The Clue of the Missing Socks - Chapter 40

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This chapter is going to be a longer one.  My thought process throughout writing this book was just to let the story flow.  I tried my best not to have choppy scenes while at the same time not try to drag out the chapter; and also not have something in the next chapter which should actually be with the previous chapter.


Chapter 41 should be posted no later than Friday morning.  (In my time zone).


Enjoy!  Please leave any questions or comments that may have.


PS.  Cazi the Conquerer, your character will be in the next chapter, chapter 41.  I did not think I could fit it into chapter 40, because I felt it would be rushing the story a little bit.  But your character will be in chapter 41.



The Clue of the Missing Socks


Chapter 40


          “Did you seriously come back?” I asked Adam.  I wanted to punch him in the face for what he has done, but something told me not to.


          “Yes and I can explain,” whispered still Adam.  “I want to come clean, but we can’t talk here.  For I think you are really the only one on Berk that will listen to me.”


          “Well there is one other,” I whispered back, thinking about Annett.




          “I’ll tell you later,” I spoke softly as I stood up and helped Adam to his feet.  “Since you came back, are you going to help us to the full extent and help stop your brother?”


          “Yes,” he said as he held out his hand for a shake on it.


          I shook his hand.  “Okay, meet me at the back of my house in one half hour from now.”


          “Alright,” Adam said as he ran off into the shadows.


          I watched Adam as he ran off and then turned around to see Fredrick standing right behind me.


          “Oh my cheeks slapped twice, you scared me Fredrick,” I said jumping back.


          Fredrick just snorted then turned so I could mount him.  I got on and quickly flew back to my house.  As Fredrick was just a few feet off the ground near the dragon stables behind my house, I jumped and race to the front door.  I looked back to see Fredrick run over and immediately curl up and close his eyes as if nothing had happened.  I thought that was nice of him in case someone had steeped out the back door and saw us landing.


          Before I entered the front door, I took a deep breath to catch my breath.  I nearly ran into my sister, Asvord.


          “You finally decided to show up at your own house for supper.  Amazing,” she said as she nearly lost her balance.  I steadied her as I grabbed her.


          “And also nearly knocking a person over in the process,” she added.


          “A person?” I started to tease.  “All I see is my sister.”


          “What?” she denounced as she raised her fist.


          I “cowered” in “fear” and said sarcastically, “Oh a beautiful person who unfortunately is my sister.”


          “Okay that’s better,” Asvord paused for a moment while lowering her fist.  “I think.”


          Before she could change her mind, I walked into the kitchen.


          “There you are,” mother said as she scooped out some yak stew on to my plate.  “One minute you’re there, the next you you’re not.”


          “Sorry, I went outside to check on Fredrick and decided to go out for a quick ride,” I told my mother while sitting down at the table.


          Not much more was said during the meal.  After everyone was finished, the clock in my head was telling me the half hour I gave Adam was very close to being up.


          After mother had cleaned the table off, she asked me if I could go saddle our dragons for the trip to the Great Hall.  I don’t know why but I hesitated until my sisters and mother had gone to their rooms before I started for the back door in the kitchen.


          When I was alone in the room, I walked over and opened the back door.


          “Jarl I ne-”


          I slammed the door before Adam could finish.


          Mother walked into the room and said, “I thought you went out.”


          “Yeah, ‘bout that,” I stuttered.


          Asvord walked over and opened the door.  Adam was still standing there.


          “Please I need to speak with Jarl,” pleaded Adam.


          Everyone there, except me, gasped in complete surprise.


          “Please, before you turn me in or something, I need you to hear me out on this,” Adam said still standing outside the door way.


          There was a long moment of silence; mother looked at me, then Adam, then Asvord and Elsa.  Asvord had the look on her face of, “I want to punch him in the face.” Elsa had the same look as Asvord.


          “Come in Adam,” mother decided.


          Adam thanked mother, walked into the kitchen, and closed the door behind him.


          Asvord could not believe her mother’s decision.  “Are you kidding me mother?  But why??  After what he’s do-“


          “For the man who saved my son’s life,” mother said calmly showing her hand to Asvord.  “I at least owe him the opportunity to speak his peace.”


          “Thank you,” said Adam again.  He seemed to have run here, and fell, or maybe he was in a fight.  “I’ll try to keep this short, because I need to go.”


          Asvord shifted her weight in her stance.  It looked like she wanted to retort something back at Adam, but thought better of it.


