The Clue of the Missing Socks - Chapter 31

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I thought I'd ask, but what would you guys like to see in my next story.  It will have Jarl's family in it.  What my main question is what kind of mystery would you like Jarl to slove?  


Wanted to ask this so you can give me some ideas to work on.  I still don't know if the second story will have any relation to this one.


Please leave any comments, questions, and the suggestions below.  Enjoy!



The Clue of the Missing Socks


Chapter 31                                 


          “Man, Steinson is going to get a huge surprise when he finds out that he doesn’t have the grounders, not to mention this egg,” I said as I put the egg in my saddlebag.


          When I had finished, my sister and I had caught up to our friends.


          “Can we out fly the storm, Jarl?” asked Navaro.


          I slowed Fredrick to a slow enough flight so I could study the clouds in detail.


          I studied them for a good five minutes.  I noted the cloud types, their color, the direction they were going, the speed at which they were traveling, and also if the clouds were increasing or decreasing in size.


          “What do you see?” questioned my younger sister.


          “After studying the clouds,” I paused for a moment to look at my father’s compass he gave me when I was very small.  I always wear it around my neck.  This is one of the only things that I remember about my father.


          The compass showed me that we were heading south, back in the direction of Berk.


          “Since we are heading south, the clouds us are heading south by southwest.  Their speed right now is faster than us, but it is still very slow for a storm to be traveling,” I replayed.  “If we pick up a pace faster than the clouds…,”


          “…we can reach Berk before the storm hits,” Explod added.


          “Right,” I finished.


          So we all urged our dragons on to fly at a brisk pace.  Both Gronckles, Elsa’s and Thor’s, were more than able to keep up.  They actually started to pass some of us.


          We started to see the shores of Berk after a half hour.  About ten minutes before then, the sun started to peak out of the clouds above us.  Plus I felt we got ahead of the cold front because it got slightly warmer, and the clouds below us start4ed to thin, revealing the shores of Berk.  We landed in the area in front of Hiccup’s house.


          I told everybody to go to their homes and get some much need sleep.


          “After a couple of days we’ll reconvene and try to figure out the mystery connections between of the egg, the Grapple Grounders, and the robberies of Berk,” I stated.


          “Oh don’t forget about Gobber’s socks,” Pat said jokingly as he and Black Knight flew away.


          I asked Repteil to take Fire and Asvord will bring the other grounder home with us, along with the egg.


          By the time that me and my sisters had bed down our dragons for their own much needed rest, the cold front from the storm had arrived.  It was colder than before.


          “Ooo!  That’s so cold,” Asvord said as she shivered when the three of us entered our house.  I saw our mother putting some logs on an already blazing fire.


          “We’re home!” I announced.


          Our mother gasped, turned around, and rushed us, grabbing us in a bear hug.


          “Oh your home Safe!” she remarked with a relieved tone in her voice.  “I was so worried about you my children.”


          “No need to be worried,” Asvord replied, intentionally squeezing harder in the bear hug because I was the one in the middle.  Elsa also followed suit.


          When they let go, I gasped for air and fell to the floor.  I was only kidding, which they knew I was.


          “You probably haven’t heard,” My mother said as we all sat by the fire.  “Adam has escaped.”


          “What?” Asvord and Elsa exclaimed in unison.


          “That can’t be,” I said astounded.  “How’d he do it?”


          My mother started to recount the story, “Well it all began last night when I brought Adam the evening meal.  Stoick and Gobber came back then to further question him, after they initially did when they first brought back Adam after you left.  Adam continued to say that he didn’t have anything to do with the robberies, nor the kidnappings, and neither anything to do with the Flightmare…,”


          Just then I saw a flash of Lightning and then a very loud clap of thunder immediately following the flash.  CRACK!


          “Man that was very close,” said Elsa.


          And very loud to boot,” I added.


          “Please continue, mother,” Asvord said urging her on.


          “After Adam had finished his meal” our mother continued.  “I walked back towards the Great Hall.  Stoick and Gobber accompanied me because they felt they weren’t getting anywhere with Adam.  Not more than five minutes after we were walking, I saw a glare of a bright shining light.”


          Elsa chimed in and said, “You turned around and saw the Flightmare.”


