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Forgive me if someone has already brought this up, I couldn't find any mentions of a Changewing glitch so I decided to post about it myself. I think this glitch has been around for awhile but I haven't seen many people talk about it? Anyway, I hatched a Changewing a few weeks ago and he's currently a teen, but I've noticed every time he jumps the jumping animation glitches. It seems like it resets itself to the first few seconds of jumping through the whole leap, and it doesn't disrupt flying or walking whatsoever but it definitely is jarring and makes jumping odd. My sister has an adult Changewing who does the same thing so I think this is a common occurence among those with Changewings? I think this may just be a coding or animation glitch but just wanted to report it to get it out there, thank you for reading!





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EchoCharlieDeltaBlue, my Snaptrapper, ate my subject!

I think the Thunderdrum might have the same glitch with the Changewing, where the jumping animations twitches a little bit, just to let you know.



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