The clue of the Missing Socks - Chapter 45, Parts 1 and 2 The final Chapter!

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Sorry it took me so long to post these.  I thought I could get them done in time to be posted on Christmas day, but I didn't plan for enough time.  I had to do some other things during the day, and I didn't plan my time out very well.


But here you go.  I got the final chapter done.  There is a slight intro for my next story, The Mysterious Frozen Fire, at the end of Chapter 45 Part 2.


Read and enjoy, then tell me what you thought of my story as this concludes:


The Clue of the Missing Socks


Chapter 45, Part 1


          The tunnel that I was sliding down took me a down a considerable amount of distance, for I was sliding for at least a minute at a very fast pace.


          “Jarl!  Jarl!!” mother screamed again.  “Fredrick-.”


          I then heard a larger echo of air coming from behind.  My dragon must be coming after me.




          “Jarl speak to me!!” I heard my older sister say as I hit a wall.  I was carrying so much momentum I could not stop myself.


          “Oww.  I hourt mah head,” I said with a little kid voice.


          “Are you okay Jarl?!” mother demanded.


          “Oh no!” I then said.




          “Okay now that one hurt,” I said calmly as Fredrick ran into me after he slid down and knocked me into the wall again.  Fredrick then licked me to see that I was safe.


          “Are you okay, you idiot?” Asvord the said, I could tell that the tone in her voice was now relaxed.  I noticed that since I was further away from the rest of the group, every time someone spoke there was a slight echo.


          “Yes I am my idiot sister,” I retorted.  “Don’t any of you try to come down here, there is not enough space.”


          “Well what do you see?” mother asked.


          “Not much, send the torch down,” I said.


          I then heard a small rushing noise of the torch going down the tunnel.  I then grabbed it as it came down and rested near my feet.  I grabbed it and started to examine the shute I slid down.  I slid my finger across the surface of it.  I then rubbed my fingers together.  There was a slippery substance along the whole floor of the shute.


          “I’m coming down there,” mother then stated.


          “No you’re not,” I ordered.  “There is not enough room.  Plus I don’t want you to get hurt.”


          “Well you didn’t,” replied Asvord with a slightly irritated tone.


          “Asvord, mother.  Really, I’m fine.  I was just blessed enough that I didn’t get hurt.. as much as I did.”


          “What?!” mother demanded.


          “Just a slight bump on the head,” I said then I spoke in a voice trying to imitate my sister.  “Only that on the way down and when I smacked the wall twice, it messed up my hair.  Oh the humanity.  Aw, and I also broke a nail.”


          I could hear everyone laughing.


          “Haha, very funny,” I heard my sister say.  I could just see her now.  She would be shaking her head.


          “Stop shaking your head at me,” I returned.


          “How’d you know?” she questioned.


          “Look I’ve been stuck with you my whole life, I should know you better than anybody,” I retorted.


          “What?  I’ve been stuck with you too ya know,” Asvord replied.  “I’ve had to dea-.”


          “Okay, okay, okay.  As much as I’d love to hear this entertainment, I think we should get back to business,” said Bergr, chuckling.


          “Yeah, you’re right,” I said, slightly disappointed because I was getting at Asvord good.


          “What do you see down there?” asked Faith.


          “Pretty much what Hamish has written down in his book here,” I stated.


          I then tried to turn the page.  My fingers were sticking together, so I rubbed some dirt on them.  If I had some water, I’d rinse my fingers off.  This is the best way to get anything sticky off your fingers or hands.  It even takes of pine sap.


          I tried again to turn the page, but this time the page seemed thicker than all the rest of the pages, I saw that two pages were sticking together.  I was able to peel them apart.  Hamish had some notes on this page saying, “Watch out for the decline to the wall-door, it is slippery.”


          “Thanks Hamish, you couldn’t say that in your entry could you,” I said to myself.  I then said out loud, “I see those pedestals Hamish was talking about.”


          “What do the indentations look like on them?” inquired Bergr.


          “Why slap my yak they look like the eggs the Steinson now has,” I said shocked.


          “So that is why Steinson really wants those eggs,” stated Repteil.


          “What are we going to do about it?” stated Cazi.


          “I have an idea,” I declared.


          “What are you going to do?” asked Tory.


          “I am going to put some rocks with weights equal to that of the eggs,” I said.


          “You don’t know how much the eggs way,” Asvord said.  “It might be a trap if you try to do something that is not correct.”


          “I know, but I can’t come back up the shute because Fredrick wouldn’t have enough room to spread his wings out to flap, let alone the fact trying to fly,” I replied.  “And there isn’t enough room to fly down to me either.  So my best bet is to open the door here and find a way back to you guys.”


          “Well okay,” Asvord replied hesitantly.  “Be careful.”


          “I will,” I said.


          I looked on the wall and there was a holder for a torch.  I then set the torch in the holder.  I look around for some medium sized rocks.  I found some and lifted them to feel their weight.  The two rocks I found were about the same weight of the egg, if I remembered correctly.


          “Here goes nothing,” I stated as I started to set the two rocks in the indentations on the pedestals at the same time.


          A big loud crunching sound followed by a rush of wind came through the door when it opened.


          “Wow,” I declared grabbing the torch and walking in.


          “What is it?” questioned Cazi.


          “This is amazing,” I continued.  “The rock on the side of the walls in this giant room reflects the light from the torch.  So there really isn’t a need for several light sources such as torches.”


          “Ah you rhymed, now find a way to get us in there,” demanded Asvord.


          I saw another holder for a torch and put mine in it.  I read some more of Hamish’s notes on the next page, while Fredrick walked in and started searching for something.  I read on the next page that there was indeed another way to get to the room that I was in.  I heard Fredrick purr.  I looked up and saw him standing by a large wall.


          “Hey guys,” I said talking back up the shute.  “Go back to the main tavern when we first came in.  I think I found that way in.”


          “Okay,” they all acknowledged.


          I jogged over to where Fredrick was and examined the wall next to him.  There was another pedestal with the same indentation of the other pedestals.


          “You’d think Hamish was the one that set this all up with all the pedestals,” I said under my breath.


          I looked around again for a rock that was the same size and weight as the one before.  I found it and put it on the pedestal.  It seems like these pedestals, when adding the correct weight on them, starts a mechanized system that will open doors.


          This time for this door, there was an even louder crunching sounds followed by another rush of wind, but stronger this time.  The door was massive as when it opened completely, the entryway stretched have the wall of the first tavern room.


          “Jarl,” Asvord said rushing over to me and hugging me.  “Don’t you ever do that again.”


          “Aren’t you afraid you’ll embarrass yourself by hugging me?” I asked.


          “No,” she said as she let go of me.  “I’m already embarrassed enough as it is just by you doing what you do,” she ended with a wink.


          “Okay now that we have had the family reunion, can we now get back to the mystery?” said Tory.


          “Okay,” I replied.


          I turned the next page in Book 2 and there was nothing more except one note by Herigar about Hamish.


