The Clue of the Missing Socks - Chapter 11

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Just so you know I took a week off from writing my book so I could think of some ideas for the rest of the book.  But anyway here is the eleventh chapter of my book.



The Clue of the Missing Socks



Chapter 11


          “I am so relieved to have finally found you,” said a voice that belonged to Hiccup.  “I see you are all right.  You must have been on your way home when that storm hit last night.”


          “You hit Outcast right on the head, Hiccup.”


          Hiccup laughed.  “It is great to find you in good spirits, after what you must have gone through.”


          As Hiccup and I were talking, Adam was just standing still on the deck.


          “What is the matter Adam?” I asked him.


          “It is just I never thought I would see a dragon on a viking.. uh I mean.. a viking on a dragon.  Wow!”


          “Pretty awesome, huh,” I said as Adam nodded.  “Oh, Hiccup, this is Adam Thorvald.  Adam, this is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the third.”


          Adam shivered as if to bring his mind back from the clouds to present times.  “Nice to meet you, Hiccup.  And thank you for helping us out with the mast.”


          “Your welcome.  And I am glad to meet you,” Hiccup replied.


          “So, how are we going to get back to Berk?” questioned Adam.  “By the way, how far are we from Berk?  We cannot get very far with only four oars.”


          “Not far.  We are close to Dragon Island,” said Hiccup.


          “I do not know where that is but as long as we are near Berk,” Adam answered.


          “Yeah, I do not think the three of us can row this ship to Berk,” I said.


          “But this still leaves the main problem.  ‘How’ to get back to Berk,” responded.


          “That is simple.  We can ride Toothless back to Berk.  And don’t worry, it is perfectly safe,” Hiccup assured Adam.


          “What about Pebbles?” I said


          “Oh, I can put him in the carrying bag.  Well it is half box, half bag.”


          “Who is Pebbles?” Hiccup asked quizzically


          Just then Pebbles came out from under a tarp.  Toothless had been acting like he knew there was something that was strange to him on board.  He had been nudging Hiccup for the past couple of minutes.


          Surprisingly enough neither one of them acted hostile.  Toothless looked like he was puzzled about Pebbles.  Pebbles acted the same way toward Toothless.  Adam then said that Pebbles had seen a few dragons in his day but never a Night Fury.


          Hiccup said he had heard about cats from Trader Johann.  Hiccup has never heard of a cat that could survive this far north.


          “When we get to Berk, I can send someone to come back for this ship,” said Hiccup.  “Do you have an anchor to keep the ship from drifting?”


          Adam replied with a yes as he went over to lower it.  He told me where the bag for Pebbles was.  I got it and put Pebbles in it.  By this time Adam and I were ready for the trip back to Berk.  Toothless did not mind the extra weight on his back as if he knew he was helping friends of Hiccup’s.  Hiccup got on followed by me then Adam.


          It wasn’t very long before I could see Berk on the horizon.


          “There is Berk!” I exclaimed as we flew over the docks.  We also heard some cheering below us.  I waved.


          By the time we had gotten near Hiccup’s House, I guess the word got around that I had been found because there were a lot of people down in the square in front of Hiccup’s house.  I looked for my mother and sisters in the crowd.  When we landed I saw my family.


          “Mom!  Asvord!  Elsa!” I said as I ran to meet them.


          “Oh I am so glad you are safe and okay!” my mother replied as she and my sisters hugged me.


          “We are glad too!” Asvord and Elsa agreed.


          Asvord and Elsa had let go of me, but my mother kept hugging me.


          “Uh, Mom.  You can let go now.”


          “Oh, okay.  I just… We were so worried about you.”


          Adam was standing behind me, so I wanted to introduce him to my family and friends.


          “Mom, Asvord, Elsa, everyone, this is Adam Thorvald.  This is the man that saved my life!”


          Everyone erupted with short cheers for him.  My Mom grabbed him, hugged him, and said, “Thank you very much!”  She didn’t hold on to him as long as she did me.


          “Alright.  What is all this commotion about?” demanded Stoick as he tried to make his way through the crowd.


          “Dad,” said Hiccup, “This is the man that saved Jarl’s life.  This is Adam Thorvald.  I found the two of them on Adam’s ship a few hours ago.”


          “Well, I am glad you were there to save him,” thanked Stoick.


          “You’re welcome,” Adam said.


          “Alright, we see that Jarl has been found, what do you all want to do about it?” asked a voice from the crowd which belonged to Gobber.


          “Let’s have a celebration feast in the Great Hall tonight!” ordered Stoick.


          Everyone cheered.


          “Well, the feast isn’t going to make itself.  We will need volunteers to get it organized.  Gobber how about you…” Stoick said as he walked away towards the Great hall.  Because Stoick ordered there to be a feast the crowd dispersed to gathering things together for the feast.


          As the whole crowd started to prepare things, I noticed all of the Dragon Academy riders were their too.


          “What is that?” Tuffnut said.


          “That would be a cat,” said Adam.


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