The Clue of the Missing Socks - Chapter 30

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Sorry for the delays in posting this chapter.  I kept getting busy with other things I had to do.  After I would get one thing done during the day, I would either have to get another thing done or go somewhere.

FYI, I am getting into a busy time of the year for me, so I will try my best to get a chapter out each week.


Please leave questions, comments, or other stuff below.  Enjoy.



The Clue of the Missing Socks


Chapter 30


          I had to act quickly because the ground was coming up fast.


          “Come on,” I said hoarsely as I stretched to reach my saddle.  I grabbed it and yelled, “Pull up Fredrick or we’re both goners!”


          Fredrick immediately complied, when he did so I face planted on my dragon because even though I had grip on my saddle I was still up in the air.  Fredrick dove back up in the air with so much force, I couldn’t move a muscle.  As Fredrick slowed and leveled out, I was able to reseat myself on the saddle.  I looked back and saw that we were flying so fast that we had actually cleared the opposite side of the island.


          “Good thing I have a saddle,” I chuckled.  “Let’s go back get that egg back!”

          Fredrick is the smartest thunderdrum I have ever seen because he nodded in agreement with what I said and did a very tight 180 degree turn and started flying back to the peak. 


          As we were going along, I noticed my other friends in two groups: Cullan, Meen, Nav, Faith, and Repteil in one group; and Explod, Elsa, Tory, and Pat in the other.  All of them are in the same situation that Hat, Ash, Thor, and Sapp were.


          “Why didn’t I think of this before,” I suddenly thought of an idea.  “Come on Fredrick!”


          I slightly nudged him with my feet and he followed my lead.  We dove down very close to the ground and flew over my friends.  The dragon nets fired, but since I was so low my dragon and I flew easily under them.


          “Let’s knock out those catapults, FK,” I said using Fredrick’s nickname I gave him.


          There were only two catapults on this side as well, but not for long.  I pressed my hand on Fredrick’s skin right in front of me.  This is my quick signal for Fredrick to fire.  Fredrick’s blast destroyed both catapults, thus sending the parts flying along with the Berserkers around the retreating; and then I said, “Great shot Fredrick!”


          By the time I got back to my friends on this side of the island, they had knocked out all the Outcast vikings that had them pinned down.


          “Why didn’t you do that before with us?” asked Repteil.  “You had our nadders.”


          “I don’t know,” I replied and shrugged.  “Guess I wanted to do it the hard way.”


          “Come on guys,” I directed them.  “Let’s go back and regroup with the others, because we go to get the egg back, at least.”


          When we were flying back, I noticed the breeze had calmed down considerably and the temperature was still cold.  I still had the feeling that there is very bad weather coming.


          After we regrouped with my other friends back at the entrance of the cave I entered to go after Steinson originally, we had to figure out what we were going to do next.


          “We need to get that egg back, pronto!” I ordered.


          “Well I don’t think you have to go very far to get it,” said Pat pointing behind me.


          “Why?” I said as I turned around.


          “Because I have it and I won’t give you the chance to get it back,” said Steinson who had the egg in one hand and basically all of Outcast Island soldiers behind him.


          Steinson said, “You might as well give up now Jarl, because I have won.  I will leave you now to meet your doom.”


          I noticed as Steinson was walking away and the soldiers were closing in on us and also there was no wind, no birds chirping, and I felt an eerie stillness in the air.


          “Well you think you have me cornered Steinson?” I said stalling for time because I felt that some bad weather is coming and to see if this would keep the soldiers at bay.  I would say there were fifty or more soldiers.


          “Yes I do,” he said as he turned around to answer my question.  “Why even try to bargain with me, there is no way you are getting of this island alive.”


          I still looked around trying to figure out why the air was so still.


          “You never know,” I replied.  “I might still have a few more tricks up my sleeves because I am wearing a long sleeve shirt so me’s got’s plenty of room for more tricks.”


          “What could you possible do in this situation?” Steinson said jokingly.


          “Well…” I started to say and looked straight up.  I could not believe my eyes.  What I saw I thought was not possible this far north.  It was a funnel cloud!


          “Steinson look at that!” I exclaimed pointing up to the sky.


