The Cave Raider (Adoptables!)

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Wow, how did i not notice these dragons earlier? O_O

Anyway, i think i'm gonna go for a full set! DNR, cause i'm gonna have to finish this a bit later.





Lumina the Dragon Trainer

Dragon name:



Ms. Glowstick (she did NOT agree to this!)

Why do you want a Cave Raider?:

Because i think they look really cool, and i really want to adopt one. 

Base colour:

Dark Purple

Spine colour:

Cyan Blue

Wing tip colour:

Ultraviolet Blue

A short bio for your dragon:

Aryna and Sandslash had been sent to investergate the strange dissapearences of food and other materials from the school expansion on Icestorm Island. They landed on the ground that was covered with ice and hardened snow with a thud, and Sandslash had to claw the ground so that she wouldn't slip on the ice. "So, here we are again. Icestorm Island. I know you hate cold weather, but c'mon! This is something Hiccup wanted us, out of ALL the students, to take care of! I mean, what an honour! Even Astrid said that we are the perfect team for this!". Sandslash could care less about that, she was a Desert Wraith and hated the freezing cold climate of the island. "Alright, let's go investergate" she said to the freezing dragon. Sandslash just huffed at her, making two swirling clouds come from her nose. They started by looking at the storage building, which was a complete catastrophe from the inside. A lot of burn marks and clawings were covering the walls and the floor. At least they knew that this was no Groncicle or Speed Stinger. When they couldn't find any more clues they went outside, looking for footprints. "Hmm, that's odd. No footprints... Maybe it could have been a Timberjack or - wait, Sandslash what's wrong?". Sandslash was growling at a random direction, and a small glimpse of what seemed like a dark purple shape swooshed behind the rocks. "After it! It might be the their we're looking for!". She hopped on Sandslash's back, and they took off into the air. They followed the footprints on the ground until they reached a cave. They went inside, and after a small while of searching Sandslash found the dragon they were looking for. She called out for Aryna, who came running there. "Good job, you found the little troublemaker. Now let's see what kind of dragon it is". She started approaching it, trying to get a good look at it. It was dark purple with glowing radiant spines and wing tips. It started growling at her, charging it's fire. "No, no, it's okay. I'm not here to hurt ya". It still wasn't completely trusting, and kept it's blue fire charged up just in case. Aryna studied it's body, and saw that it was looking quite slim in shape. You could see it's ribcage through it's skin. "Hey, you hungry? Here, have some of this". She head out some Dragon Nip she always carried with her, and the dragon certainly seemed interested. "Come on, it's alright. You can have it". The dragon approaches her carefully, looking at the open hand with food in it. "Yes, good, keep on going" she encouraged the dragon. By that point it was right in front of her. It was quite big compared to her. It streched out it's head, and snached the Dragon Nip from her hand, munching on it happily. "Yes! Now, there's one more thing left to do". She head out her hand towards the dragon. It first seemed confused, but then it realized it and touched it with it's snout. She smiled. "Don't worry, I'll take good care of you. I think I'll name you Viola". The dragon perked up at the name, and seemed to like it. "Good. Now, let's go! Hiccup needs to know about the good news!".


I'd like an Adoptable Set please :3




Oh dear, I haven't touched this in weeks...

Well, consider a picture of Silhouette tripping Gruffnut as an offering for not working on this sig

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Username: Archery and

Username: Archery and Dragons

Dragon Name: Nightrider

Nickname: Ni

Why I want a Cave Raider: They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and i would be honored if i got one!

Base Color: This one please

Spine Color: This but really bright

Wing Tip Color: Forest Green

Short Bio:

  I met Nightrider on Halloween night, in a sandy cavern. She was just an egg, small and cold, seemingly abandoned. I picked her egg up, got on Wavestorm (my Sand Wraith) snd started to fly off. A gust of wind forced Wavestorm of course, and we landed on an island. A tall, chocolate-haired teen boy walked up to me, and said, "I'm Hiccup, and welcome to the School of Dragons! I see you already have your egg, so let's go to the Hatchery!"

Other: Its an Adoptable Set!





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