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I have not recieved a chicken that I paid for. My son also paid for one. I have clicked on corral and still no chicken. I looked in back pack and nothing. We play threw facebook.

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Click the pen

Have you tried clicking the chicken pen? An icon should appear and if you click it the chicken should be in the pen.



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PM one of the admins. They can help.


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Chicken Pen

Your fellow Viking is right. You will need to first purchase a chicken pen from the store, and place it in your farm in Build mode. Then, exit Build mode, and click onto the chicken pen to place your chicken in there.

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No chicken there

I have a pen and I clicked it. The shopping cart comes up and no chicken. I have a sheep and tried to do the same with the chicken. My son done the same on his, and we feel cheated. Our 600 coins are gone and no chicken. I have done everything right, I'm sure of it. That's the reason I made an account to find out what's wrong.

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Okay finially I have got my

Okay finially I have got my chicken. For anyone that doesn't know, you have to have chicken pen to click and get the chicken. I was clicking on the corral. So don't buy the chicken before the pen.