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when i type in the chat 'hey' it says in red writing something like "headmaster is warning you not to use this word **** again' i dont get it, im also not allowed to say 'drag' as in I was asking if my friends fishing pole had the drag button, but it wouldnt let me.


Also when is the design of the SoD landscape going to change? I honestly cant remeber a time where it wasnt snowing :/


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I cant remember the last time

I cant remember the last time I used in game chat, cuz it's always quite now a days. and yes, I'm kinda missing the grassy landscape :/

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Too cold! XD

Too cold! XD









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 its  kinda strange because


its  kinda strange because the past, oh, idk, 5 to 7 times I was on sod there was NOBODY on chat the ENTIRE TIME I WAS THERE (an hour each time)!!!! and my chat was working absolutely fine the entire time... its so WEIRD!

oh and about censoring  words, a few rimes I went on and it wouldn't let me say the word "hard". what?



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Banned words

I couldn't type "waddle" to describe how a Thunderdrum walks, I couldn't say, "Thornado", and I couldn't type my dragon's name, "Icarus".  I know there have been a lot more but those are the ones I recall at the moment.


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I honestly don't use the chat much since I mostly in Offline Mode. Playing in Online Mode tends to bog down my computer to the point it nearly freezes before I manage to change it back.


That being said, in regards to the snow, I like it. It's a lot more authentic if you asked me.


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I like the snow too.  Here in Colorado (USA) it is often snowy through May, so I don't mind if it sticks around in SoD for a while longer!

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The chat really needs to be

The chat really needs to be worked on.  Even "walrus" is blocked.  That I just don't get.  You can't say many player names, which is kind of ridiculous because they appear in game anyways. 

Half the time I will be trying to say something only to have the whole thing blocked, particuarly when  I used the word "one" without thinking about it.

I'm not surprised the chat is so quiet, it has become a hassle.


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And yet...

No matter how many things are censored, there are always people who find a way around it. Exibit A: "I'm going to sKILL you!" One player shouts at another. "Kill" is censored, but "skill" isn't, and there's no rule about which letters are capitalized... kind of unfortunate :(


I think it would be more effective to have a "report" button that a player can press in the chatbox itself (instead of having to track the actual player down, because they could be anywhere in the game). It would make reporting inappropriate chats much easier.


Also, I think one of the main issues with the chatbox is that only certain words are allowed, instead of the opposite, where only certain words are blocked. It means that there's a list of words you can use instead of a list of words you can't use. The safe words list doesn't seem very extensive, meaning that chat vocabulary is extremely limited.


Also, there should be a way to share friend codes on chat without having to talk around the letter and number censors. That would be sooo helpful.


Sorry, chat rant over :)


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if there was a like button

if there was a like button I would like your post and then I would share it


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I think all of you will find

I think all of you will find this topic very useful, I know I have!  [link]

edit - not quite what we thought it was, sorry ):

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Chat Guidelines

For more information about the chat guidelines, click here.

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hey, ill take the

hey, ill take the warning!


remember the time when it had no warning??

especally with the chat bugs, no warning = pointless chat ban wayyy faster

I mean you cant even say "boulder" class... -___-


Im happy though, no more loading for hours!!!

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I think the censored words are a dictionary! You cant say many words... And really need remake the portuguese version, many words like "Banguela" (Toothless) is blocked, I just said Toothless in portuguese and I was warning :(



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​ eu estou quase fazendo

​ eu estou quase fazendo isso 

eu fui bloqueada po 4 horas atoa como-ugh,kkk(mais com cinco k ele aceito)e por erros do teclado!tem que ser revisto essa lista de palavras!

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vê as regras -.- 

vê as regras -.- 

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eu vi 

eu vi