choosing is hard

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 i need help choosing, i have 556 gems and i was thinking of buying a wispering death egg or dragon rider gear, please help me choose.


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i would go for the egg...

i would go for the egg... still it is your choice thouch




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Well, buying a new dragon is always fun. But the cons to that are:


  • You'll eventually get it a saddle, can be expensive
  • Growing it takes long, lots of quests, time consuming
  • You'll have to catch twice the amount of fish to feed it, keep it happy

But with the rider gear, your current dragon will be faster and better at Thunder Run races. Plus it will make your beloved first dragon be cooler, and you'll have a better, nostalgic bond to it. 


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Leveling can be easy

Leveling doesn't have to be so rough. Chopping trees can make it very fast, plus he doesn't need any energy to gain xp while chopping.


If you are into racing, go with the clothes.


If you don't care for your current dragon, or don't care for the speed/agility buffs - go with the Whispering Death. 


What is/are your current dragon(s)?

I didn't read the signature. A skrill is already so fast, the dragon clothes won't have much of an effect. Raising a new dragon can be fun, however.



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I would get the gear. If you

I would get the gear. If you had two dragons, your general feelings for both if them would be weaker versus you staying with one dragon. Also, it would take twice as much care to feed them and play with them (which is a biggie for me, because I hate fishing). But it's really up to you. 


Another suggestion is that you save up enough for both...? 



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Egg :)

its your choice


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