The Clue of the Missing Socks - Chapter 36

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I didn't get as much done last night as much as I wanted to, so that is why this chapter is being posted Sunday night, not this morning.  When I write, I don't like to rush it and then not write a good chapter.


Please leave any comments about my story and chapter.  Enjoy!


The Clue of the Missing socks


Chapter 36


          “Oh how are you Pebbles!” Annett said. “It has been so long, too long.”


          Pebbles just laid limp as Annett hugged him and rubbed on him.

“So where does this leave us now?” Annett asked. “I do not think Adam would do anything you have said Jarl, without a very good reason. Although Adam seems to be the main connection between the events on Berk and the events that involves this Steinson guy. What do we do now? Of what you have told me, you have no clue to where either persons are.”


          “Before yesterday, that would be true,” I stated. “But my sisters and I were exploring the same exact cave we found you in, we found some clues that may lead us to where Steinson is going; not exactly where he is at the moment.”


          Annett was about ready to say something, but I stopped her by saying, “My sisters and I will go and explore the cave ourselves. While you,” I pointed at her. “will stay here and get some more rest. We'll come back later in the afternoon to tell you what we might find.”


          “Alright,” she replied with a slightly disappointed look. “But see that you do.”


          We bid Annett goodbye as we walked back into the main Hall, mother said that she had a few things to attend to and told us to go on and explore the one cave.


          On our way back to our house to get our dragons, we ran into Hiccup. Not literally, but we did stop to talk to him a minute.


          “What's going on with the Academy today?” asked Asvord


          “Well we have planned an ambush drill so we can be ready if we are ever surprised by Dagur,” relayed Hiccup. “Gobber will be over by where we built the catapults, just slightly south of that location. He will have a few of our mobile catapults. I'm on my way now to tell the Academy of the drill.”


          “Okay,” I said waving goodbye to Hiccup.

My sisters and I continued on to our house to get our dragons. We arrived at the dragon stables behind our house to find that the our new Grapple Grounder was making friends with our dragons. Though Fintan looked like he was still getting accustomed to his surroundings because he kept his distance from the grounder.


          I reached for my saddle which was hanging up on the side wall of the stable. Asvord and Elsa made mention they should get some saddles too. We mounted our dragons and started off for the cave we had visited the previous day.


          On our way, we saw Gobber and a few other vikings setting up the catapult ambush; we waved to Gobber as we flew overhead.

About another five minutes and my sisters and I found ourselves at the entrance of the cave.


          “Okay which way do you want to go?” I asked the girls. “We can split up and take our dragons with us through the caves.”


          “I'll go where you where Jarl the other day,” replied Asvord.

“Alright I will take the right fork when the cave splits into to three different passageways,” stated Elsa.


          “Okay, that leaves me the left. Meet back the entrance here after about a half hour?” I asked as I pointed at the ground.


          Both Asvord and Elsa nodded in agreement.


          “Oh,” I remembered. “If you need help with anything, give our thunderdrum call. If you are in trouble, give two calls.”


          They nodded again as we entered the cave


          When we had gone our separate ways, I realized that I had taken the fork that we had found Annett in yesterday. I suddenly had a hunch I wanted to exploit.


          I retraced my running steps I took yesterday and came to the spot where Annett was laying. Before I departed from my sisters, I brought with me a few torches. By using Spiker's fire, I lit three torches; one for each of us.


          I bent down and held my torch to the ground. Around where Annett was lying down were two different pairs of footprints. Was my hunch starting to prove true? I continued to search to see if it did.

I stood in the middle of the cave and looked at my surroundings. Something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. There was a torch in a torch holder on the wall cave. The ash on the torch was not brittle, but stiff. This told me that this torch had been lit recently. Remembering back to the previous day, there was a torch lit on the side of the cave that I totally glossed over. Either Annett had lit the torch, or someone else had too of lit it.


          I studied the cave floor. There was a thin layer of dirt, well really sand mixed with dirt, on the hard rock floor. Again something caught my eye.


          “Fredrick,” I turned to face my dragon. “Stay here,” I motioned with a my free hand and put it in front of his face. Fredrick laid down, or sat down; I can hardly tell if he is sitting or standing because thunderdrums have such short legs.


          The next the thing that had caught my eye was footprints leading away from where Annett was laying. These prints were not a woman's, but a man's. Actually there were two sets of prints. As I followed the prints I made sure to not disturb them and get them confused with my own.


