The Clue of the Missing Socks - Chapter 42

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Sorry for the delay, I got busy and hadn't had the time to type up this chapter.  It should be well worth the wait as this is the second longest chapter I have written.  I hope you enjoy.  Please comment on my story below.


The Clue of the Missing Socks


Chapter 42


          “When I heard from Trader Johann that the Berkians were training dragons, I knew as soon as I heard it what dragon I wanted to train,” Cazi said as she called Sparklebolt over.


          At first Fredrick growled, but as soon as Cazi started petting Sparklebolt, Fredrick perked up and pocked his head.  My dragon looked very confused.  He kept looking at the Skrill and back at me as if saying, “How can this be?”


          I was inclined to agree with Fredrick.


          “Wow that is amazing,” I marveled.  “I didn’t think it was possible, or at least not this soon after Berk just learned of Skrills actually still living around these parts.”


          “Why would you say that?” questioned Cazi.


          “Because we hardly ever saw Skrills around the Isle of Berk,” I stated.  “Some even thought Skrills did not even exist anymore.”


          “Hmm, interesting responded Cazi.


         “We came here to visit your island,” I said.  “Want to come greet my friends?”


          “Yeah, lead the way,” Cazi said.  “Oh by the way what is your name?”


          “Oh, I’m sorry,” I apologized.  “Forgive me for not introducing myself and my dragon.  My Name is Jarl Mollerson.  This here is Fredrick.  Fredrick, Cazi.  Cazi, Fredrick.  Fredrick, Sparklebolt.  Sparklebolt, Fredrick.”


          Fredrick immediately followed with a quick nod of the head to Sparklebolt as I finished speaking.  Sparklebolt acknowledged with the same head nod to Fredrick.


          Both Cazi and I chuckled at what are dragons just did.


          “I’ve never seen my dragon do that before,” stated Cazi.


          “I have seen Fredrick do that head nod on occasion, but not very often.  Though my dragon also seems to only do the head nod only to those he has seen he can respect,” I said as we walked back towards where my friends were setting up the base camp.  “It looks as if Fredrick instantly had respect for your dragon, Sparklebolt.”


          “Hmm, interesting,” added Cazi.


          “Oh I should warn you, my friends will not at first act slightly hostile or protective towards your Skrill because they will think, as did I, that Sparklebolt is a hostile Skrill.  Because the only Skrills we have come across have been hostile; however that was only one dragon,” I cautioned.


          “Oh okay,” replied Cazi.  “I actually get that reaction a lot from newcomers.”


          We were nearing the camp, so I thought it best that Cazi should stay behind with her dragon while I brace my friends and family for the Skrill.


          I walked around the corner of a large rock and greeted my friends.  When I started to tell them who I met, Cazi and then her Skrill, Sparklebolt, some of my friends and even my sisters did not think someone could actually train a Skrill, let alone ride it.


          “Well you have been warned,” I said raising my arms in defense because I had heard enough.  “Come and greet my friends, Cazi and Sparklebolt,” I yelled back to Cazi.


          Cazi was leading Sparklebolt and walked around the corner.  Immediately all of my friends’ dragons raised their wings and whaled out in alarm.  Fredrick then fired a “soft” sonic blast in the air.  That quieted all the dragons down, as well as their riders.


          While Cazi told everyone what she and just told me, my friends and family marveled at how Cazi was able to train the Skrill.


          “Nice to meet all of you.  You can all me Caz,” replied my new friend.


          “So can we use our dragons to fly over to the main island?” asked Pat.


          “Caz, does your village have their own dragons to ride?” I inquired.


          “Not really, because my Skrill was one of the few dragons to actually land on my island.  So no I guess I am the only dragon rider on my island,” Caz answered.  “There hasn’t been much interest in training dragons in my village.  Probably because we are a smaller clan and don’t really need the help of dragons with anything, though I beg to differ.  The elders and leaders of my clan are a little frightened to try and make use of dragons, even though it has been many, many months since the last dragon ‘attack’.  Some of the younger vikings do agree with me about dragons actually finding things to help us with, but they don’t know how to capture dragons; let alone train them.  One reason is because we hardly ever stray far from our island for our clan’s leadership likes keeping to ourselves; and dragons now a day’s never come around our island anymore.”


          “What do you think we should do Jarl?”” asked Ashley.


          I was trying to think of what to do when Explod suggested, “Why don’t we use some of Cazi’s village boats to get to the island, instead of our dragons.  For if we use our dragons, we will draw more attention to ourselves maybe unwanted attention that would hinder what we came here to accomplish.  Because Jarl this would allow us to keep a lower profile.”


