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Hello, I'm kind of new in the forum and I have an issue.I've joined this wonderful community since Halloween and I have a Zippleback dragon.After I got used and learned more about the game I found out that Zipplebacks need to have 2 names and that makes me feel uncomfortable.Is there a way to change it or can you please do it for me?If you could that would be lovely.

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No, sorry. A dragon and it's name is for life, you cannot change it.

Hope that helped :D

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I agree

I agree that you shouldn't change the name but under your circumstance I would surport your idea I change your dragon's name but in other circumstances, I would advice not to change your dragon's name because you've chosen that particular name and it shouldn't be changed inless you accidentally typed the name wrongly or like you, forgot to add a second name but in others, I think that you shouldn't change your dragon's name. 

Hope it helped you:)


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