          “Strange.  Listen to this,” I spoke then read the note in the book.  “On Hamie’s third and final trip, we had a near death situation.  Hamish nearly lost his life trying to solve the mystery.  Not to mention Hamish’s father followed us when we entered had gone back to the southwest side of the island.  We entered the tavern and were ambushed by renegading outlaw vikings.  They don’t deserve to be called vikings.  Hamish was in the tavern at the time those outlaws arrived.  A boy of his nature, even though being smart, could not escape them.  The outlaws must have heard about the treasure and came to collect.  When they saw others trying to ‘take it’, they wanted nothing of it.  If they couldn’t have the treasure, no one should.  So they caused a cave-in and then ran away like the cowards they are.  Hamish’s father was observing from a distance, but once he saw the renegading outlaws he came to the rescue.  But it was nearly too late.  The outlaws had escaped, being a man of my age, I couldn’t not get the boulders out of the way.  But Hamish I was a great warrior and made quick work of rescuing his son.  The cave-in must have opened up another tunnel that let in water from the ocean.  The tunnel was quickly filling up with water.  We barely escaped with our lives.  I told Hamish, when we walked back to the docks, solving this mystery was not worth the risk.  Hamish’s father agreed with me.  Whatever may be at the end of this mystery, is not worth the risk of losing your life”


          “With that, I didn’t really see Hamish after that; only on Snoggletog, once a year to visit.  I’ve tried to discourage any attempts to by Hamish or anybody for that matter, trying to continue on where we had left off.  Whoever is reading this note now, get out while you still can.  This is one mystery that must stay a mystery.”


          “Man, no wonder most people stopped coming to our island,” Cazi stated.  “because most of them came to look for the treasure.”


          “Something is telling me that our mystery and the ‘Tale of Two Taverns’ is connected in more ways than we think,” I declared.


          “So are we going to stop looking?” inquired Cazi.


          “Nope,” I said.


          “You read for yourself what Herigar said.  Right?” Repteil told me.


          “Yes, but if there is something more to the mystery and treasure that we still don’t know about, I don’t want Steinson let alone GR to get his hands on it,” I voiced.  “Especially if GR goes back and takes whatever it is that makes the treasure special back to that one guy DB.”


          “Are you thinking that this ‘special thing’ is a dragon?” inputted Navaro.


          “That is the main thing I am worried about,” I said.  “And with the notes we read earlier about the ‘black dragon’ looking something like the dragon that had been terrorizing Berk for so many years…,”


          “Are you saying that this treasure isn’t measured in gold or jewels, but a dragon?  But not just any dragon, a Night Fury?” asked Sapphire.


          “It is a possibility,” I professed.


          “So where do we go from here,” requested Faith.


          “That is one thing that has me stumped at the moment,” I uttered search this large room for anything that might be of some help.  Take some torches to light your way.  I saw several along the walls in here.”


          Everyone dispersed and started to search.  This room that we were in was massive.  It could probably hold two, if not three Great halls in it.  There were several columns scattered about formed by the dripping of water from stalactites to stalagmites.  There were also several of stalactites and stalagmites scattered about as well.


          I sat on one of those stalagmites that had a rounded top to them.  I studied what Herigar had written down on the last page in Book 2.  Something just did not seem right to me.  The way Herigar wrote the note it is if there is another place that we need to go.


          “What’s the matter?” asked Cazi as she came back to me after about five minutes of search the nearby walls and floor.


          “I don’t know, really,” I replied.  “It is just the way in which Herigar wrote this final note in Book 2.  He seems to me like he switched from helping Hamish II to not helping him too fast.  It just doesn’t feel right.”


          “How do you mean?” she questioned.


          “Well look here,” I pointed out to her in Book 2 where I read.  “This part where he talks about: ‘…followed us when we entered had gone back to the southwest side of the island…’  When we circled this island twice, I did not see any way you could enter a tavern or even a cave from the southwest side.  Also something don’t add up like: ‘…We entered the tavern and were ambushed by…’ the outlaws.  But he then said in a sentence following: ‘…Hamish was in the tavern at the time those outlaws arrived…’  Now the way that speaks to me is that Herigar first said that they both went in together and then the outlaws struck, and then somehow Herigar got outside the tavern when the outlaws arrived.”


          “Well maybe Herigar was a forgetful man, because he was quite old when he met Hamish,” said Cazi.  “So has Bergr told me.”


          “The main thing that gets me is how can Herigar and Hamish be on this island, but still be able to walk to a dock?  Because of: ‘…when we walked back to the docks…’,” I spoke.  “One other thing, if Hamish’s father took down the rocks from the cave-in to rescue his son, how come we saw the entrance to the second tavern here be completely block by a cave-in?”


          “I don’t know,” stated Cazi.  “Unless…,”


          “Unless what?” I said.


          “Unless this isn’t the island that the treasure is housed on,” Cazi declared.


          “What are you saying?”


          “I am saying that the treasure is back on my home island,” Cazi told me.  “That is how they could have walked back to the docks because they were on my island.”


          “You know, I think you’re right,” I declared.


          Everyone at that moment had returned.


          “Where do we go from here?” asked mother.


          “I thin-,” something dropped on my head.  “What the,” I looked up and saw I was just under a stalactite.  Then I noticed something.


          “Come here Meatballs,” I spoke.  “Could you have your dragon fly me up there Elsa?”


          “Sure, I guess,” my little sister replied, “Don’t know what you see up there.”


          I sat behind my little sister on Meatballs.  We fly up to the top of the ceiling in the Tavern room.


          “Well lookie here,” I said.  There was a false ceiling.


          More or less it was just big hole enough for Meatballs to hover through.  There were a ton of crystals in here.  The room was very bright.


          “What do you see up there?” asked Tory.


          “The place where those eggs must have originated from.  The two eggs that Steinson has plus the empty one that we gave Adam,” I said.


          The small room was kind of like an attic; low-lying ceiling with very little room.  I looked all around the room, and I saw something that alarmed me.  I saw a broken egg shell and liquid coming from it.


          “Hey guys,” I relayed.  “One of the last eggs, I’m assuming, has recently been hatched.”




Chapter 45, Part 2


          “What?!” I heard most of them say.


          “You can go down now, Elsa,” I spoke to my sister.


          “What are you saying?  Whatever type dragon was in that egg is now loose?” quizzed Navaro.


          “That is what I’m afraid of,” I said.


          I then told the group what Cazi and I had thought of about what Herigar had noted at the end of Book 2.  I left out the part where I thought Herigar was to “anxious” to stop any from coming near the mystery, because of Bergr.  I didn’t want him to think that I could have thought of that.  For one thing, I just met Bergr today and I don’t know how he would react.


          Everyone realized as I did that this maybe be exactly correct that the treasure is actually on the home island of Cazi and Bergr.  We all exited the tavern.  We extinguished all the torches we had previously lit and then exited the tavern.  But before we left the island, I wanted to examine the spot of the cave-in in the second tavern entrance.  I was curious about something.  I quickly examined the surrounding areas and then said we can be on our way.


          “Hey guys,” I said before we took off.  “The sun will be setting in about three hours.  We need to get back to their island as soon as possible.”


          “So what are standing around here for?” stated Tory, but didn’t expect a reply from anyone.


