The Clue of the Missing Socks - Chapter 24 and 25

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I added two chapters for last week and the coming week.  Sorry for all the delays, I have been working on other projects at home that come first before writing, so this has been taking up most of my time.  I will be getting even busier in the coming weeks.  But I have the next few chapters laid out, I just need to type them up.

Leave a comment below who do you think is the man behind the kidnappings and robberies?  Is Adam actually bad?  Why is the Grapple Grounder so precious?  Will Jarl's plan suceed? - Please ask other questions or answer the ones I have asked.



The Clue of the Missing Socks



Chapter 24


          “Hey those are Meen’s!” I exclaimed.


          “Who’s?” Adam asked.


          There was a bigger crowd starting to gather near us as Adam was telling us where exactly he found the axe and pans.  Just then Stoick and Gobber came over and pushed their way through the crowd.


          “Alright.  What is all this commotion about?” asked Stoick as he walked up to Hiccup and me.


          Cullan spoke first though, “Adam here was kidnapped our friends!”


          Adam quickly replied, “Now hold on a minute! I di…,”


          Stoick interrupted him by saying, “Calm down.  What is going on here son?”


          “Well,” Hiccup began.  “First Jarl and his friends were about to head off toward Outcast Island to rescue their friends who have been kidnapped by a mysterious man or group of men.”


          “The man isn’t mysterious, that man is Adam!” said Cullan, strongly.


          The crowd was starting to agree with Cullan when Stoick asked, “Is there any evidence that points to Adam has the kidnapper?”


          “I saw Adam when he used a Flightmare dragon to kidnap our friends,” answered Hattori.  Everyone that was listening gasped and started to talk amongst themselves.


          “You saw a man that ‘looked’ like me,” said Adam who sounded desperate as if he knew everyone was starting to believe what Hat saw.  “I am telling you the truth!  I was out last night trying to find my cat, Pebbles.”


          “But why are you kids heading to Outcast Island?” asked Stoick.


          Gobber added, “You might want to start from the beginning so you don’t leave anything out.”


          So, I started to tell everyone the events that had taken place last night and into today.  As I was talking I noticed a certain feel of the room.  The crowd, I felt, wanted to lock up Adam.  I noticed Adam was acting like he thought that too.


          When I finished Stoick replied, “I can’t let you go to Outcast Island by yourself.  I will send my son with you and…,”


          “It is okay dad, Jarl has a plan.”


          “Also, I need Hiccup and the Academy riders to stay here on Berk in case something where to happen here,” I spoke up.  “I am using them as backup in case my friends and I do not return in three to five days.”


          Gobber then asked, “Are you going to hand over the Grapple Grounder just like that?  This dragon is very dangerous.  I have had a few encounters with this dragon I remember when…”


          “No.  No I am not.  That is where a few of my other friends will come in,” I replied.


          “Come on people!  We are wasting time!  We need to go!” urged Cullan.


          “I know we need to go,” I said.  “Could you show us where you found Meen’s axe and pans, Adam?”


          Pat grabbed my arm, “Are we just going to let Adam go?  You heard what Hat said he saw.  How much more proof do you need?”


          I sighed, “Right now, it is just Hat’s word against Adam’s.  If we had more witnesses, then we could…,” I didn’t want to think about what might happen if it did come to a trial; so I changed the subject to: “Are you guys already to go?  Because I thought we could leave from the spot where Adam found Meen’s axe and pans.”


          “Sounds good,” said Nav.


          “Oh, I remembered something I needed to do.  I will catch up with you,” I said.  Adam pointed in the general direction where he found the items.  We all walked out of the Grand Hall and I saw that Stoick and Gobber wanted to go with them too.  I waved as they got on their dragons.  Stoick rode on Toothless with Hiccup, Gobber rode on Hat’s Nightmare, and Adam rode on Nav’s Nadder; which was probably for the best because Cullan and Pat are convinced in my option that Adam is to blame for everything that has happened lately.


          As they flew off, I got on Fredrick and flew to Repteil’s home.  Reptiel and Faith were going to be a part of my plan.  It is a small part, but it might turn out to be the most crucial part.


          When I was about halfway there, I saw Jack packing some things in a sack.  It looked like he was going to go on a trip somewhere.  I thought I would fly over and say, “Hi,” because I haven’t seen him in a while.


          I didn’t know how I was going to land because I haven’t taught any kind of signal or command to Fredrick yet.  So, I just pointed down to a spot near Jack and said, “Fredrick, land there.”  The next thing I knew, Fredrick was landing next to Jack.  I thought, “Wow, didn’t think that would work.”