          “And I could say that you guys are traders or something from Isle of Berk and stopped here for supplies and maybe a little trading,” added Cazi.


          “Sounds like a plan,” I replied.


          “I’ll go back now and get a boat for you guys,” Cazi said as she mounted Sparklebolt.


          Everyone waved as Cazi flew away on her Skrill.


          “Only take what you need guys,” I said after Caz left.


          While I was putting my quiver and my bow criss-crossing them over my shoulders, mother told me she brought with her several things she could trade with the villagers.


          Not more than twenty minutes later did Cazi return with the boat.  She said she hadn’t used a boat in a while and forgot how long it took just to travel a small distance in a boat.


          “Who’s going to stay with our dragons?” asked Repteil.


          “I’ll stay,” my mother volunteered.  “I still have to set up some of the camp.  I’ll send the items you can trade, with Asvord and Elsa.  They as well know a thing or two about trading.”


          My sister and all of my friends then piled into the boat.  I, Hattori, Pat, Jack, Thor, and Cullan helped with the rowing.  Since there was more weight in the boat it took close to a half hour to arrive back at the docks for the island.  As we were pulling up to the pier, Ashley asked me, “What are we looking for, exactly?”


          “Frankly, I don’t know either,” I told her, and then addressed everyone else in the boat.  “The eggs, Grapple Grounders, a black dragon which could possibly be a Night Fury, and this island all have something in common.  We need to find that connection before Steinson and his band arrives.  I don’t know when that will be so take a few of our friends and scatter throughout the village and keep an eye out for anything that would relate to the mystery.  And also try and learn some things from the villagers for they might know something that could help us.”


          Everyone acknowledged.  Cazi introduced us to a few of the leaders of her clan that came to greet us.  There were three middle aged men with one older gentleman.  All seemed very prestigious men as they only spoke to learn of our intentions on their island; as good leaders would do with newcomers.  The leaders asked us how long we would be staying around their island.  I replied, “Just a few days; probably no more than three.”


          Then they asked us what we came here to do.  Cazi then said, “They came here for some supplies, so they could continue on their way.”  Asvord added that we thought we could also do some small trading while we were here because we brought some items with us to do so.  The leaders also asked us why so a young group of kids are traveling alone.  I responded that we had Annett with us at the moment, and my mother was back at a nearby island finishing our camp.


          But then the leaders than asked us, “Why did you not row into are docks with your boat of your own?”


          I had to think fast, and then replied, “Well would not be as mean as to row ‘into’ your docks.  That would have caused damage to our boat and also damage to your docks.  Then none of us would be happy right now.”


          Thankfully they did not ask any more questions as they were chuckling too much to do so.  I guess my humor got the best of them.  I was afraid they would continue to ask how we got here and I would have to divulge how we used our dragons to fly to their island.


          Pat, Repteil, Tory, and Thoreous walked off in one direction.  Fiath, Cullan, Sapp, my two sisters, and jack took the opposite direction.  And then Ashley, Hattori, Annett, Explod, and I took the main road through the villiage.  Cazi accompanied us also.


          We greeted some of the villigers as they passed by.  Cazi metion that her clan is very friendly, but those who are leading the clan can be very suspicious of pretty much every newcomer to their island.


          “They have even tried a few vikings that had some power among our leadership.  Those vikings delt in illegal trades and also embezzled money from the clan’s treasury,” Cazi said as we neared their main hall.


          But before we walked in, myself as well as Explod wanted a quick drink.


          “But you have your own flask of water,” stated Annett.

I looked at Explod, he looked at me.  We both winked at each other; for we both knew what the other was thinking.


          “I don’t get it,” replied Annett.


          “Just come on, Annett,” said Explod.  “You’ll find out soon enough what we’re doin’.”


          Hat and Ash also knew what Explod and I were doing.  Cazi said the larger house next to “The Gathering Place”, as they called their main hall, is where the village eats if they have a party or if two vikings go after taking a break from their work and have a mug of cooled yak milk.


          “Basically it is where the village likes to hangout, cool off, rest, and/or talk about the interesting topics of the day,” explained Cazi as she opened the door to the house.  “My best friend runs ‘The Watering Hole’ as it was named.”


          From the outside, the construction looks like they built three viking house very close together and joined them all to make one large building.  The Watering hole on the inside was spacious and roomy.  You could smell brown trout cooking on a large oven in the center of the room.


          Cazi lead the group over to the right to a long table with benches on either side.  When we were sitting down, Cazi waved to a man that then waved back.  This young man came over and greeted us all.


          “So what can I get all of you to drink to start off with?” asked the man.


