about a week ago when Gobber’s socks started to vanish, I put a couple of pairs behind my pillow.  But they were gone too.  However, I hid one pair on a shelf above my bed.  I looked and there they were, thank goodness.

          Just after I slid my second pair of brown boots on, the door opened.  A rush of wind came through the house and then stopped when the door was closed.

          “Where is Jarl?” asked Asvord.

          “He is upstairs,” my mother replied.  I had walked down when she said that.

          Asvord and Elsa were eager to see if I caught the thief or not.  I relayed that I had not.  My mother was rather frightened that a thief is running around Berk.  I told all three of them my chase with the thief.

          “Wow,” said Elsa astonished.  “I wonder where the man could have gone.”

          “Where is Adam, mother?” Asvord asked.

          “Oh my dear,” my mother said worriedly.  “He said he had to step out for a moment to go retrieve something.  I haven’t heard from him since.”

          I went to the window and looked out.  “Well speak of a hairless yak, here he comes now,” I said.

          I opened the door for him.  Adam came in with mud all over his pants and shirt.

          “What happened to you?” my mother asked.

          “Well, I had to go get some grass from the forest for my cat Pebbles.  I remembered the feast when I had gotten done, but could not find my way back,” Adam said as he walked over and stood next to the fire.  “After trying to find my way back to your house, the rain came.  I started to run towards the direction the storm came from because that was the direction the wind was coming from earlier today.”

          “What is the matter with your hand?” Asvord asked as she saw Adam grab and shake his hand.

          “I when I was running, I must have stumbled across something and I tried to break my fall.  That is when I hurt my left hand.  It must have hit the ground or something,” replied Adam.

          Just then, Pebbles came in the room.  He had in his mouth one of my socks.

          “Pebbles!” I voiced.  “Why do you have one of my left socks in your mouth?”

          Adam chuckled and picked up Pebbles.  Adam took the sock from Pebbles mouth and gave it to me.  Adam described how Pebbles has always taken socks where ever he is at.  He also said that Pebbles usually takes socks from people he really likes.

          “I guess that you are one of them Jarl,” Adam finished.

          I looked at my sisters; all three of us knew we were thinking the same thing.  Adam asked me what happen to my face, so I recounted the events of the robbery.  I told him how I took out after the robber and chased him all the way down to the docks, which was followed by a struggle, then he punched me in the jaw, and lastly disappeared.

          “Oh by the way Jarl, the item that was stolen was one of that viking’s prized axes,” remembered Asvord.

          “That is funny,” I said.

          “What?” asked Elsa.

          “When I ran after the suspect and had wrestled with him, I found no trace that he was carrying anything,” I said, puzzled.

          Adam added, “Hmm.  Maybe he stashed the axe when you tried to cut him off.”

          “Maybe so,” I said.

          Suddenly silence filled the room.  This was no ordinary silence.  This was an awkward silence.

          “Well…,” Adam said.  “I think I will be getting to bed now.”

          “We should all get to bed,” ordered my mother as she pointed at me, Asvord, and Elsa.  “Oh, you should get out of those wet clothes Adam.  I have some clothes that I have recently made that might fit you.”  My mother and Adam started to talk about how she mends and makes clothes.

          My sisters and I had stopped on the stairs, “Get up to bed,” my mother said as she spotted us.  I went up stairs and flopped on my bed.  I don’t know why I did this because there was only a blanket on my bed.

          “Why do you keep doing that, stupid?” wondered Asvord.

          “I don’t know,” I said as I rubbed my side.  “I guess I am expecting something soft to be on there.  I *yawn* don’t know.”

          With that, the three of us got into our three beds.  As soon as I laid my head on my pillow, I went right to sleep.



Chapter 16


          When the first rays from the sun came rushing into the house, I went straight to the docks.  I wanted to greet some of my friends that had gone out on a fishing trip.  They had left about a week ago and were due back today.

          While I was waiting I also wanted to inspect the tracks and the spot where I struggled with the mysterious man.  I saw as I arrived at the docks that the fishing ship was just anchoring in the docks.  I walked over to welcome back my friends.

          “Welcome back Cullan and Kesu.”

          “Hi Jarl,” said Kesu and Jack.

          “Hello Jarl,” said Cullan

          “How was the trip and how’d you do?” I asked.

          “That had to be the most boring thing I have ever done, and I did basically nothing on the trip.  Other than that I think we did okay,” Cullan responded.

          “I think your dragons will be glad to see you,” I stated.

          “Oh thanks for taken care of our dragons while we were gone,” thanked Jack.

          “Your welcome,” I answered.  “How big a catch did you receive?”

          “We did quite well considering the storms we had to deal with,” said Kesu.  “We were fine.  The ship did rock some but we held out fine.  One of the vikings did get sea sick though.”

          “Oh.  Is he okay now?” I asked.

          “Yeah he is fine,” replied Jack.