          We mounted our dragons and flew on our way back to Cazi and Bergr’s home.  It took half the time it took to fly back as it did to fly to Two Tavern Island.


          I motioned to the others that we would circle the island fairly high in the sky and then land where we had our previous camp.  While we circled the island, I noticed that there were hardly any people out and about.  Usually at this time of day, everyone would be going home and be getting ready for the evening meal or going to the marketplace to get the food for the meal.


          After that we landed at the site of our previous camp to regroup.


          “Do you happen to have a map of your island, Cazi, by any change?” I asked.


          “I do,” Bergr said.  “Here you go.”


          I took the map and examined it.


          “See look here,” I said pointing to the southwest part of the map.  “This is where I think the treasure is located.  Because in Herigar’s notes he said that they entered the tavern from the southwest side.  But he didn’t say from what island.”


          “I think we’ve hit on something,” Cazi stated.  “because that is an old abandoned silver mine.”


          “Why was it abandoned?” asked Pat.


          “Because they said it was so called ‘haunted’,” replied Cazi.


          “Then that is where the treasure is, I’m sure of it,” I expressed.


          “Uh didn’t you hear what Cazi said, Jarl?” questioned Cullan.  “She said that is haunted.”


          “So?” I uttered.


          “Doesn’t that scare you?” Faith also questioned.


          “No,” I said.  “I don’t believe in that stuff.  Ghosts in all that stuff.  Because for one thing we thought that Toothless a Night Fury, a Flightmare, and several of the Mystery Class dragons were nothing bit of a dragon but more ghostly in nature.  But in fact they turned out to be just plain old dragons.”


          “Okay, here’s my plan,” I then stated.


          “You’re always a man with a plan,” my mother told me.


          I smiled.


          “Okay we are going to do this a little bit how we did the rescue mission on Outcast Island.  Just with a few changes.  Now that we have everyone as a group, we can more easily divide into teams,” I started.


          Everyone was listening intently.


          “We have twenty people including myself and the adults here.  That means we can split up into to four even groups of five.”


          “Hattori, Ashley, Annett, Repteil, and Sapphire are one group.  Myself, Tory, Bergr, Cazi, and Explod are another.  Asvord, Elsa, my mother, Faith and Navaro make still another.  Then Cullan, Pat, Jack, Thoreous, and Meen make the last group of five.”


          “So what do you want us to do?” asked Faith.


          “First we’ll have names for each team.  Meen, your team will be ‘Diversion’.  And,-“


          “Why does she get to be team leader, Jarl?” asked Pat.


          “Because I said so.  Moving on.  Your team Meen will move in first and start a Diversion.  Draw out GR’s men and lead the fight away from the village to the northeast part of the island.  Do what you can to get GR’s men to follow you.  Mother, your team will be The Pin.  Once Meen’s team leads GR’s men out of the village, Pin down GR’s men by cutting them off from getting back to the village and getting help.  Try your best to keep GR’s men from coming back to the village.  When you have them pinned, Asvord, Fire a short blast into the air to cue The Hammer to come in.”


          “Hatt, your team, Hammer, will engage the rest of GR’s men, and keep them occupied while my team, Socks, goes after the cave.  I don’t expect GR to send all of his men out, just the majority of them.  This will even the odds in our favor.  With GR’s forces divided, we will be able to get to the entrance of the real tavern this whole mystery has been about.  My team will go into the cave and recover whatever is in there that GR wants so badly,” I concluded.  “Everybody with me?”


          “Yes!” everyone cheered.


          “Move out!”  I then voiced.


          My plan started going into action.  We all mounted our dragons and flew to a safe distance above the island.  Diversion then flew in a started their part of the plan.  It was getting darker outside, but there were no clouds in the sky now so there would be some more time of sunlight to be shown.


          I motioned The Pin to go ahead and move in as I saw just as I expected most of GR’s men chasing Diversion.


          “Okay this is where we split up,” I voiced motioning The Hammer to move in.


          I gave The Hammer enough time to move in, about five minutes.  They quickly had the rest of GR’s men’s attention.


          “One last thing,” I said.  “Cazi stay up here, wait here three minutes and then as quiet as you can come fly down to the entrance of the cave.”


          “Why should I do that?  What would that be accomplishing?” pondered Cazi.


          “You’ll know it when you see what happens down there,” I replied.


          “You ready guys?” I asked my team.


          “We’re ready as we’ll ever be,” Bergr said as he was sitting behind me on Fredrick.


          We then flew down in nearly a straight dive.


          “Ahhh!” Bergr screamed as we dove down.


          “Not quite used to dragon flying are you, Bergr,” I said loudly so he could hear me.


          “No!” He replied.  “At least not for the sharp dives.”


          We were at the site of the southwest cave entrance in minutes.  We could hear all the commotion of the battles taking place.


          “Do you think we’ll have to battle anyone?” asked Explod as we landed on the beach.


          “I can answer that question for you,” said a high toned voice coming from the forest nearby.  “Yes you will.”


          “I kind of figured you would show up before we could get into the cave,” I said with slight disgust.


          “Oh so you finally figured it out that this cave was the actual cave now,” stated GR with a weird calm tone.  “And you had to go all out of your way just for nothing to that useless island.. uh what is it called again?”


          “Two Tavern?” Bergr suggested.


          “Ah yes, good ‘ol Two Tavern.  It is beautiful this time of year,” stated GR.


          “Oh kay, and this is conversation is going where exactly?” I wondered.


          “Oh I’m sorry.  I got a little side tracked.  I was about to say that you will have to come with me, again,” said GR mockingly.


          “You know what happened the last time you said that,” I replied.


          “You escaped, but there is no escaping this time,” GR retorted.


          “Well I don’t plan to escape, I plan to stop you and your men,” I stated.


          “You must be joking,” GR chuckled.  “I haven’t heard a good joke in a long time.  Really?  You and a bunch of kids flying silly dragons cannot stop me.”


          Just then a huge crackling noise sounded.


          “Oh there you went and did it,” Cazi yelled as she flew in on Sparklebolt.  “Never call a skrill ‘silly’.”


          “What?!” GR called out.


          Several of GR’s men were stunned by Sparklebolt’s electric shock blast.


          “That is it, no more Mister Nice Guy,” GR uttered.


          “Oh so before all this you were playing the Nice Guy?” I replied.


          GR reach for his sword and rushed me.  I couldn’t fight him with my bow.  So I reach for my sword in my holder on my saddle on Fredrick and swung my sword just in time to block his charge.


          We had a several minutes of exchanges in a sword dual.


          “Very impressive you handle yourself quite well as a swordsman,” GR stated.


          “Well not my weapon of choice, but it doesn’t hurt to know how to use one,” I replied.


          “Yes but unfortunately I have a deadline to reach,” GR said and then out of now where a red streak knocked my sword out of my hand.


          It was the older of the two Grapple Grounders.


          “Now what are you going to do?” asked GR.


          “Do what you least expect,” I said as I bent down and then through sand in his eyes.


          While GR stood dazed, I ran over to Fredrick and told him to go help the others.  He didn’t want to go, but then I grabbed his face and looked into his eyes.  Fredrick must have sensed that I wanted him to trust me as he fly off and went to go help the rest of the Socks team.