          “Shut the front door.  What is…,” before he could finish what he was going to say, Asvord jumped out of nowhere and knocked Steinson over.  Asvord caught him so much by surprise that he dropped the egg while he and Asvord were tumbling down a hill that was nearby.


          “Asvord!” I yelled.


          One of the soldiers saw the egg and ran to grab it.  It was a good twenty yards from him and thirty from me.  I looked at Fredrick and my dragon immediately blasted some of the soldiers that were there.  This opened a lane for me to run towards Steinson and my sister.  I saw that Steinson had recovered and was about to do something to my sister.


          “Thanks Fredrick!” I said.  Fredrick and I are bonding so well we seem to know what the other is thinking.  I had just cleared the area where the soldiers were now fighting with all of my friends when Steinson said, “Quick throw me the egg!”


          I looked over and the one soldier that had gone after the egg and already picked it up and started to throw it towards Steinson.  I picked my speed up to get there in time.


          “That’s it.  Come to Papa my precious egg,” Steinson said.  I heard a slight hint of crazy evilness; kind of how Dagur would talk.


          Just before Steinson could catch the egg, I dove directly in front of him and took the egg away.


          “Hey!  That is my egg!” Steinson reacted.


          “Sorry, not anymore,” I retorted.  “Come on Asvord,” I said grabbing her arm helping her up.


          We ran back to our friends who had just about finished, or I should rather say, Meen had just about finished knocking out all of the soldiers with her pans.


          When I had I got back to my friends, I looked behind me and Steinson was not following me.


          “How’d you get the egg Jarl?” Thor asked.


          “I intercepted a forward pass from a fumble by Steinson when Asvord sacked him,” I replied.


          “Okay the nice commentary of the play from scrimmage was fine and all,” Elsa remarked.  “But shouldn’t we I don’t know, can we get out of here?!”


          Just then a massive, I mean massive wind gust hit us.  It nearly knocked over a couple of us and shoved some of our dragons that were standing a few feet.  I looked up and the funnel cloud was over the island and heading away from us, but it was going to touchdown with the ocean.


          “The ‘calm of the storm’ has passed,” I yelled because the wind gusts were so powerful that I had to raise my voice just to be heard.


          “Hey Jarl,” Explod replied also yelling so he can be heard.  “If we get on our dragons we might be able to fly above the clouds and escape this wind.”

          “Just what I was thinking,” I said.  Everybody heard what Explod said so I didn’t have to repeat what he said.


          Everybody started to fly upwards towards the clouds when I asked Asvord, “Where is your dragon?”


          “I don’t know,” she said as she too had to yell so I could hear her.  “We got split up when she could go through the crack in the wall right before I leveled Steinson.”


          “Well hop on,” yelled mounting Fredrick.


          “But what about Spiker?” She said worrying about her dragon.


          “I know Asvord, but we got to get out of here,” I replied.  “She is a Deadly Nadder.  Nadders have a very good sense of direction.”


          As we were about to clear Outcast Island, I spotted Spiker flying towards us.


          “There’s your dragon!” I exclaimed.


          Spiker saw us.  I slowed up so she could catch up.  When Spiker did, Asvord jumped off and landed on her dragon.


          In a matter of seconds we were above the clouds, but there was a second layer of clouds because we are now in a thunderstorm’s “line of fire”.


          We were only a few seconds behind our friends but it didn’t take us long to catch up.  The reason being is because the strong winds only affected anything below the clouds.  Above them, where we were, there was still wind but not as strong; still strong, but not as bad as below.


          “Bah!  Something’s biting me!” responded Asvord as she grabbed for what was biting her.


          “What is it Asvord?” I asked looking back to see what was wrong.


          “Look what I found, or what Spiker found,” Asvord said as I saw Steinson’s Grapple Grounder and Fire were rubbing on Asvord.


          Not only do we have the egg, but both Grapple Grounders!  This is great.  However, I need to explore the connection between the grounders and the mysterious egg.


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Hey everyone! Big John is comin'!

AARGH another cliffhanger! Now that that is out of the way, great chapter. :)


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Thank you.

Thank you.

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I was just thinking.  This

I was just thinking.  This cliffhanger ending isn't as bad as some of my other ones.


I might be able to get Chapter 31 written and posted by the end of Saturday, but we'll have to see.

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-jaw drops-

Whoa. This is so beautifully written and amazing!


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