          “Hi Jack,” I said and got off my dragon and held out my hand.


          “Hi Jarl,” Jack replied as he shook my hand.


          “I haven’t seen you for a while, what have you been up to?” I asked.


          “I have been undercover here in Berk,” Jack answered.


          “Really,” I said.   “Why?”


          “I wanted to help you on your case, so I started to track all the persons involved with this case,” Jack told me all of what he had been doing.  He followed Nora Asmolfr, Vemund Steinson, Adam Thorvald, and a few others who had been victims of the robberies.


          “I never thought to follow them, that was good thinking,” I congratulated Jack because since these vikings were involved in my case, it was a good idea of Jack to follow them.  He could find out their habits and if they were involved with anything suspicious.


          “I didn’t follow Nora as much.  She checks out.  All she did was keeping her garden harvested.  She has a big garden.  Each morning, she would take her crop to the marketplace to sell,” Jack continued.  “Vemund didn’t really do much.  Besides what he did at your place the other night, he hasn’t done much.  But,” Jack paused.


          “But what?  What was Adam up to?” I asked.


          “I kept losing Adam.  I don’t know if he knew I was following him and tried to lose me on purpose, or if he just did it because.  Also, I am sorry to say, since I have been following him especially from when he first arrived I would always sight of Adam before or after a robbery,” Jack said reluctantly.


          “What are you saying?” Jack just stared at me.  “Are you saying that Adam stole from all of Berk?”


          “What I am saying is that no one can seem to account for the whereabouts of Adam during a robbery,” said Jack.




Chapter 25


          “You can add something with the robbery, kidnapping,” I acknowledged.


          “Yeah I know,”


          “You do?” I asked very surprised.


          “Yeah, when I was following Steinson this morning, I ran into Hat, Pat, Cullan, and Nav on their way to their homes after they left your house.  They told me all of what transpired last night,” uttered Jack.  “This falls into the pattern of Adam’s disappearances because I lost him about the time before the kidnapped happened.  Hat knew because the moon was directly above him at the time of the kidnapping.  That is where the moon was when I lost Adam.  So it the kidnapping must have taken place quickly thereafter.  And the reason why Hattori and I knew it was the same time is because about five minutes after I lost Adam, the moon peaked out from the clouds for about ten minutes and then the clouds covered it up again.”


          “So why are packing now?” I asked.


          “I packing some supplies so I can come with you guys to rescue our friends from the kidnappers on Outcast Island,” voiced Jack.


          “If it is alright with you, I need you somewhere else,” I said as Jack had just finished packing his sack.


          “Why?  You have a plan?”


          “Yes, actually I do.”


          I told him his part of the plan.  He would be responsible for getting the Grapple Grounder to Outcast Island.   Repteil, Faith, and Jack would be the last straw if my main plan doesn’t work.  Because if something were to happen, I would have to hand over the Grapple Grounder for my friends; but I have a feeling that if do that, whoever the person is responsible for this will not let my friends go.  Basically tricking me into coming to trade the dragon for my friends, but in the end not letting any of us go.


          Since Outcast Island is a good three day sail from Berk, it could be more or less depending on the wind, this would give me time to see if I can rescue my friends or not before Repteil, Faith, and Jack would have to leave.  Outcast Island is only a few hours ride on a dragon from Berk.  I told Jack to leave tomorrow morning.  This would give me a couple of days to rescue my friends.


          “So I take Repteil, Faith, and Fire on a boat and sail it to Outcast Island.  We would shove off tomorrow morning.  If we see you before we meet the halfway point, we turn back but by hitching a ride back with you.  If we don’t see you, we assume your plan failed and come and give them the Grapple Grounder,” Jack recounted his part of my plan.  “Did I leave anything out?”


          “Nope, you got it,”


          After that I let Jack fly on to Repteil’s house while I would find Faith and tell her the plan.


          I remounted Fredrick, and retraced my path.  While doing so, I saw Faith by herself back behind her house reading a book.  I flew down to meet her.  I gave Fredrick my “landing” command.


          “Why son of a motherless yak, it worked again.”


          I got off Fredrick and walked up to greet Faith.  “Oh hi Jarl,” she said quickly closing her book when she saw me.


          “Hi Faith,”


          “So what’s new Jarl?”


          “I guess you haven’t heard,” I replied.  She answered, “Heard what?” so I told her the short version of the events that had taken place.