          Several of GR’s men then rushed me and grabbed me from both sides.


          “Ha we got you now,” said a third man coming over.


          He threw a right cross, but I ducked.  The punch landed square on the guy that was holding my right arm.  He was out cold.  I swung my right leg and kicked the guy holding my right arm.  He then stumbled over backwards, tripping over Cazi’s left leg who was right there in a fight of her own.  My guy tripped over Cazi’s leg, stumbled, and knocked out the guys fight Cazi.


          “Why you little…,” started the guy who tried to punch me and drew his swoard


          Just then Fredrick fired at the guy who drew his sword on me.  The guy went flying and landed ten feet in front of me, losing his sword in the process.  He got up dazed, but I ran, jumped and pushed of a stone that was nearby and landed a flying punch on the guys face.  He was out cold.  I shook out my hand as that punch kind of hurt.


          I turned back to see GR running in to the cave that I need to get in.  Three more of GR’s men rushed me.


          “Come on man,” I stated and sighed.  “These guys keep coming.”


          The first guy rushed me dove down and took out his legs from beneth him.  The second guy saw me do that, so stopped and through a left uppercut.  I defended the punch by leaning back.  The punch nearly clipped my nose.  But then I shoved his elbow in the air which carried his momentum of the punch and he ended up punching himself in the face.  This knocked him back, running into the third guy coming from behind which found himself knocked out by the second guy who punched himself.


          “Man you guys are easy to defeat,” I joked taking of his helmet.  I recognized him as an Outcast soldier.  “Well no wonder.  GR got some the Outcasts to join his side.  GR’s own men I know our more skilled, but they must be occupied with The Hammer, The Pin, and Diversion.


          I ran as quickly as I could over the sand to the entrance of the cave.  I saw that my friends had things well in hand.  Before I entered I drew my bow with an arrow and then entered the cave.


          “GR, I know you’re in here,” I said.  The cave was poorly lit due to only a couple of torches being lit.  “Look you are going to lose, your forces are outmatched.  Your Outcast allies are no match for the skills of my friends and family.  And your men are no match for the teamwork of all the riders and their dragons.  So give up.”


          “You of all people should know the answer to that,” came an echoing voice from the further in the cave.


          “I do, but still,” I replied.


           “What have you to gain by claiming the treasure in this cave?” I asked.


          “Treasure.  Ha, you really don’t know what you’re up against do you,” GR spoke as his voice sounded closer as I continued to walk into the cave.


          “Okay then the treasure must be a dragon then,” I stated.


          “Very good,” GR said as I saw a shadow come out from the corner.  “You have better sense then I gave you credit for.”


          “Thanks, I think,” I said.


          “But this isn’t just any dragon,” GR said coming into the light.  “This is an alpha species.  Meet the titan of Grapple Grounders.”


          I gasped as a much larger blue and yellow Grapple Ground came into view.


          “This is what this mystery Two Taverns has been all about,” GR spoke as the titan Grapple Ground crept closer to me.  I lowered my bow as a hope to show the new dragon I’m not a threat.


          “Yes, you won’t be needing that,” GR said.  “Besides I don’t care about my men, the Outcasts, or your friends and family.  All I care about is pleasing my master, the great and only dragon master of all.”


          “But before I end your life, I think you have a right to know,” GR expressed.


          “You’re just full of surprises,” I said under my breath.


          “I know what happened to your father on that ship,” GR alleged.


          “What?!” I said shocked.


          “I do indeed,” GR announced.  “I was trying to get that egg your mother and father had, but they turned down all of my offers.  So I then hired some of the renegading vikings to sabotage your parents ship on the way home to get that egg.  My attempts failed, as your mother escaped.  The first mate of the renegading vikings reported back to me what happened, and that your father was thrown overboard.”


          “No,” I expressed.  “You’re lying.”


          “Am I?” GR voiced.  “I knew that egg your father gave your mother for their anniversary was empty.  But it I needed it to study to find out where the rest of the eggs were.  That was the only sighting of that egg I had seen for years and years.  Until just recently when I hooked up with Steinson and his brother, did I think could continue on my quest.  I found that Steinson had the two eggs.  This solved my problem.  However, I needed to continue to keep those brothers in the dark, but Adam found out.  So I ‘spilled the beans’ to Steinson.  He found no problem with what I was doing.  Though I didn’t tell him why and how I got to this point.  Steinson just saw the money that could be made from this deal.  Adam didn’t agree, and well you probably know the rest from there.”


          “But I still can’t figure out how you got onto my trail?” GR questioned.


          “Trolls,” I said calmly nodding my head.


          “Trolls?  You are just full of jokes today,” GR said.


          “It’s true,” I said holding my bow in my right hand and turned slightly away from GR to shield what I was doing in my left hand.  “Though, your big mistake was using a Grapple Grounder in your thefts during the business that Steinson was in.  The Grounder is polydactyl dragon.”


          “Poly did what with her dragon?”


          “No stupid, polydactyl.  This means your dragon had an extra claw on at least one foot.  In your case, the Grounder had an extra claw on each foot.”


          “Interesting, never noticed that before,” GR considered.  “But I know you better than that, you are stalling for something.”


          “Who me?” I replied.  “I’m just trying to figure you out.  You put out all this effort just for a dragon?”


          “Yes, my master has big plans for dragons of this species.  My master doesn’t take kindly to delays.  That is why I’ve been all of this for ‘just a dragon’.  This is what you get when you delay.”  GR then lowered the top of his shirt to reveal what looked like a slightly rectangled shape which was burned onto his skin.   “If I delay one more time, he won’t act to kindly to me.”


          “Well I can put your fears to rest, because you won’t be going anywhere,” I expressed.


          “Now how come?”


          “Because while I had both your red Grapple Grounders, I know one thing:  They absolutely love Dragon Nip and they can’t get enough of it,” I mentioned as I took out a huge bundle of Dragon Nip from my right pocket.  Both the older red Grapple Grounder that was there and the titan blue and yellow Grapple Grounder all rushed over at me like baby dragons wanting attention.  I gave Aqua Blue some Dragon nip and Grouchy his Dragon Nip.


          “What do you think of that Aqua Blue?” I spoke with a puppy voice.  Whenever you meet a new dragon and you start to make strides to be his friend, sometimes the dragon will respond better if you give it a name.  That I learned from Hiccup.  Aqua Blue just wagged his tail and thumbed his back leg.  “You’re just a big old nice guy aren’t you?  Yes you are,” I said playfully.  I started scratching all over the big blue dragon’s neck.  He, or she I can’t quite tell really, fell in love with me instantly.


          “How did you do that?” asked GR in amazement.


          “I guess you haven’t heard the news:  You can now train a dragon to be your best friend for life,” I said as I gave the Grounders the rest of my Dragon Nip.


          “Well I don’t care I need that dragon to-,” GR started, but was cut down by a pan to the head, again.


          “Meen?” I tested the new comer.


          “Nope just me Adam,” said the man.


          “Adam?  Why do you have a pan?” I quizzed.


          “When I saw what your friend Meen’s pan does to people, especially GR here, I just had to have one.  Good thing he wears a helmet, huh.  I’ve been waiting to do that for a long time,” replied Adam.