          “I have been working with Steinson on several things, but as of lately I started to second guess my decision to do so,” started Adam. “I thought we would always do what we had been doing for the past couple of years.  Trap and fish for animals, trade the hides or fish for other items with various clans throughout the region.  We would also try to trade or sell the items we had traded with one clan to the next.  We did make a small profit and gained some valuable items.”


          Adam went on to say that things were going well until he and Steinson ran into Adam’s cousin G.R.; short for Gudrod Radormerson.  GR at first just tagged along, but Adam said he changed when he saw he could cut in and get his own share of the profit he and Steinson were making.


          Adam said that it did not take long for GR to corrupt Steinson.  Steinson started to steal random items from clans and sell them to other clans.  Adam said he tried his best to make it up to the people that Steinson wronged, but he was fighting a losing battle.  GR had a secret way in stealing the items from the clans’ people.  Adam was not allowed to know, but Steinson was, probably because Adam was not trusted by GR.


          Adam continued with his story saying that a man with dreadlocks arrived on the scene; which made things really start to head south.  The new viking clearly took advantage of Steinson to get want he wanted, and worked with GR to start a small collection of dragons.  One of which was the Flightmare.


          Adam later over head a conversation between the new viking and GR.  Adam concluded from what he heard that GR and the new viking had been working together from the start and wanted to exploit Steinson for their own desires in their schemes.


          Adam started to notice the grounders were being used personally by Steinson a lot and the Flightmare was GR’s dragon.


          Steinson finally realized what Adam was doing returning or paying the vikings that thought they got a bad bargain in their trades and wanted to be compensated for their loses.  Steinson and then GR started to treat Adam like a prisoner.  When this started, that was enough for Adam.  He said he started to look for ways to escape.  He found his window of opportunity when saw the Outcast ship I was dumped from into the water.


          Adam continued to say that he knew that this could be the chance he was waiting for.  But when Adam saw Steinson the one day in my house, he knew he had to play like he did not know Steinson if Adam were to escape his clutches.  Adam still stuck to his side of the story that Steinson rushed him and Adam just defended himself.


          Adam said that he had overhead a different conversation between Steinson and GR, while at Berk.  One late night Adam followed Steinson who met on with GR on the far side of Berk.  Adam heard that me and my friends were “butting-in” and being “nosey” too much and they must be stopped.  GR proposed a kidnapping of some of my friends to get me off their backs.  Steinson did not agree with the kidnapping.


          Adam though never thought they would go through with the kidnapping not until he came back the one day from looking for his cat.  Then Adam said that he tried to defend himself that day without giving a way that he had actually worked with Steinson before.  Adam knew if he had said that he did, people would not believe him.


          Steinson had been trying several times to blame Adam for things disappearing around Berk, but hit he knew he couldn’t lose when Adam’s cousin GR looked so much like Adam.  So Steinson used this against Adam hoping that someone would think the man that led the kidnapping was Adam, which in fact it wasn’t.  It was sealed when Meen had identified him as the kidnapper.


          Adam did not expect the next night when GR’s Flightmare broke into the jail and picked up him and flew him back to GR’s main base.  GR made it plain that I was a prisoner and I had to come back to Berk to get the Grapple Grounders and the egg.  GR made it clear what would happen if Adam came back empty handed.  Steinson came with Adam to make sure he did not try to escape GR’s clutches all together.


          “But I was thrown for a surprise loop when I literally ran into my sister Annett in a cave here on Berk, a few days ago while chasing one of the Grapple Grounders.  Steinson was following me and confronted me about my task.  I stood up to him finally and said, ‘I was not going back with him to GR.’  We got into a fight.  Annie tried to break us apart, but to no avail.  During the fight, we were on the ground and Steinson pushed me back into my sister, knocking her over.  She lost her balance and then hit her head on a rock on the ground.  Steinson and I both rushed to her side.  She was still breathing.”


          “Steinson and I both heard voices from another part of the cave.  I recognized them as Jarl and you guys.  Steinson said quickly, ‘They’ll take care of Annie.’  I started to run away with Steinson, but then said, ‘I am tired of running.’  Steinson said he was not going to leave without me.  I refused, we got into another fight, and something then hit my head, knocking myself out.  I woke up with Steinson standing over me and relayed that if we did not get those grounders and the egg, harm would come to Annie by the hands of GR.  For Steinson said that he had the resources to do it even though Annie was on Berk.  Gudrod is not a man to call a bluff on.”


