Cartoony Art Requests!

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Hey look, it's me again! Please wait before replying!


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This adorable duo was made by Duskfury <3


Pixels by Chameishida, banner by EmeraldHuntress65


Australian || Bookworm || Egg


Clan banner by yonxxe


About Me:

This part will probably grow over time, and is always under construction.


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You'll usually find me battling or racing.

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SO. New school year. Stuck with 2 new overly chatty teachers. fUn.

I'm bored. And itching to draw. So send me your characters. Am doing this for fun and for practise. And as I said, they will be cartoony. If you'd like me to do a specific cartoon style of a franchise, lemme know and I'll try my best.


 A few things:

-Humans only please.

-Please don't ask for a headshot or halfbody, I'll do one depending on what I feel like. ^^;

-Put the word 'Eggplant' into a sentance for your subject.

-On the unlikely occasion I do get a lot of schoolwork, please be patient. I shall try my best to finish as soon as I can c:

-Nothing too complex. These are meant to be simple and fun.

-These will all be drawn traditionally. No background. But they will be fully coloured.

-Trades are optional.

-I'll most probably be experimenting with different styles, so you might get something completely different to the person above you.

-Because I will be using texters for colouring, it'll be unlikely that I will be able to change anything. So to avoid me stuffing up, please make sure your descriptions and reference are accurate and detailed.



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Will just be doing 3 slots for now. Will probably reopen depending on request amount.

No form, just gimme a reference, eye, skin and hair colour. If you want to put in something about your character, go ahead.



1. ShiningLila

2. Fireninja (Love your subject by the way XD)

3. raahimj

4. Car







Waiting/Spot Saved





Spots are open! Let the chaos begin.

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Flighty why do you have an eggplant with you?

mind doing this child? (note I want her hero outfit to be black and white like her second image)

Lizzie by NightFury125

Lizzie 2 by NightFury125



in case unnoticeable

eye color: greenish lime 

Skin: peach

Hair: Auburn brown



"In order for me to be free from my trauma I must learn to move on from my past,

weather fighting Lucas Thomas or The Dragon symbiote they are there to hurt me not let me see the good person I truely am....

I must set myself a path, one where I can feel peace and a new sense of myself so moving on will help here and let me be a new person moving towards a bright future........"

- Elizabeth "Lizzie" Parker/LightCamouflage after realizing she must move forward on a new path

A collection of the cutest Pikachu GIFs to make your day better - Polygon

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Maybe she just likes them.

Hi! Here you go, in link form because I'm lazy. Hope you like!

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She looks chibified :3

Oh my gosh my child Lizzie is so cute thank you so much! :3

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Life is a bowl of soup and i am a fork

So you're starting an art thread, huh? Well I'm not missing this. I can and will track. So. Uh. Trackinnnngggg?


Here's a longer more detailed version of my signature. If you're interested, you can look through it which you will undoubtedly cringe through. Happy Cringefest.

Discord Tag: deadinside#7483

I haven't been on here for quite a while, hopefully I'll get the chance to do so when I'm less busy, so Discord is the best chance you have in the extremely unlikely case you wish to speak to me. 

Here's some art, if you would like to view it. Thanks to all the amazing artists who drew these for me, mainly because I'm as artistically talented as a dead slug. Also idk what it looks like anymore, and how gushy i got trying to thank the artists or something so be prepared to cringe your faces off.

I will respond to PMs. I like doing that. But I simply prefer Discord because it takes what- two seconds to send a message? And there's no CAPTCHA. CAPCHA is my mortal enemy. I wish its creator nothing but pain and misery and suffering.

And a small thanks to all the people I have befriended on here. You guys are nothing less than absolutely awesome and have always made my day a teeny bit better. Except you, Liky. You suck. Uwu.

Thanks VicZarSky for creating my favourite night lights. (I never quite liked Dart).



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No wonder I've never liked soup

Look who it is.

Just wanted to reply to your subject. xD

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Life is still a bowl of soup and i still am a fork

You should've known me well enough to know I'm tracking every single art thread you do- because I looovvvee reading cringey stuff you say and telling you repeatedly how cringey you can be. ^^ XD

Judging by how I wasted 2.5 hours of my day trying to show you how to insert GIFs in posts- that was a complete waste of time. I hope you're happy.

Nah I never liked soup myself. It's slimy.

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2.5 hours? Sure lol

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well yeah i kinda exaggerated

Pff you think it's possible teaching a distracted human being like you stuff in under 3 hours? And what about that little 'x and y axis' problem I helped you with- huh? Like on an online test? Remember that?