          “I guess I didn’t need you after all,” I added.


          “Oh, though you don’t know it, I did persuade GR to not follow you as I said, hoping actually, that whatever you found would lead you back here,” whistled Adam.  “Boy was I glad I was right on that.”  Adam then picked up GR and dragged him outside with us.  I picked up my bow and arrow on the way out.


          When we came outside, I found that all of my friends now were over here finishing off the last of the enemy vikings.


          “Well did you miss a whale of a fight,” relayed Cazi.  “This one guy had me dead to rights but I grabbed his right arm, used leveraged, and flung him over and knocked out another viking.  I was also in a pretty epic dual with another guy with a sword that I had picked up.   We kept going back and forth until Meen ‘dropped in’ and her little friends said, ‘Hello,’ again.  But enough about my epic-ness, how’d you make out?”


          “Well see for yourself,” I said pointing to Aqua Blue.  “I give you Aqua Blue, the titan wing Grapple Grounder.”


          “Aw he’s cute,” Elsa ran over to play with the new Grounder.


          “So that is what this whole mystery was about, a dragon?” Steinson said as he was tied up nearby.  “What kind of treasure is that?”


          “I think one of the best kind,” I expressed.  “The chance at having a friendship with a pet or anything for that matter.  That is one of the best treasures a man or woman could ever have:  Friendship.  Making new friends along the way in your life,” I said looking at Explod, Reptiel, Faith, Cazi, Bergr, and Annett.  “Because friendship is one of the purest treasures a person can experience.  There is no limit to how good it can be.”


          With that being said and the mystery of the “Missing Socks” was now over, I thanked all of my friends for the support and the helpfulness of each one during the first mystery I had solved.


          “So I guess that this is, Goodbye then?” asked Bergr.


          “No it ain’t,” I said.  “How about you guys come over to Berk to have a celebration of our new friends?”


          “Sure we’d be glad to,” said Cazi and Bergr.


          Before we left for Berk, the leaders of Cazi’s clan came up to me and the rest of my friends and thanked us for helping them out; and maybe sometime in the future they could return the favor.  They also said that they’ll take care of all GR’s men.


          “Maybe there is something to this ‘dragon training’ thing after all,” the chief of the clan said.


          We then mounted our dragons and flew home.


          We then arrived back on Berk just in time for sunset.  And it was a beauty.  Stoick greeted us with a warm welcome and indeed threw a celebration in the Great Hall.


          After a few hours of eating and singing and dancing, mostly bad except for my friends they did fine it was the guys like Gobber who made it hard to look at, I stepped back and thought of what I had accomplished.  And it all started out by just helping out my friend.  Even though the “treasure” does not have any money value, what it does have is something that is priceless:  The making of Friendship with both dragons and vikings that will last a lifetime.





          “What ya writing down there Jarl?” asked a voice coming from behind me.  “Oh, hi mother.  I was just writing down the few days of The Clue of the Missing Socks.”


          “Your first mystery, and what a mystery it was,” said my mother who sat down on my bed.


          “In the months since, I’ve had numerous ‘mysteries’ if you can call them that,” I started.


          My mother noticed I wasn’t looking that well.


          “What’s wrong son?” she asked.


          “It is just for some reason I feel I missed something,” I told her.


          “Jarl, you’ve solved the mystery.  You are now being a great help to you village and the surrounding clans.  You showed Cazi’s clan that Dragon Training is helpful.  You showed everyone that if a friend is in need, just don’t think that he is blaming something like ‘trolls’ as Gobber did.  Help that friend out and get to the bottom of things; and don’t stop until you do.  You also showed that if someone goes astray, it is never too late to bring them back to you; as when you helped Annett get her family back together.  You showed that if you put your mind to something you can do it, like writing down your adventures so that others could read them.”


          “I know,” I said.  “But now that it is Snoggletog, I keep thinking about what GR said about father.  Something bugs me about that.”


          “Look, you are fine.  Your father will always be with us,” my mother said and then hugged me.  “You are just lonely for the friendship of your father.”


          There was then a knock on the door.


          “Come on let’s go see who it is,” mother said as we got up.


          We walked down stairs and I opened the door.


          “Happy Snoggletog Jarl!” A great big crowd said.


          “What in the world?I expressed walking outside.


          You know the holiday we celebrate every year about this time? Elsa stated, with a little bit of teasing behind it.  Does that ring any bells?  Get it?


          “We heard that you need some cheering up, Jarl, so we invited all of your friends over for a Snoggletog party.  Even Cazi and Bergr, Annett, and Steinson were able to come,” said Asvord.


          “I am so glad that you kept with it and got me to come to my senses, how could I ever repay you,” Vemund told me.


          “I think you just did, having a friendship is the best thing that a guy could have,” stated Hiccup.  The other Academy riders had come too.  “Being given a second to have that friendship with your friends and your family.”


          We all went in and had a Snoggletog party.  We all had a great time, though no one touched the yaknog.


          Then while we were sitting around the fire reminiscing on our adventures we had a few months ago, Gobber than entered the house.


          “What is it Gobber?” my mother asked.


          “I tell ya what’s the matter, those trolls are at it again,” he voiced.


          “Gobber how many times do we have to tell you this,” said Tuffnut.  “Trolls didn’t steal your socks, me and my sis didn’t for a time, the Grounders that Gudrod Rador-mer-call-it had took them.”


          “It ain’t my socks this time,” Gobber replied.  “It is my shirts.  You gotta help me find the cul-prints Jarl, you did it once before you can do it again.”


          “Oh no, here we go again,” I said laughing.


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An Epic Conclusion

I commend you, Httyd! This was one amazing story--the conclusion was very satisfying! I can't wait to read the next one! :D


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Spit at my face, and act innocent.

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  On new year's eve, I found out that Sonarus was missing! I asked the others to search for him, but he was not found! Depressed, I sadly went home, hoping that he was safe. In the morning, I set out with Waterspout, hoping to find Sonarus. After 5 hours of searching, I spotted something green, and something blue side by side. I patted Waterspout on the side, and we dove in. To my suprise, it was Sonarus and another Thunderdrum! Studying them for a bit, I found out that the blue one was Sonarus's mate! I tamed her, and since then, we had a new addition to my family.


Playful, Loyal to Sonarus and Me

Favorite Food:

Grilled perch with tomato toppings

Favorite thing to do:

Stick with Sonarus

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Some say she's a relative of Thornado...

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- Male -


  Kinda weird... Ok, so, I went to trader Johan's eggs, and found a dragon egg chest. I asked him could I buy it, since I had just enough gems. So, he said yes, and I got a rumblehorn! Yay! One of my most favorite dragons! Excitedly, I took it home, and put it in the hearth. Later on, I checked on it, and hatched it... then, to my surprise, a baby zippleback popped out! What?! I looked at it, it looked at me, and it was silent for a few minutes. Ok... weirdness attack. Whatever, he's still a baby dragon. I held it, and it's left head turned toward the sunrise in the distance. So I called the left one Sunrise. We played for a bit, then the sun was setting! This time, the right head turned toward it, and I named it Sunset.


