change of the user's name

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This is my first post of this forum.I'm not fan of Httyd (i hate 3 part), but this is game.


My question to change user name.I quit this game (i had skrill, and other important dragons, which even not used), member and high lv.Now i'm back.the account is called "TechnoUnicorn"




I hate unicorns.


sorry,if someone likes them.


can be changed account name? (Not viking name, account).


I used a translator, sorry for my my country I do not like this fandom.maybe it is not as 2014 year, but I can doubt.


support change name after contacting?



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If your talking about the

If your talking about the name that you use to log in to the account, the user name, then you can change that logging in to this website, you use the same user name and pasword that you use to log into SoD, then you got to Account-Manage Account you will then have to type in your password again to access it then you can scroll down to Account Details where you can edit your user name after words be sure to click update or it won't save.






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The only way to change your forum username that I know of is to make a different account. Your ingame vikings names can be changed by paying gems but I don't think your forum username can. You could try PMing the admins to see if that works (like Brynjolf) but I don't have any idea if that will work or not.



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