          “Neither one of us wanted any harm to come to Annie, so Steinson and I worked together tonight to get what GR wanted, but when I heard from passing vikings that Annett was safe in the Great Hall, I then ran into you Jarl,” Adam said pointing at me.  Adam completed his story by saying that he felt that Steinson had a slight change of heart when he saw his sister and that she could change Steinson’s heart.


          There was a slight pause and then mother spoke.  She asked what Asvord and Elsa thought of what Adam had just said.  Both my sisters said Adam should not be trusted.  Then mother asked me.


          “What do you think, son?”


          “I think we should trust me,” I decided.  “I think that Adam is a nice guy, but was just got involved too much with the wrong crowd.  Now he needs good friends to help him out.”


          “I would much appreciate it,” Adam said.  “Shake?”


          Adam had his hand out to me.  I shook it.


          “Then it is a deal.  So whatever you want me to do to catch Steinson and GR so that they will get what’s comin’ to them, I will do it,” Adam said firmly.


          “Okay, you still need to have the grounders, correct?” I inquired.


          “No, Steinson actually has both of them now.  I was sent to pick up the egg.  And how he told me how you were so protective of the egg once you got it, I knew your house would be the best place to look.  I was on the way when I ran into you,” stated Adam.


          “Okay I’ll go get the egg,” I replied.  Asvord and Elsa followed me.  But I did not go into the room that had the egg, I entered mother’s room.


          “I don’t know why you would trust Adam now, I would agree why you would before all this happened after what he did for you.  But why still now?” asked Asvord, who was very perplexed.


          “Just because of the fact that he saved my life,” I voiced.  “Because any man, who would do that for another person, deserves some trust.”


          “Why would you say ‘some trust’?” wondered Elsa as I sat on mother’s bed and answered her question, “Because even though he did save my life, he has done things to show that he cannot be trusted fully.”


          “Ahh-kay, I see what you are doing,” Asvord pronounced.  “You’re going to give what Adam wants, but at the same time not giving him what he wants.”


          “Exactly,” I added while opening mother’s hope chest.


          “But Jarl,” Elsa questioned again.  “The egg is in the other room.  Why are we in here?”


          Asvord said she was thinking the same thing.


          “I am going to do what you just said Asvord,” I said patting her on the shoulder.  “I am going to give what Adam wants, while at the same time not giving him what he wants.”


          “I don’t get it,” said Elsa.


          I then picked up mothers two halves of her egg shells and then held them in front of me for my sisters to see.  They still did not get it.


          “Come on, you can figure it out,” I urged them on.  “I know her girls, but that shouldn’t hold you down.


          I smiled while they both made a face at me.  Asvord shook her head, but then it hit her like a ton of Terrible Terrors.


          “Ohh!   I see now,” Asvord declared.


          “Shh, be quiet,” I said covering her mouth.


          “Oh sorry,” Asvord declared, but in a softer tone this time.  “You are going to give him the egg shell, while at the same time not giving him what was inside the other egg.”


          “Ahh see I told you, you could get it,” I said.  I took some Night Fury glue and glued the two halves together.  I will tell you later what Night Fury glue is.


          We all then walked back into the kitchen and I handed Adam the “egg”.


          “Thanks Jarl,” uttered Adam.  “I won’t let you down.”


          With that said he walked out the back door.


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so great

I really like this part. Its getting more exciting by the word.

Is it ok if I use your character in my newest story? If so I need to know one more thing about your character. All the main characters have magical powers. Here is the list (sorry its so short ive had three responses and I have one and my archenemy does and I didnt include one that didnt make sense)

Life (healing)






These powers are kept secret



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I sent you a pm about which

I sent you a pm about which one I picked.

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Some things came up last

Some things came up last night that hindered me from working on my book, so I won't be able to post the next chapter until tonight (my time).  I do have the majority of the chapter typed up, so it won't take long for me to get it done.  It is just I have to travel today, so I won't be at home.  But while I am traveling I will take my notebook with me and finish the chapter on the way.  Then when I come home, I will type in the chapter and the post it.


Btw, my weekly schedule is going to get busier, so I will have to fit in writing my book in different places.


But since I can't post my chapter right now, I am going to reveal the title to my next book.  It is a snoggletog mystery called: "The Mysterious Frozen Fire"


What do you guys think my title for my second book?

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Here is the link to my next