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Sunrise: Squid, Sunset: Octopi

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Turn toward the sunrise/sunset, depending on the head

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  So that's why Sun Rose leaves one a year, she's going to visit her sister, Mooonstone. How did I know this? I saw it myself. When she left, me and Thunderquake went to she where she went every year (Yeah, kinda like a stalker, but who knows if she goes mental and starts killing everything? Actually, TMI), she flew into a cave. I waited until night, and suddenly, a silver nadder appeared, and flew out. It came back at dawn, and after it went in, Sun Rose went out. They did this, then I couldn't take it anymore. I need to find out who this dragon is. I crept in, and the Silver Nadder shreiked, then flashed it's wings at my face. Startled, I stepped back. It snarled, and backed away. I decided another plan. When I saw Sun Rose, I signaled her to come to me. She first, well, was startled, then frightned. After face-palming myself, I tossed a fish on teh ground. She ate it, and after gaining her trust, I stepped in the cave with Sun Rose, and soon enough, I found out that this new dragon was Sun Rose's sister, and I took her home.


Quiet and silent, Doesn't go along with others apart from Sun Rose and me, Hardly makes a sound, Doesn't like day time, Doesn't like to play, Really Independent (not really loyal)

Favorite Food:


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Stay at home and sleep in the day, flies out at night to do stuff

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Is Sun Rose's alter-ego, everything is almost 100% different. Can't beleive she's Sun Rose's sister...

Chilling Horror: Backbiter (Aka: Backstab, Nightmare, Geostar) - Male - 


Eh... might write it, might not. Depends on my mood. XD


Loyal, Feirce, Sometimes playful, Jealous of Waterspout

Favorite Food:

Roasted Lamb

Favorite thing to do:

Fight me

Intresting Fact:

My first fan dragon...

Base by NightmareRebuff


Typhoomerang: Topspin (Aka: Big guy, Wirlwind, FOOOM) - Male -


  This one is a sad one... So there was this typhoomerang that I knew very well. We met in a forest, and even though we were friends, I didn't tame him. Dunno why I didn't, he was awesome. So, a few months late, he found a mate and they had a baby typhoomerang. Then suddenly, his mate died. I felt very sorry for him, and because he had to feed the baby, he left the baby typhoomerang with me. We formed a bond, but in the Chilling Horror month, he went to get some fish... and never came back. I waited for days, and I fed the baby myself with some perch. My friend never came back, so I chose to adopt the baby myself. At night, he would have terrible nightmares, and he would go to my room and sleep with me. He had a serios fear of Backbiter, and I was sorta heartbroken that even though Backbiter wanted to play with Topspin and wanted to stick with him, Topspin always was scared of him and either attacked or flew away. But I know, that one day, the nightmares will pass, and the two dragons will grow to respect each other. My typhoomerang... my Topspin.


Always cautious, Defensive, Always on the lookout, Active

Favorite Food:

Eel... I can finally use them!

Favorite thing to do:

Just anything that doesn't involve Backbiter or sitting around

Intresting Fact:

He kills eels for sport... I hate that.

Sandwraith: Sandstorm (Aka: Puppy Dragon, He-who-burrows) - Male -


  It's funny how a fishing trip can befriend a dragon. So I was spending some time on my own (Raising a ton of dragons is tough, I need a break), and I was fishing and camping out on the beach. I just caught a bunch of halbut and salmon, and I was frying a salmon. *Growl* Huh? I looked up, then left and right. I then felt the ground move, and I looked down. Two eyes stared back up... "YAH! WHAT ON EARTH?!" I jumped back. At that time, I never knew what a sandwraith was. I'm new here, ok? The sandwraith exploded form the sand, and looked at me. Silence for a few seconds... then he wadled to my basket of fish and started eating everything like he didn't care. "Hey! That's my fish!" He didn't listen, and ate all of it. He then turned, and studied me. He looked like a nightfury, so I was intrigued. He then jumped and flopped on me and started licking my face. "You're like toothless!" I laughed, and he licked some more. "Hey, boy! Stop it!" He kept on licking me, and he soon decided that follow me was a better option than chilling in the sand waiting for who-knows-what to go over him. Smart kid.


Playful, Smart, Seems to always be hungry

Favorite Food:

Salmon (DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FISH FOR ONE?! *shouts at Sandstorm, he licks me and wadles away.)

Favorite thing to do:

Act majestic

Intresting fact:

First dragon I knew nothing about in the beginning.

Seashocker: Aquashock and Waterskiz (Aka: Zapduo) - Male - 


  So, a few days ago, I received a present. Not sure who sent it, or why, but I got it. It was wraped in colored leather, and when I opened it, I found an egg. I couldn't tell the species though. It was colored in multicolors, with "Thanks Hyrith" written in bright yellow paint. I shrugged. The only way to find out the species is to hatch it. When I picked it up, I was shocked. No, not the suprised shock. The lightning shock. I fumbled with it, and Telsabeam jumped from the roof. I think she sensed it was a skirll, so I shuddered. I don't have anything against skrills, just after Telsabeam almost burned down my house becasue she saw a fly, I've been a bit careful with her. I do not need another crazy lightning-maniac shooting around my house. I ploped it down on the hearth, and after a few minutes, it shook. I picked it up, and took it to the lavepit for it to hatch. It never did. It just shook, but it never came out. Just before Telsabeam was about to crack it open, Waterspout stared at the egg, and shot a small stream of water. The water touched it, then it cracked. Puzzled, I dipped my hand in water, and touched the egg. Where I touched, it cracked. Then, I actually figured out something. I took the egg to the sea, and placed it under the water. It shuddered, then a seashocker was born. I was extremly happy, and I thought all my dragon were too. Well, except Telsabeam. She grumbled a sign of disappointment, and wadled away. XD


Aquashock is agressive and fierce. Extremly loyal, and will attack anything that he thinks is harming me.

Waterskiz is playful and wild. He loves doing tricks, and is usually the reason why they have so much scars. For some reason, he's addicted to shrimp.

They both work together as a team, probabily because they know that if they argue, they won't go anywhere.

Favorite Food:

Aquashock: Squid

Waterskiz: Shrimp :\

Favorite thing to do:

Bounce on the waves, SO FUN WHEN RIDING THEM!!!

Intresting Fact:

Read the Bio


Serpentfang: Ispy (Aka: Mr. See it all, Rare Jewel, Allseer) - Male -


Find here:

Personality: He is a wise dragon, but extremly curious as well. He also is trying to find the ones like him... (PUTTING HIM IN A FAN-FIC!!! "We Are Not Alone." Trailer in sig.)

Favorite Food:

Tea leaves. ???

Favorite thing to do:

Look at far away things

Intresting Fact:

He can see anything, as long as there is nothing blocking the thing from his sight. 

And a bunch more. Mostly cause I'm to lazy to put them in my sig. XD


- Areslam

- Cazi the Conqueror

- typhoomerangmaster338

- Storm

- httyyd

- Sleepyraccoon

- NightmareRebuff

- SefarWarrior

- themasterplan47

- Frostfire Markson

(Neospark is originally black, but he was war paint all over his body. He is the oldest of the bunch, and is the only Titianwing in the team.)

