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You can now get the Chimeragon In the store!! So yay!! But, is it worth the 900 gems for an egg/ the gems for the adult bundle? What is its DT moves (e.g. my character has a close range attack, medium range attack, heal and defend), what is its shot limit and how much damage can be done with each shot (e.g. a Dramillion has 15 shot limit and 17 damage with a quick reload)? Can it shoot downwards (random question, but it looks cool if I'm diving and my dragon shoots down)? What is it like in racing(is it good at turning or is it a dragon that is really fast, but no real turn response or is it somewhere in the middle)?

Wow, that's a lot of questions. I hope you can make sense of them!


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In DT: Simply amazing. Little space to take steps but great variety of movements. Great animations and has long, medium and short ranges all at once.
In Speed: It's extremely slow. I don't recommend it.
Shooting Speed: Very slow and it's VERY hard to make him shoot down at ships, but it's not impossible.

Fun Fact: It has the bug of decreasing happiness by itself if you leave the game, like R.I.P.

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My Dramillion started parting as I told him he won't get replace

Thanks. Maybe I'll just stick to the dragons I've got. Until the Seastormer comes out (maybe).

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My dramillion tutted at me as I realised I had posted a double

Double Post

But seriously, I'll save my gems and not buy it

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It's happiness proabably decreases when you leave becuase it dosen't want yo to go. Like a dog.



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While you're talking about

While you're talking about the Chimeragon, is no one gonna mention how it's spiky head mane thing blocks all vision when riding it? I know it's a kinda random comment, but am I the only one who finds it kinda awkward?


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I find that awkward and

I find that awkward and annoying too. I wish they hadn't given it the Bewilderbeast frill.


Transform and take flight fellow Night Furies.

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I find that awkward and

I find that awkward and annoying too. I wish they hadn't given it the Bewilderbeast frill.

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*nyooms from hyperspace*

Well then


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You can look at some of the stats (e.g. Attackpower, firepower, and speed.) in the store

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My dramillion pointed out something completely random

I could, but to me there just random numbers and I'm more looking for people's experience with this dragon and dragon Tactic scores, because the stats doesn't tell you that, and just how people feel about the dragon in general.

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I can't answer any of your questions because I don't have one but I wanted to post and say: Yay!!!!!!!! I've been looking forward to it being released in the store. It'll be a while before I hatch one but I'm excited it's in the store and I can't wait to hatch one in the future.


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Wait there are seastormers.oh they are just chimeragons

Yaaay *Furiously claps*. Now I cant wat for seastormers, and neither can Mercury(look in my siggy to know who Mecury is).

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Remember the Wells

For Chimeragon, it's a good DT player, with the move stat of a human player.

Firstly it's health is 3350 at max level.

Its second attack is 3.5x Firepower cone attack to attack three people in front of it. It also slows...but you're close range to use it so...

It's third attack is 5x Firepower, long range lightning attack.

Both moves need 6 turns to recharge. Considering though you're attacking with 1698/2425 at level 50 they're basically a tank.

A tank with a base move that does 4x Firepower attack at long range. (Almost 1K damage/970 at level 50)


For flying around, it's also a tank. Slow to start and easy gliding, but no sense of racing there. A massive "Neener neener" moment if you manage to win with it though.


Forgot to add in, they do 35 damage per shot in the overworld, but you need to keep its head down and aim true instead of like others where as long as you can fiddle with the up down arrows enough because there's no way you're going to beat Seastormers now in ship battles other than camping at the recharge station.


In all, the Chimeragon is a tank for DT levels, not that good of a racer, and it's an event dragon that many a people have been chomping at the bit to get again since that whole exchange glitch, and didn't get to it fast enough.


Bambino - Lvl 50

(Yes, I'm not joking.)

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Subject? What‘s a subject?

I don't recommend buying it. 


I was lucky and got the dragon during the event, but I never really use it. 
Since the stats aren't that good (for me) I just use my Chimeragon as an..."accessory" looks absolutely amazing and it's kinda satisfying to fly around with it, but for me, that's the dragon's only purpose... xD

Also I'm too lazy to max lvl my dragons...

So I don't think it's worth spending 1000 gems on...


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I agree they are more of an accessory but they are still amazing! Also AWESOME art in your signature of the nameless dragon and coral the slitherwing you are so talented!!!!


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