The Clue of the Missing Socks - Chapter 33

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The Clue of the Missing Sock


Chapter 33


          We were at the Academy in no time; where we found Ruffnut and Tuffnut banging their heads against a wall, Snotlout still working on his “you get the thunder” queue for Hookfang who was not even paying attention, Astrid was target practicing with her axe, and Fishlegs was looking over some papers.  My sisters and I followed Hiccup and Toothless in to the Academy ring.


          “Finally, you have come,” said Tuff nut.  “I thought you said we were going to meet here when the sun went down?”


          “We are.  It is about sunset right now,” replied Astrid, who walked over to us in the group.


          “How can that be?” asked Ruffnut.  “Tuff and I have been waiting here for hours.”


          Hiccup asked in return, “When did you get here?”


          Tuff nut answered, “We saw the sun set right before it started to rain.”


          “What you idiots saw was the sun going behind the clouds from the storm,” stated Snotlout.  “I know that.  Even a wild boar would know that.”


          Astrid then returned, “Says the person who takes a shower outside every other time it rains.”


          “Well I’m just conserving water if there is ever a shortage again,” retorted Snotlout. The Twins complained and looked crestfallen.  But not for long, for they returned to hitting their heads on the nearby wall.


          “It’s beautiful,” marveled Astrid as she grabbed it from Hiccup.


          "You guys know Jarl and his sisters,” Hiccup said addressing the Academy riders.


          My sisters and I exchanged greetings with everybody.  Snotlout asked me how we got in the possession of the egg, so I relayed the condensed version of the events that transpired on Outcast Island.


          Hiccup said as soon as I was done, ”This egg is nothing like any egg I have ever seen.  Especially because of the colors and patterns on this that make it stand out.  Really making it look like a stone crystal from a deep cavern in the mountains.  The shape is rather a dead give a away thought that it is an egg.”


          “Do you think you can identify this egg, Fishlegs?” asked.


          “It looks nothing like any egg I could identify right off the top of my head,  I would have to consult The Book of Dragons on this,” stated Fishlegs.


          He walked off to go retrieve the book, for the book was in the Academy’s classroom that the ride.


          “I know what these crystals are that have formed on this egg,” I declared.


          “You do?!” said Elsa and a few others who were also stunned at what I had just said.


          “I’ve seen these crystals on stalagmites in caves before; more recently the cave where I found Fredrick.  These crystals are from salt water.  As the water soaks into the ground from either rain, a nearby stream, or other water source, some of the water might will eventually find a crack in a cave it reaches and will seep through it and travel through the crack until it reaches the ceiling of the cave.  Water always seeks out the shortest and quickest route in any direction but always in a downward motion, because of gravity,” I stated. 


          “As the water drips from the ceiling of the cave, there forms a stalagmite under the drip," I continued.  "This is caused from the contents of the drips are left behind when the water drips.  In this case it was saltwater.  The saltwater would carry particles of the cave’s rock or stone that is imbedded in the walls and ceilings; plus the salt already in the water.  After the saltwater starts to form the stalagmites on the floor and the stalactites on the ceiling, the water will evaporate throughout this entire process.  The salt cannot evaporate because salt is first a solid not a liquid.  The salt particles on whatever is underneath the drip would though start to dry out.  This egg was under one or more of those drips.  This drying out process creates the sparkle the object below.  In this case, that object is an egg.”


          “That is very interesting,” said Astrid.


          “My brother likes to observe and study a lot of things,” added Asvord.


          “So what,” uttered Snotlout.  “How could that help with trying to identify the dragon in the egg?”


          “It could help tremendously,” expressed Hiccup.  “By discovering how and what made the egg sparkle, would help in finding the original location of the egg.”


          “Exactly,” I stated.  “Now that we know what is on this egg, we can use this clue to find where Steinson found the egg.  The saltwater is our clue.  We need to find a cave that is next to a body of saltwater.”


          When I was finished talking Fishlegs came back with the book and sat done on a crate.  We all stood there for ten minutes straight without one word being said.  Fishlegs had gone through The Book of Dragons three times before he stood and exclaimed, “I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!”


          “What, what is it?!” asked all of us in excitement.


          “There is no record of any dragon in this book having an egg with any markings, patterns, or colors even resembling this egg,” Fishlegs said who was getting out of breath due to excitement.  “This would have to mean…”


          “That this egg is an undiscovered dragon type,” finished Hiccup.


          “Now that the lightning has seemed to have left the area,” I said looking up at the clouds.  “Why don’t you guys go out on your patrol, while my sisters and I play a hunch that I just thought of.”


          “Sounds good,” replied Hiccup.  “By the way, while we’re out on patrol, will look for and maybe search a few caves.”


          My sisters and I waved goodbye as the Academy riders flew out of the ring on their dragons.  When we mounted our dragons, Elsa said, “So what is this hunch of yours, Jarl?”


          “I think I know what it is,” stated Asvord.


          “Well okay big sis.  Since you seem to know what it is, why don’t you tell her,” I voiced.


          “I think the hunch that our brother wants to play is to go back to the spot where he found Fredrick,” inputted Asvord.  “Or am I mistaken?”


          “No you are correct,” I acknowledged.


          We didn’t say much on our flight to the cave where I first saw Fredrick.  It took about fifteen minutes to reach the cave.  The three of us walked in and immediately went over to the spot where I found Fredrick.


          “Okay, now spread out and look for anything on the ground, the walls, or the ceilings,” I ordered.


          It was very dark in the cave, in which case we used some torches that I had brought with me.  I walked further into the cave, while Asvord and Elsa searched the vicinity of where I left them.


          As I was walking for about five minutes, I noticed markings on the wall.  I took a closer look and they were carved into the side of the wall.  I saw stick figured men with several battle grounds around this one particular dragon.  For some reason it looked vaguely familiar.  I continued on to see a viking with two what looked to be like Grapple Grounds alongside a throne-like piece.


          “Jarl!  Jarl, come quick,” demanded an echoing voice which was Asvord’s.


          I retracted my steps as fast as I could without stumbling over the few rocks and stones that lay scattered on the ground throughout the pathway.  I returned to the spot where I split up with my sisters… “Jarl this way!” voiced Elsa.


          I ran to my left where I thought I heard the voice coming from.


          “Your other left,” said Elsa as her voice recoiled through the cave.


          I ran back in the opposite direction.  I had been running for what seems like I long time, but was only three minutes.  The pathway this way had several turns in it.  As I turned a corner to my right I saw three figures: two that were my sister, but a third whose body had been propped against a rather large rock.


          “Elsa and I search the walls around where we split up, but did not find anything.  However, when Elsa and I decided to go in this direction, we found this woman laying here,” said Asvord who bent down on one knew to get a better look at the woman.


          I gave my torch to Elsa to hold up as a light.  When the light hit the woman’s face, I noticed she was young but still quite a bit older than me or my siblings.  I sat cross-legged next to her and gently nudged her and put my hand on the back of her head to cushion it, “Ma’am.  Are you alright?” I kept saying to her.


          The woman began to stir after the third time I nudged her.  She came out of her state but only for a few seconds and whispered, “Adam, Mundy,… my brothers… please stop fighting…… your.. only making….. it worse…  We.. need… to ge-eha-t… the…..,” she trailed off as she went back to sleep.


          I laid the woman’s head back against the rock.  But when I looked at my hand from after taking out behind her head, I noticed not a very good sight.  There was blood on my hand.  I propped the woman up to a sitting position and saw several cuts along her back.  Her shirt she had on was torn and ripped in several places.  I looked at the back of her head and found that it had been hit with a blunt object.  The blood, as far as I could tell, was not dried so this had happened very recently.


          “We need to get this woman back to Berk, pronto,” I reacted sharply.  Asvord and I quickly carried her out to the dragons.  The saddle on my dragon could hold at most three people, so Asvord got on the back on Fredrick with the woman behind me so we could fly back to Berk.  Asvord motioned Spiker to follow us.  We all bounded in to the sky on our dragons back to Berk.  I nudged Fredrick with my feet to fly as low as he could so he could keep his balance and be closer to the ground when we land.


          As I urged Fredrick to fly faster, I kept thinking about what I saw in the cave.  “I wonder if what I saw about the markings, are talking about what I think they might be.  If they are, then…,” I then lost my train of thought because we were nearing Berk, for Fredrick was flying at a high rate of speed.


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Hey, this is a really

Hey, this is a really excellent Fanfic! Please, write some more soon!


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Chapter 34, as you can see by

Chapter 34, as you can see by my reply above, is done.  Chapter 35 is almost done,*edit* nope fell asleep.  I'll get it posted soon.


Thank you for reading my fan-fic.  :)