(Snowspear is the second oldest, and she is an albino. She has one red and one blue eye, but no one knows why.)


(Emerald's color comes after his dad, who is a wooly howl. He doesn't really love to show himself, since he doesn't really "fit in" to anywhere, since he's bright green.)

Emerald by Scorpio Kardia! Thanks! So cute!

The Guardian of Berk by Hattori. Thanks! It's EPIC!

Sea Splitter, by DragonLover43, a Snoggletog gift. Have a merry Snoggletog! =D


Alpha and Shadow

  "Hyrith and his friends set off embark on a quest to save Berk from the upcoming evil that threatens the destruction of Berk. They face challenges, death, loss, rage, and fear, but do they have what it takes to win in the end?"


  Areslam as Wolf Hofferson

  Skrilltheskrill as Jasmine

  Cazi the Conqueror as Axtar

  typhoomerangmaster338 as Ak the Insane

  Diamond Racer as Diamond Rider

~The Dragons:

~Part 1:

~Part 2:

~Part 3:

~Part 4:

~Part 5:

~Part 6:

~Part 7:

~Part 8:

~Part 9:

~ Part 10:

Journey to Berk (Not out Yet)

  "A flashback from the past, Hyrith tells the Aplha Riders about his journey from The Golden Isles to Berk. He, alone, with no dragon, sets out to find a home, where he can safely live. Along the way, he creates friendships, but also enemies. This is his story..."



  "You took everything I have... and now let me return the favor."

  "Drago, I might not be the one you are looking for, but I bet you will find me equally amusing."

  "If the chicken lady is gonna kill stuff, let her be. If big guy wants to break mountains, let him be. If the sword gal wants to fight, let her be. If I want to shoot stuff, let me be. If Hyrith wants to kill stuff... well, don't let him."







~ Part 1:

~ Part 2:

~ Part 3:

~ Part 4:

The Elements Are Against Us (Later on)

  "After the defeat of Nexus, her brothers and sisters are arroused by her death. After being locked in slumber for thousands of years, Huo Lin is the first to wake and sends messengers to his sibiling, and soon, all of the elements on earth is against Hyrith and his friends..."


  I live to see the world of vikings burn, and all who stand in my way shall perish...

  "We're the final Valkyries left. Valrora... she was shot down. She never made it."

  Xeon. Choose wisely. Give me the orb, or your friends will suffer. Slowly, so I can see them crumble under my shadow.









  Xeon (The Guardian of Berk)

We Are Not Alone, A Chinese and Western Crossover (Later on)

5 months after Hyrith disappeared...

  "Who's there?" Jin sat up on his bed. It was 12 in the night, and most of the academy was asleep. The footsteps sounded louder this time. Jin pushed away the covers, and put on his combat glove. As soon as his hand slipped in, a small flame sparked in his palm. The footsteps stopped, and a creaking sound was heard. Silence. He waited for a while, and figuring that there was nothing, slipped off his glove and pulled the covers over his head.

  "AHHHHHHH!" A scream peirced the cold air, and Jin fell out of his bed. In a hurry, he shoved the glove over his hand, and opened the door. He lit his glove, and the flame ignited in his hand. Across the balcony, a hooded dark figure stepped out of a room. Jin stood in a battle stance. The flame in his palm grew into a fireball, and Jin shouted to the figure.

  "Who are you? Take off the hood!"

  The hooded man turned to Jin, and removed his hood, revealing an old man with a long white, whispy beard. The fireball died down. "Master Zhang?"

  "Yes, my young student. Why are you here? You should be in your room sleeping, not outside watching the snow fall."

  "I woke up because of the scream. Did you hear it too? Did someone get hurt?"

  "That was the reason I came, young one. Go to bed, the final practices starts tomorrow. Do you want to get the blade or not?"

  "Yes master, but safety is more important. Mind if I investigate with you?"

  JIn bowed, and the old master smiled. "Jin, investigate this floor. I'll take the top and bottom floors. Meet after 5 minutes." Jin looked at his old master. He was not usually that kind, but Jin shook that thought out of his mind. He needed to see if someone was hurt.


  "Found anything yet?" Master Zhang glared at Jin, and he looked into the final room. Another sleeping student. "Nothing, master." Master Zhang looked at him, and smiled. "Well, I think it's settled. Let's have a seat, shall we?" Jin shrugged. The master jumped, and sat on the railing. Jin climed up to him.

 "Anything, Master?"

 "Nothing yet, child. Forget this. It's a good night to be alive, is it?"

 "Yes, I agree. You checked every room?"

 "Every room, youngling. How about you-" A howl penetrated the air. A Howler flew towards Master Zhang, and the yellow and black dragon growled. Wait. Jin looked at the Howler, and noticed something. That was Dai Pow, Icarus's dragon. He never submitted to anyone, not even the master, except Icarus. Dai Pow circled Master Zhang. He glared at him, and then glared at Zhang.  He kneeled, and Zhang grumbled under his breath. "Curses. Stupid howler." He then looekd at Jin. "Let me see Dai Pow first." He jumped off the railing, and Jin looked as he kneeled and clasped the wingless dragon's head, speaking some words. JIn nudged myself over, then he felt something. JIn looked down, and he saw blood on the railing, where the master's hand was. Sticky, freash blood. 

   The last room...

  Jin shoved past the master, and to the final room. He didn't check it, since it was the room the master came out of. Jin ran past, and saw a stream of blood running from under the door. He slammed it open, and he gasped in shock. 

 Mei Hua layed dead in her bed, a large bloody gash in the middle of her chest. Her mouth was open in shock. Jin ran to her, and noticed that the blood was freash. Impossible! The master just was in here! Master Zhang would never commit such a crime! A hand then went over Jin's shoulder, sending a chill up his spine. The master glared at him, his mouth curing into a evil grin. Shocked, Jin tried to speak. "What? How? WHY?!" The master smiled. "Yes, Jin. I am the one. Sorry, but I can't have any witnesses." Suddenly, Master Zhang's form flickered, and instead of the Master from before, a red haired boy, stood in his place. He suddenly jabbed his palm at Jin's chest. A blade then shot out, coming out of Jin's back. Jin gasped, and he fell to the ground. His vision slowly filled with black dots, and he thought his last thought.











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The best chapter for last. Awesome work Drums! :D


(Oh man, I can't believe this is the final chapter) :/





E X P L O D A N T O R -



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(cr: to the talented creators on Pinterest for these inspirational & wholesome edits <3)

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Love the epic fighting

My favorite line-Never call a Skrill silly!



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-No Subject-

Nice finishing chapter! It's great. I know I took a censored long time to read this. Ahem, mostly because like the last time we were talking... I'm still watching LOTR & TH hehe... Plus a bit of behind the scenes so yeah, I took really long to finish reading two of your chapters. Sorry about that. I like both chapters though, can't wait for the next one ;) you have my support


Pictures above combined by me. Each separate picture made by: Sapphire, Asvald, Nessie, Astrdon, Siren-Spirit or me XD



Made by Asvald <3 


Cake & Dreamcatcher say hi! (Cake is Jennifer Fire's Whoolly Howl btw, not mine. Dreamcatcher's my Nadder ^^)


    <= Made by Yume Sharacite

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Finally I found it, A pan the

Finally I found it, A pan the size of a battle axe!