          I noticed the footprints started to get further apart. I figured that the two men were running. As I continued to follow the tracks, I started to see light around the corner of a turn up ahead. And by George there was a secondary entrance to a beach. I peaked out the smaller opening compared to the one me and my sisters entered and saw a small boat that by the looks of it was Annett's boat she had described to me.


          When I returned to where I had left Fredrick, I noticed another thing that was interesting and hadn't seen before. Just a few feet to my right and a little bit left of Fredrick, there were two large rocks about the size of a barrel moved out from there original positions. The reason I deduced this is the sand and dirt around the bottom of both rocks was not right up against the rocks. After closer examination, I saw that the rocks had been either shoved across the floor or picked up and set down right next to their original positions.


          I stood up after I had looked at the rocks and focused my gaze on the wall. There were abnormally long scratch marks on the wall. I did not think much of them until I saw something else on the floor. It seemed like there was a fight of some sort involving sharp weapons because the sand and dirt was all disarrayed. The only footprints that were visible were my own. This did not make since if the were not a struggle of some sort between two people. The reason for this is because I was standing in the middle of what I considered the center of the fight and I was looking at where my sisters and I had found Annett. Why is this important? Because I was in between the set of footprints and where Annett had been and the only prints visible were my own. So I concluded that two men had been in the cave maybe saw Annett some how trip or fall, hit her head on a rock, walk over to her and see if she was all right, then standing up and fighting.


          I heard just then the thunderdrum call. It sounded like Asvord's voice. I only heard one call.


          I walked back around and met Asvord in her cave she had taken. I also saw Elsa there with my sister.


          “Look what I have found,” said Asvord handing me a piece of paper. “I took this piece of paper and shaded what I found on the cave wall here. I studied this wall and this map leads to an island southwest of Berk. Also these markings on both sides of the cave walls indicate that the dragon that you saw Jarl on a cave wall earlier look to me to be a Grapple Grounder. I studied these caves and see that two Grapple Grounders are key components to what seems to be a puzzle to unlock an entrance on this island southeast of here. This cave that the dragons unlock I can't really figure out what the puzzle unlocks to find.”


          I walked over to the place where Asvord pointed out. I held my torch up so I could see the markings on the wall. What I saw was a figure that looked like a dragon. I couldn't believe my eyes. The dragon figure look just like toothless.


          “That looks like a Night Fury,” I gasped.


          “What really??” both my sisters gasped as well.


          “See for yourself,” I said.


          “By golly your right,” replied Elsa shaking her head in disbelief.

I added, “Hiccup will need to see this.”


          Asvord grabbed my arm, “Why don't I just shade the picture over with my pen here like I did with the map.”


          “I guess you could do that. It would save a trip out here,” I decided.


          Asvord did that and we exited the cave and started the trip back to Berk. We did though search the cave a little bit more, but found no more markings on any walls that had not been searched yet. I showed my sisters what I had found in my cave; along with the smaller entrance to the beach.


          Just before I mounted Fredrick I asked Elsa why she was with her sister. She told me the cave she started to walk down lead her to meet with Asvord some time down the path.


          We took the same flight path as we did to get here. On our way back, we flew over the area that Hiccup was going to be with the drill. But we saw a couple of the catapults were burned to the ground. I wondered what happened and hoped that no one was hurt.


          My sisters and I landed back in Berk in front of Hiccup's house. Asvord and Elsa said that they would go visit Annett in The Great Hall. I wanted to confer with Hiccup about what he thought I should do with the clues I have uncovered about where Steinson is more than likely going. I waved goodbye to Asvord and Elsa.


          I walked up to Hiccup's house. I was about ready to knock on the door when it was suddenly opened. Hiccup's forehead nearly met “head-on” with my hand.


          “Oh hi Jarl,” Hiccup said with a low tone in his voice. “Did you find out anything?”


          “A couple of things. Are you okay?” I asked him.


          “Well, not really.”


          “What's wrong?” I asked


          “Well...,” he paused for a second. “During the drill, Snotlout disobeyed an order and almost cause serious harm to Astrid.”


          “Oh my yaks, is she alright?”


          “Yes, but shaken up afterwards,” he paused again. “What did you find in the cave?”


          “I think I found some clues to where Vemund will be going, and also take a look at this,” I said showing him the picture that Asvord shaded.


          “This.. This.. This looks like a Night Fury dragon, does this mean...”

“That the egg that I have, plus both Grapple Grounders are apart of a clue to finding any Night Furies or what happened to the Night Fury species,” I finished.


          “This is a surprising twist,” Hiccup said.


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