Club penguin island hype!!!

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Hey Guys! I have been playing club penguin all my life. and now they are shutting it down. They are releasing a new game called club penguin island, for mobile devices. It is basically going to be school of dragons with club penguin! Just wondering if anyone will talk with me about this...




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Aghhhh, I loved that game! My

Aghhhh, I loved that game! My siblings and I would play that nonstop! My older brother would get on the phone with his friend and talk to each other while they played together. ;D


One of my favorite things was the Penguin karate. Fishing was also a favorite. Ooh, and those little puffy creatures were so cute! I can't think of their name, but I remember begging my mom for a membership just to get a specific colroed one. I also loved deisigning your own home, that was pretty neat. My main activity on there was the pizza game where you try to make as many pizzas with the right toppings on them.


I might actaully look into this new Club Penguin thing. It's been years since I've played Club Penguin. I think it would be real cool to bring it back with a new, hopefully better version. :)


Anyways, what were you wanting to talk about?






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They were called puffles...

And i just wanted a friend who i can share my club penguin adventures with. I can link you to the website for the info and pre registration. pre registration closes mid febuary, so act quick!

Link >

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I remember Club Penguin! I never played though, even though I wanted to. It used to be advertiesd ALL OVER disney channel. I thought it had shut down a while ago, I haven't heard about it in a while.




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Ahhhhh! Flying pigs!

What?! I love club penguin, and how safe it is to play on. I will only agree with it if they let me, my brother, and my sister, keep our puffles. (I love my puffle I named spock!) And if they make it just as good or better than the original. And I really want to keep my set of snow armour. 


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Oh my god, I haven't played

Oh my god, I haven't played club penguin in ages! XD I never got into it much but now that it's coming to mobile I am 100% signing up. I always thought it'd be a good mobile game... Let's hope it's as good as the original!