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Portraits by Pixel


The Legend of Garth of Izar: 

Book 1: The Fall of Izar

Lost Tales of Izar

Other interesting posts

Chances of Receiving a Certain Powerup From the Mystery Box of Powerups Study


The Book of Dragons (it's a work in progress I'm trying to organize all the tips and tricks on the forums into something that's browsable)


The Bejeweled Chest Fiasco, Me and harbinger (my deathsong) investigate the mystery of the random chests and we find a big one!



I enjoy: HTTYD, Halo, Destiny, Aldnoah Zero, Sword Art Online, RWBY. Assassin's Creed, Avatar the Last Airbender, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Engineering, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, building airplanes and rockets, and making the impossible possible. 

SOD Fan Fiction Club


If you zap a dead fish right you can restart it's heart and then it becomes a problem, especially if it's supposed to be your dinner. 


"It was going well until it exploded"


"It's just a mild calibration error" 


"I'm not crazy I'm completely insane and i enjoy every minute of it!"



Monstrous Nightmare: Sunbreaker (M) (Broadwing)


The first dragon I come across on berk, goes around doing his own thing most of the time. Likes taking care of baby dragons so he stays in the stables alot. Though he will come out to play fireball frenzy. He loves showing off and as he always shoots fire at the sun at least once a day hoping to finally catch that light. 


Deadly Nadder: Whirlwind (F) (Broadwing)

Fast and agile Whirlwind is one of my racing dragons. She is often the one trusted to lead the herd when Sunbreaker is away. She loves mirrors and shiny objects. She also preens alot. 


Thunderdrum: SONAR (M) (Broadwing)

A blind thunderdrum, uses sound to navigate. Really loud and loves singing (not everyone else enjoys it though).


Scauldron: Wavedancer (F) (Broadwing)

Boiling water and a knack for mischief, this scauldron often plays pranks on fishing boatsby stealing their catch and doubling it. 


Tide Glider: Riptide (F) (Broadwing)

My main riding dragon, she is shy around new people but will never back down from a fight. She is the first dragon I tamed while on Izar, and my main dragon for fun stuff in the game.


Skrill: Teslan (F) (Broadwing)

Often charges my electrical lab equipment and is my main racing dragon.


Raincutter: Drizzle (F) (Broadwing)

Likes rain, helps me out at the forge and in the lab 


Stormcutter: Chinook (M) (Broadwing)

This stormcutter was found riding the chinooks as a baby he likes warm winds and long flights in the mountains.


Zippleback: Ayre & Dance (M) (Broadwing)

One head sleeps while the other one searches for food. Two headed efficiency at its finest.


Sand Wraith: Luna (F) (Broadwing)

Found on the Onyx beach, this sand wraith looks like the surface of the moon


Changewing: Glass (F) (Broadwing)

Loves hide and seek, and likes turning invisible and scaring vikings into thinking there is a ghost. 


Woolly Howl: Athabasca (F) (Broadwing)

Named after the Princess, Glacier, River and Lake bearing the same name she like cold weather and enjoys dragon nip tea


Shivertooth: Blizzard (M) (Broadwing)

Found on Icestorm Island harrasing groncicles, has a grudge with Yellowknife


Flightmare: Aurora (F) (Broadwing)

Likes flying around Icestorm Island


Speed Stinger:Scramjet (F) (Broadwing)

Always moves with her mouth open reminded me of a scramjet


Typhoomerang: Scorch (F) (Broadwing)

Likes scorching eels, hates eating them


Hobblegrunt: Tlaloc (M) (Broadwing)

Named after the Aztec god of rain Tlaloc likes splashing in puddles


Sweet Death: Ambrosia (M) (Shortwing)

sits around all day bothering the bees


Shockjaw: Ion (F) (Broadwing)

Ion likes swimming in saltwater and plasma


Fireworm Queen: Fusion (F) (Shortwing)

Very protective even as a baby


Fireworm Queen2: Pulsar (F) (Shortwing)

Very adventurous even as a baby is blue for some reason


Smothering Smokebreath: Charla (F) (Shortwing)

Loves eating charcoal


Groncicle: Yellowknife (M) (Broadwing)

named after the capital of the Northwest Territories and found on Icestorm Island


Rumblehorn: Shieldbreaker (M) (Broadwing)

Guess what his favorite hobby is?


Scuttleclaw: Ammolite (F) (Shortwing)


Moldruffle: Fel (M) (Baby)

Mudraker: Mudkip (M) (Baby)

Grapple Grounder 1: Yin (M) (Shortwing)

Grapple Grounder 2: Yang (F) (Shortwing)

Snow Wraith: Frostbite (M) (Shortwing)

Prickleboggle: Nightingale (F) (Baby)

Sliquifier: Sedna (F) (Baby)
Razorwhip 1: Tomahawk (M) (Baby)
Razorwhip 2:  Katara (F) (Baby)
Deathsong: Harbinger (F) (Broadwing)
Snaptrapper: Mistletoe (F) (Baby)
After rescuing a freezing egg on Snoggletog's eve this Snaptrapper was born the next day in the middle of winter. 
Thunderpede: Magnitude (M) (Baby)
Timberjack: Maple (F) (Baby)


Slithering Fluoroscale by Nightmarerebuff: Silica

Found when flying around Berk eating elderberries off the bushes, hates raspberries.


(Former Clan: Order of the White Lotus)


Current Clan: The Dragon Racers


On the Subject of Hackers

please read this link, it helps to identify the different types of hackers. I have hacked computers, and servers in the past (despite not being the best at code) but I never do it for personal gain. Unfortunately the hackers most people refer to on the internet are crackers so they bring a bad light on the hacking community in general. I only learned to hack code because I needed to in order to hack my microwave and other software in my house.


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Need a new subject I do, yes. Any ideas have you? Hmm?

Nice.  XD  Man, that is huge!

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Thank you all Very Much. =D

Thank you all for reading and supporting me.


When I started this fan-fic, I never dreamed I'd actually finish it.  I just thought I would go for a while, do a few chapters, people wouldn't really like, and I'd stop.


But thanks to you all that supported me, read the chapters, and replied, I kept going.


I had a blast writing The Clue of the Missing Socks, and I can't wait to get started on my next story, The Mysterious Frozen Fire.

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Check out my new sequel fan-fic: The Mysterious Frozen Fire

I justed finished and posted my first chapter to The Mysterious Frozen Fire sequel fan-fic.


Here is the link to Chapter 1 - A Frosty Feeling

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The grapple grounders look

The grapple grounders look really similar to korean dragons, four toes, long slinking body, and lives in a cave. i spent 4 hours reading the whole series last night it was really enjoyable httyyd has a talent for writing

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Thanks for the complements.

Thank you very much for reading my story and thank you for complementing my writing.  I just wrote something I wanted to write, used common sense in my writing to make it believeable if it were real life, and used my friends and readers to push myself to get better each chapter.