          “We need to go rescue them,”


          “I agree fully, but I have a plan where I need you somewhere else,”


          I told her my plan, “You got it?”


          “I think so,” she said.  “Thanks for letting me help even though I don’t know your other friends so much.”


          “Your welcome,”


          As I was walking from back behind Faith’s house, I saw a viking boy with a Hideous Zippleback coming towards me.


          “Are you Jarl?” he asked.


          “Yes I am,” I replied.


          “I overheard the commotion in the Great Hall a little bit ago, and was wondering if you wanted another rider for your rescue trip?”


          “Sure, you can come,” I said as I mounted my dragon.  “But why would you want to come with us?”


          “I fight for the good side,” he said.  “The reason I would like to come is because I don’t like to see someone's friends picked on or let someone think he can just come into Berk and do what he pleases.  Also, I thought you might need a dragon with a Zippleback’s abilities.”


          “Actually I do, but I didn’t want to the twins on this mission,” I told him.  “This mission is going to be about stealth.  I don’t think stealth is up the twin’s street, so you can come.”


          “Thanks,” he said.  “Oh by the way, my name is Explodantor.”


          “Nice to meet you,” I expressed.  “Can we talk in the air where I can put you in my plan?”


          “Sure,” Explodantor replied.


          As we flew in the direction that Adam had pointed to before, I talked with Explodantor.


          “Everybody just calls me Explod, it is more of a nickname, but I like it,” Explod said.


          “What I am curious about is how come you don’t need two riders for the two heads of a Hideous Zippleback?” I asked him.


          He replied, “Well the thing of it is, my dragon, Hazor and Sparko, are not hideous.  So they both work well together and follow my commands.”


          “That is why you don’t have to have two riders; you are able to signal both heads and they will respond.”


          “Yes,” Explod said.  He told me the two commands that use most often:  “Hazor, Sparko, EXPLODE!!” this makes his dragon create a huge explosion and “Hazor, GAS!” is Hazor’s signal to spread a mass of gas everywhere in sight!


          Since I saw my friends dragons, I ended our conversation for now.  I used my “landing” command for Fredrick, and he did it.  I have to tell you, it seems like he has done this before.  But Explod and I landed our dragons next to the rest of the dragons and we walked up to the group.  I saw they were hovering over someone.


          “What’s the matter?” I asked.  “Did someo… Meen!  How’d she get here?!”


          Navaro was holding Meen’s head up as she resounded to me, “Meen was able to escape the captors, but not without severe fight.”


          Meen then added, “Hi Jarl,” she coughed and I waved and knelt down beside her.  “I was able to catch a good glimpse of a man who was with the man in charge.  Guess who it is?”




          “Adam!” she replied.


          “Adam??” I said shocked.  “But how…,”


          “I told you Jarl,” said Hat.  “I know we didn’t have enough evidence to totally say it was him.  But now, we have two witnesses.  Meen told us a few minutes ago Adam even spoke and she can say it is diffidently Adam.”


          “I am okay now,” said Meen.  “Though I am very sore at the moment, I want to go with you to rescue our friends and possible get a crack at the man that took my friends.  Just so you know Adam acted like the second in command.”


          “And since Meen identified Adam as an accessory in the kidnapping, Stoick and Gobber took him back to Berk to lock him up,” said Cullan.


          I didn’t know how to react to these turn of events.  I do not disagree with what Meen or Hattori saw, I guess I did not want to believe the man that saved my life would do such a thing as kidnap someone; let only rob someone.  Do I try to defend Adam, or do I admit that he did it?  I was not ready to go one way or the other.  I am now grasping the fact that Adam is involved with the kidnappings in one way or another, but I needed to find more proof that something else is not going on that might be behind Adam’s actions.


          “Okay,” urged Cullan.  “Since we have no more interruptions, can we please leave now?”


          “Yes,” I agreed.  “Mount up!  Next stop, Outcast Island!”


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Awesome but are you putting

Awesome but are you putting me as bait? Continue the story. When is my dragon coming to the story?


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No.  You, Jack, and Repteil

No.  You, Jack, and Repteil will be part of the plan to set a trap for the mysterious man in charge.  When you three hand over the Grapple Grounder, your part of Jarl's plan to set a trap.  Your dragon will should be in the next chapter, but definently the one after that, so chapter 27.

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It's like you know me so well XD

It's like you know me so well Drums, -whispers- dont tell people about our conversation





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Haha, I won't.  Thanks for

Haha, I won't.  Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!