          “How are you doing, Bergr?” Cazi asked.


          “Graeat, thanks,” Bergr replied.  “May I fully introduce myself, my name is Bergr Kryson.”


          We all greeted Bergr.


          “To what do I owe the pleasure of meeting you fine vikings?” inquired Bergr.  “Wait let me guess,” he said before I had a chance to.  “You are here for information.”


          “How did you know that?” asked Explod.


          “The news about your arrival, traveled fast.  Hardly anything that happens on this island I don’t end up hearing,” Bergr replied.  “With your new friends Cazi, business has been booming; people coming in and talking amongst themselves about you guys.. and gals.”


          “I see.  What have they been saying about us?” Hat questioned.


          “Oh different things,” Berger went on to say.  “Mainly how you guys are the third group of strangers that have visited our island within the past couple of months.  Also they think you’re not the same as the others, because of your youth.”


          “Third group?” I said surprisingly.  “There were ones that came here before us?”


          “Yeah, like I said, ‘all within the past couple of months.’  No actually the last month itself,” answered Bergr.  “So what are you here for?  If it is information you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.”


          “Well,-“ I began.


          “I like taking guesses at things like this.  Let me take a stab at it,” Bergr said as he thought about it for a moment and then said, “You want to know about the old legend about two snake-like dragons, two eggs, and a mysterious black dragon.  Am I right?”


          My friends’ eyes widened, but probably not as much as mine did.


          “I think you hit the nail on the head, BK,” added Cazi.


          “How do you know about all these things?” quizzed Ashley.


          “Oh ‘The Old Legend’?  I’ve known about that since I was born here,” responded Bergr.


          “ The’ mystery is almost as old as the floor you are standing on right now,” imputed Cazi before Bergr could get started completely.  “How our village actually got started is a group of traders, as the story goes, came from the east to look for a treasure buried on this island or one near this one.  The traders had brought their families with them.  As the rumor then spread about the buried treasure, other families then came.”


          “But as time grew on, and people could not find the treasure, less and less people started to come to our island.  As more and more people could not find the treasure, the less vikings would keep coming,” Bergr returned and continued the story.  “It wasn’t until a young boy from I think actually from your island Berk, that we got very close to solving the legend.  This young boy was very fond of riddles as he wrote down his notes of the mystery in a book. ”


          Since Bergr took a wild stab at why we were here, I wanted to take a wild stab at who the young boy was.  “Does this young boy’s name happen to be Hamish II?”


          “Why yes, that is his name,” declared Bergr.


          Me and my friends then gasped and sat there in disbelief.  Hamish II has a connection with this mystery?


          “Just to be sure,” I struggled to speak.  “Was.. Hamish II.. short and skinny for his age at the time?”


          “That description of him sounds exactly correct,” answered Bergr.  “From the time I was little, I always wanted to solve, ‘The Tale of Two Taverns’ as I like to call it.  I’ll show you the books he left my grandfather at my house.  My grandfather and Hamish II actually spent time on trying to solve the mystery.  Come back here in an hour when get off work.”


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very cool

Question: will my character be in the mystrerious frozen fire?



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Yes your's and the others.

Yes your's and the others.  I guess I hadn't made much thought about it, because I was going to include everybody anyway that was in Missing Socks in Frozen Fire. (Missing Socks in Frozen Fire, Sounds hilarious, right or is it just me?)  The Mysterious Frozen Fire will take place a couple of weeks after The Clue of the Missing Socks.

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Nice chapters. Sorry I haven't been commenting on anything. Hehe, just lazy to comment sorry. Until today. I didn't realise you left me out until you told me lol XD when's the next chapter coming out? I'll try my best to see it once it's out. Well, I'll certainly try >.<


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I've been busy and haven't had the time to type it up.

I've had three tournament basketball games the past two days, so I didn't get much work done on it.  I have what I want to write all planed out, I just need to have the time to type it up.  I have planned what I want to do pretty much to the end of the story; which btw atm looks like it should end in chapter 45.  But that this is an outside chance I might have to split chapter 45 into two parts or add a chapter 46.


The current chapter, number 43, should be posted by Monday Night, Tuesday Morning.

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Chapter 43 is nearly

Chapter 43 is nearly completed, but I've had to work on some school work this morning and afternoon before I could finish writing the chapter.  Chapter 43 will be posted sometime today.

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And I jyst releaseed part 6 of TBBJAN. (The battle between jugraina and nora) its in the fan fiction

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Sorry for the delay in posting my next chapter.

Sorry for the delay in posting my next chapter.  School work comes before even stuff like this.


Here is the link to my next chapter: