The Clue of the Missing Socks - Chapter 17

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The Clue of the Missing Socks


Chapter 17


          “Alright, I am on it,” Hat said as he flew away on Shadow Strike.


          I needed to go back to my house for the morning meal after Hat left, but wanted to stop by the house that was robbed last night.  When I arrived I found the owner of the house was just stepping out of his house.


          “Hello there, sir,” I greeted him.


          “What do you want?” the man said in an aggravated tone.


          “I just wanted to stop by and ask you a few questions,” I replied.  “I was the one that ran after the man you said to stop last night.”


          “Oh, I thank you for trying to stop that man,” the viking said.  “I was taken by surprise when the he came into my house with an odd looking dragon and just grabbed one of my best axes right off the wall.”


          “Wait,” I said startled.  “You saw the man and the dragon?!”


          “Yes.  Why?”


          “Well if you saw the man, would you be able to recognize him again if you saw him?”


          “I don’t know,” the man said.  “Maybe.”


          “Could you describe what the man and the dragon looked like?” I said anxious to find this out.


          “I couldn’t tell what the dragon look like.  Only that it was on the man’s left shoulder and had small yellow eyes,” said the viking as he sat down on a bench right outside his house.  “But the man, he was tall and thin.  I say he was young, not quite middle aged yet.  That is all I can remember at the moment.”


          “Thank you very much, this will help me out tremendously,” I said thanking the man.  “I would very much like to solve this mystery.  This is starting to hit close to home.  Oh could I have your name?”


          “Yes, it is Vemund Steinson,”


          I replied thank you and bid him good day.  About other five minutes or so I found myself at my house.  I went in to find that my family had just sat down at the table to eat breakfast.  I sat down at my seat and poured some water from a pitcher that was sitting on there.


          “Guess what I just found out?” I said as I reached for some bread.


          “What?” my mother said as she poured yak stew in our bowls.


          “I found out that the man that had his axe stolen the other night can actually tell what he looks like; and might be able to identify him.”


          “Wow, I was not expecting that,” Asvord said shocked.


          “Yeah, I know,” I continued.  “I also picked up the robber’s tracks.  I told Hat to tell the other teens to get their dragons and meet me back at the spot where I found the tracks.  The tracks lead into the forest towards the Cove.”


          “Ooo.  Do we get to go?” Elsa asked.


          “I would like you and Asvord to stay here keep an eye on things,” I replied.  “If anything happens, send Smoky with a message.”  Smoky was our gray Terrible Terror me and my sisters had trained together.


          Asvord asked me if such things like if there is another robbery.  I said yes.


          Asvord then answered back with a fake serious tone, “So if take an apple away from a worm, do you want me to send Smoky for that?”


          I made a face at Asvord.  “Okay enough of that,” my mother said.  “Peace talks may now commence with the three of you eating your soup.”


          We all chuckled and began eating.  After I was done, I told my mother I we had enough food for me to take it along with me for the trip.  Also I needed enough food for the others if they didn’t bring any food, because I didn’t specify to Hat for them to bring any food with them.  She said we did, so I gathered the food and put it into my backpack and set of for the meeting spot.


          When I had arrived Ashley Sorethon, Cullan Quinn, Thoreous Gloriosn, and Hattori Korozinu were there waiting for me.


          “Man, I heard what happened to you,” said Thoreous as we greeted one another.  “Are you okay?”


          “Yeah I am fine,” I replied.


          Just then all my other friends arrived, which included: Sapphire, Navaro, Meen, and Kesu Patro, as well as Adam.


          “Could I come along with you guys?” Adam asked.  “I got nothing better to do with my time.”


          “If you want to come,” I said.  “We won’t be able to track the footprints on our dragon, but I have a feeling that we will need them.”


          “How long will this trip take?” asked Nav.


          “Two or three days,” I replied.


          “That is not bad,” said Sapp.


          “No it isn’t,” agreed Cullan.  “Compared to what I have been doing, it is great.”


          Just then Tory Skyman landed and walked over to where we were meeting.  “Alright, let’s get going,” Tory said.  Cullan had the blankest look on his face I have ever seen.  He was sharpening his sword but stopped when he saw Tory.  Cullan had never before stopped to look at anything while sharpening his sword.  Cullan kept looking at her while she walked past me with her dragon.  Cullan saw that I was watching, so he said, “What are you looking at?”


          “Nothing,” I said as ran up to take the lead in following the tracks.


          We all chuckled as I lead the way into the forest.  The tracks were quite definite.


          After about ten minutes of walking without anyone saying a word, I spoke, “I found out from Vemund Steinson, the man who’s axe was stolen, can identify the robber.”


          “He can?” Adam said startled.


          “Yes,” yes I replied


          Ashley agreed, “That would be great if Steinson can recognize the culprit.  Did the Steinson say how he could recognize him?”


          “Basically just by build,” I responded.  I felt Adam give a slight sigh.  I continued with, “Also, Steinson caught a quick glimpse of the dragon with the extra claw.”


          “He did?” Adam asked, startled again.


          “Yeah,” I said hesitantly as I peaked at Adam as I was walking.  I continued with, “Steinson only saw that the dragon had yellow eyes, but the way he said he saw the dragon conveys that the dragon is small.”


          “Interesting,” said Meen


          “By the way guys, I don’t know if you backed any food for the trip, but I did and put it in my backpack here,” I said patting my pack.


          “That is good,” Adam said quickly as if trying to change the subject.


          Hat added, “Also, Hiccup wanted to let you know that we could spend some time hunting for some of the wild pigs that roam the island.  Berk will need a supply of meat for the winter months that are coming up.”


          “Okay,” I said.  “If we can get a rough direction of where the robber is going, we will stop and hunt some.”


          Cullan was bringing up the rear so I wanted to ask him if he saw anything.  “Hey Cullan,” I called out turning around to walk backwards.  “Have you seen anything out of the ordinary?”  There was no answer.  I stopped to repeat my question.  Cullan answered with, “Uhh,.. no I haven’t.”  I had a feeling what he was doing because Tory was right in front of him.


          As we pressed on, we came to a clearing that had a small stream.  I noticed the tracks led straight into the stream.


          “Looks as if the culprit is trying to give us the slip,” Ashley said.


          “I agree,” said Hat.


          There was a brief thoughtful moment before Pat said, “Maybe we should split up and go in every direction and see if we can pick up the trail again?”


          “I was just thinking the same thing,” I said.  I thought for a split second, “Ashley, Hattori, and I will continue to go north; while Sapphie, Meen, Navaro, and Thoreous go west downstream; and Cullan, Tory, Pat, and Adam east upstream.  Sound good?”  Everyone agreed.  “You’ll have to either walk or glide slowly because you will need to be able to spot any small detail that looks at of place,” I finished.


          The direction that Hat, Ashley, and I took led right next to the Cove.  After we had search in this direction for ten minutes, I heard some small rocks fall of the edge and slid down the side of the rock wall around the Cove.


          “Hat?” I whispered to him as I continued to walk forward.


          “We are being followed by someone,” Hat replied.


          “What?” Ashley said.


          “Shh,” whispered Hat.  “I saw a bright glare up there as I was looking around.”


          “You two fly ahead while I try and draw him out,” I said.


          “Wait,” Ashley said.  “I hear something.”  We paused.  It was the sound of dragon wings flying away.


          “Quick let’s see where he’s off too,” I ordered.


          I jumped on Shadow Strike with Hat as Ashley jumped on her dragon, Megan.  We flew after the person on the dragon.  Just then we heard a Gronckle blast.  This made the dragon disappear over the horizon.  He had to big a lead on us for us to catch him.


          “Do you see what I see?” Hattori said, stunned.


          “Is that a…,” Ashley said.  But I finished her sentence with, “That is a Whispering Death that person is riding on.”



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Good story writing. Am I in your next chapter?


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Yes you are.  So is

Yes you are.  So is Repteil.


Thanks for reading!

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Thats awesome! Its getting interesting by each chapter :) I cant wait to see more!

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You are so good. And haha very funny with putting " So is Repteil" why did you put that anyway. I wasn't even in this chapter but keep up the good work


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I was saying that you two

I was saying that you two will be in my next chapter, chapter 18.

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This is great writing i can not wait to see more of it. Hatt is right it is getting better.



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Awesome!! Can't wait for next chapter!


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Your story is amazing!!! I have read all the chapters and I love the plot. Keep up the great work,cant wait to read the next chapter! :)



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Wow, this is awesome! :D

Wow, its like watching a reading a School of Dragons detective story comic without a picture, this story is wonderful I love it. Youre a great story maker, Great Job! ^_^





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