          “Yes I did.  Just seeing a Flightmare flying over Berk should be an amazing site to see in itself.  But what it did next I could not believe.  That dragon dove over the jail and destroyed the roof with its paws and then grabbed Adam then flew off south.”  By the time we rushed back, we found the guards paralyzed by the Flightmare’s spray.  In a few moments they revived from the spray, and started to shiver.”


          “Did either Stoick or Gobber try to chase Adam and the Flightmare down?” asked Asvord.


          “By the time Stoick got his son to fly after the Flightmare, there was not a trace of either the dragon or Adam,” finished our mother.


          “To think we trusted Adam.  Well of all the nerve…,” Asvord trailed off as she stood up and walked into the kitchen with mother.


          “I prepared some yak ribs for you,” my mother added as she stopped in the door way.


          “You did wha… How did you know we were coming back today?” I asked.


          “I’m your mother.”


          I shook my head.


          Elsa was noticing that I had a blank expression on. I  I kept thinking about Adam.


          “What’s up JB?” she asked.  Elsa calls me “JB” when no one else is around.


          “I still feel like Adam is still innocent.  Somehow he is being framed, or there is something bigger that I haven’t found or seen yet,” I replied


          Elsa scooted over on the bench next to me and put her arm around me.


          “I know.  When someone you get close too and start to trust him, and then suddenly something happens that makes you question that trust, it is hard to take and understand sometimes.”


          I was very impressed with what my little sister just said.


          “Thank you for saying what I needed to hear,” I hugged her.  “You are growing up… unfortunately,” I needled.


          “Ohh,” she said pushing back at me.


          We both smiled as we were called in to the kitchen to get some yak ribs.  The Grapple Grounder that we brought home with us followed us into the kitchen.  The dragon pranced in and lay down in the far right corner of the room and kept its head up making itself look very distinguished.


          I went back in the living room next to the fire and bragged the egg on the bench.


          “I’m not letting you out of my sight,” I muttered.


          We all sat down around the table to see before us on our plates freshly picked corn-on-the-cob, a small bowl of elderberries, and the yak ribs smothered in the old family’s secret sauce.


          I set the mysterious egg on the table next to my glass of yak milk.


          Halfway through the meal, mother asked, “How did you come to find that beautiful stone?”


          “Actually it is not a stone, but an egg.  A dragon egg to be more specific,” I replied.


          My mother was a little taken back when I said “egg”; so I started recalling our adventure starting when my friends, sisters, and I landed at Outcast Island.


          I am a rather fast eater.  The girls were only half way done with their meal.


          While I was recalling the events and relaying them to my mother with my sisters adding a few things here and there, I couldn’t help but notice that she would glance at the egg like she thought she had seen it somewhere else.


          When the girls had finished their meal, mother said, “Come here children, and bring the egg,”


          Mother walked out of the room first, followed by me and my sisters.  I looked at my sisters.  Whenever my mother used, “Children” we were either in trouble or our mother is very serious about something.  This is probably the second one.


          We followed our mother into her room and we sat on her bed.  She walked over to her hope chest where she kept several mementos of my father.


          “I don’t think I have ever showed you this...,” our mother said as she reached into the chest.  She took two pieces of what looked like stone and gave it to me and my sisters to look at.


          I studied it for a few moments.  The pieces looked kind of like two small bowls.  The thickness of the bowls is about an inch.  I noticed a pattern on the stone halves.  Thinking about it, I reached for the egg.


          I declared, “Mother, these two stone shell parts and this egg…,” I paused and held the two parts and the egg next to each other.


          “They are exactly the same!”


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Amazing! :D

This is wonderful! As usual! For what I would like to happen... How about, ....... Oh! How about, all the chiefs (and sons/daughters) on the different islands are called togther for a meeting about the increasing temperature, so you set out to solve the increasing temps mystery? Or they were all kindnapped... so you have to find out who did this? I don't know.... But heres some islands from the books to use:


Meathead island

Ug lands (I think)

Berseker Island

Berk (duh) 

Bog-buglar island

Land of Tomorrow (If you want... theres nobody on here, read the second to last book of the HTTYD books for more information)

Hysteria (I think thats the name)

Lava-lout island

Fort of (I can't remember! Look at how to speak dragonese (third book)) 

 Some places: 

Meathead library

The great west ocean

Firedragon Volcano


Thats all I can remember, I hope you use some!





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Thanks for the really good ideas.

Thanks for the really good ideas.  I found a few maps on google that are from the books and I actually found Hiccup's map he has from the second movie.