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Sometimes I press the the "send" chat button but nothing's happened , if that is a filter function , sometimes it won't work even i typed "hello" 


Another Problem is , The others can saw my character , but I can't saw them , please help




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Ye I used to have that

Ye I used to have that problem, basically the for the chat issue: go on account (in the top right hand corner of the screen) and then manage account, then it says 'safe type chat' - mine was on disabled (meaning I can't chat) so if yours is like that set it to enabled at press the 'update now' button :) 

And for not being able to see each other, there are so many people using this online game that they have to but people into different servers, so just keep reloading until you can see your friends (don't worry happens to me all the time :) ) 


hope pe this helped :)


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Hmm, I've had an issue like

Hmm, I've had an issue like this too.  Whenever I try to chat, it never seems to show that I say anything.  I'm guessing that its supposed to show up in the chat box, and maybe in a little bubble around your head.  I've seen that for other players who were talking nearby, anyway.  I've tried making my safe chat / filtering option both enabled and disabled and the result is the same either way.  Guess I'll just be a strong, silent type.


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