          Cullan had continued on, probably to go see his dragon.  I, Jack, and Kesu were still at the docks.  Pat and Jack told me the rest of the events of the trip.  Pat was part of Kesu’s last name.  His friends usually just call me Pat.  One event that had happened on the trip was Cullan had gotten so bored that he tried catching a large fish with just some rope and his bare hands.   Pat said he successfully caught the fish after three attempts.

          “You two go get settled and I will talk to you later,” I expressed.

          They waved good bye as they ran off.  I wasn’t very hungry so I stayed and continued to inspect the scene of my wrestling match last night.

          I found nothing of importance there, so I went to the corner where I had saw go last night.  I was following the robber’s footprints in the mud when all of the sudden the tracks just stop.  There had to be an explanation for this.  I thought about it for several minutes.

          “What would I do if I were the robber?” I asked myself.

          Something came to me as I was thinking.  I continued on the path to see if my theory would be true or not.  The path was really just a ledge that stuck out.  About twenty paces down, I picked up his tracks again.  My theory was true.  After the culprit turned the corner he somehow got to this point without making any tracks.  There were a few ways he could have done this, but my opinion was that he jumped into the water, swam over, and then got out and continued on.

          The ledge I was on started to incline.  The tracks stopped when the ledge stopped.  When I looked up, I saw the edge of the forest that led to the Cove.

          Just then Hattori Korozniu flew glided by on his golden Nightmare.

          “Hey Hat!” I greeted.

          “Hey Jarl!” he replied as he turned and flew back towards me.

          “What are you doing here, Jarl?” he asked.

          “I was tracking someone’s a robber’s footprints,” I said.  “Did you hear about the robbery last night?”

          “I did, and the village is getting restless about all the robberies,” said Hat.

          “Could you fly me up there?” I asked as I pointed to the start of the forest.

          “Sure.  You know…,”

          “…that I should train my own dragon and this would make my life a lot easier and so on and so forth,” I declared.

          “I see that you have been asked this question before,” Hattori chuckled.

          “Yeah, and I want to wait for a dragon that I feel in my heart is the right one.  I just don’t want to train a dragon just so I can get from this spot to that spot,” I expressed.

          “I can understand that,” Hattori agreed as a patted Shadow Strike, his Monstrous Nightmare.

          We arrived at the spot where I pointed out to Hat, and I investigated a spot on the edge of the cliff that was directly above the ledge.  The ground was stone so there were no footprints; however, I did find rough grooves in the side of the cliff.  It felt like arrowhead grooves, kinda like my arrows I have for my bow.

          I stood up and looked around.

          “What’s the matter?” asked Hat who had a confused look on his face.

          “I.. am.. looking.. for…,” I said as I walked toward the forest’s entrance.  “This!”  I pointed down to some footprints that led into the forest.  Because ground was still soaked from the “monsoon” that poured down on us last night, I could not tell if they had just been made or not.  But next to the footprints were the polydactyl dragon tracks.


          “Uh oh,” declared Hat. “When you say ‘Hattori’, it means that something important is about to happen.”

          “Yep,” I sounded.  “Go tell our friends that have our best lead on finding the person and or dragon responsible for the robberies around Berk!”


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The plot is getting serious! Can't wait for the next chapter! :)

and you're doing excellent job with my character! keep it up! I'd love to see more of our actions :D

You have a natural talent in writing. Keep on writing more stories to improve yourself (:

Great job! when is the next chapter coming up?

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Thanks a lot for the encouragement

Thanks for the encouragment!


I will try to do at least one chapter a week.  However, I will be getting a ton busier in the coming months, so it might end up being when I have the time to write a chapter.  By July, I will have a good some of spare time.


I am glad I am doing a good job on your viking!  :D  I plan for the next chapter for there to be a lot more interaction between my character and the my friends I have added to my story.  I also plan a couple battle scenes too in the coming chapters.


Thank you for complimenting on my writing, too.  I don't get that often.  I have done several posters for 4-H, so that has helped me a lot.  Also, watching Httyd shows, shorts, trailers, and the movie help me to grasp the feel of Berk, the characters and such.

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No problem (:

Keep writing. only a few people can write this good!

I'll keep following the story. all in all, great job. All the best for the upcoming chapters! :)

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Omg amazing story

 Love the story and since there are Vikings from the game are you putting in other Vikings in the story and if you are could you put my Viking as one character 

her name is Repteil


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Thanks for reading my story!

I was putting in friends I meet and talk with on chatzy and in game, but I can add your viking.  Just pm me specifics about your viking and your dragon.


Thanks for reading my story!

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Nearly 1,500 "reads"

I have counted up all the "reads" of all of my chapters, and they nearly count 1,500 reads!  Thank you to everyone that has read my book, and I hope you continue to read further chapters.

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Yay new chapter! It's awesome! Keep writing and I hope work won't keep you from writing this story! Well, even though I have absolutely no idea what the clue is! Well I'm still waiting for your next few chapters!


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I've read all of the chapters that you've posted. You are realy good at writing a story. I can't wait for the next chapter!!!!!!


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