(Please tell me you know which letter goes where by now)


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,,Hazádnak rendületlenül légy híve ó EGGPLANT;" Vörösmarty Szóza

Could you save me a spot?





Here's Lloyd:

Eye colour: green

Skin colour: yellow

Hair colour: blond



Welcome to my Siggy!





I accept art requests! PM me if you want one!


About me(In game):


Name: szonjatheheroTheHelpful

Level: 50

Main dragons: Jay the titan Stormcutter, Harumi the titan Rumblehorn and Harumi the titan M. Nightmare

Clan: Isle of Gazoo

UDT points: 100 000+

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About meeeeee(Real life):


Name: Fire

Age: Between 10 and 20

Country: Hungary

Games i play whit: SoD, Rise of Berk, Dragons: Titan Uprising, Jurassic Word: Alive, Wildcraft, Stardew valley

Fav colours: Red, blue and green

Fav films: Avatar, HTTYD trilogy

Fav series: Ninjago,A mi kis falunk(Hungarian comedy series),

Dragons: The Nine Realms, Game of Thrones


Szonja and Lloyd drawed by the amazing NewFlight! Thanks!




I can be found on DeviantArt!

My QnA here!

Profile pic by Toothy! Thanks!

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I did some research on the character, and I thought this was a suitable expression. Hope you like ^^

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,,Hazádnak rendületlenül légy híve ó magyar;" Vörösmarty Szózat

Really cute! Thank you!

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Eggplants are my fav veggie

Can you save me a spot while I grab a picture?


So... yeah- XD 
I'm back on the Forums agains


pfp by my friend Ravioli



i'll do my siggy later XD

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I can't find my ref sheet so

I can't find my ref sheet so feel free to skip me :)

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Mr eggplant is the king

Can you draw this?
Thank you!




lets begin

who am i : i made up a name arjay for my viking so you can call me that

even raahimj is fine

gender: male

fav dragon: furies, monstrous nightmare

hobbies: listening to music, watching movies 

fav movies: all 4 avengers, star wars and in general marvel movies

fav avenger : iron man, thor, doctor strange

fav star wars character:darthe vader, anakin skywalker, chewbacca, luke skywalker, obi wan kenobi, padme

my fav songs:cooped up(post malone, roddy rich) , it aint me(selena gomez, kygo) , and manyyy more

fav books: diary of a wimpy kid series

instagram: _train.your.dragon_

age: teen


my dragons:

shock and wave the adult seastormer

plasma the adult chimeragon

ruffrunner the adult nighlight

pouncer the adult nightlight

thunderwing the sand wraith

glacier the woolly howl

scorpio the deathgripper

tornado stryke the triple stryke

stormjumper the stormcutter

thunder the deathsong

spikeback the deadly nadder

stormlight the skrill

sharpshot the razorwhip

fire storm the dramillion

firewing the monstrous nightmare

blazewing the monstrous nightmare

inferno the singetail 

sound wave the thunderdrum

loid the thunderdrum

rocktail the gronckle

hobble the hobgobbler

silent blaster the whisperingdeath

still stone the elder sentinel

downpour the scuttleclaw

lava wing the eruptodon

rock wing the eruptodon

frostwing the groncicle

sheildwing the armorwing

slimeball the flamewhipper


art by others


slitherwing stormcutter hybrid by the extremely talented just_visiting


night fury with skrill skin by the amazing chameishida


my seastormer and chimeragon done by the amazing blue kitsune!


my blue diamond diamondhem also done by chameishida

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Oh dear! Almost forgot my EGGPLANT

Tracking!!! ^^

EDIT: I see there is a waiting list- if you are taking the waiting requests, I would love to save a spot!

Here is my character, Car:




Hello! I'm Carolinalina, but you can call me Car. 


I started playing SOD back in August of 2014 and have since been on and off the game.

  I'm definitely not obsessed with Stormcutters...


Main Character/ Dragon:
(Click here to read our story)



Art Appreciation: 

Credits are at the end of my siggy!~ 

 Car:                    Cassian:              Other:                 Screenies:                


Other Banner(s): 




My Character:, Angel Nerd, Frugal, StarZipSky, ANIC101, and Andrea Easton!


Cassian: Scalecakes, me(3), IceeGlacier, XxSilver.NightxX, dragon34611, @sukiart._(2), ZestyDragonWing, Izzydrawsdragons, Frugal, Tigerli1y, Iamthesenate, AMAZIEing, Kasanelover, SilverNight, and VicZarSky!


Other: Tigerli1y, Blue Kitsune, VicZarSky, ImDerpySheylaYT(2), ZestyDragonWing, DyliehIdol1214(2), Speedyleaf, chameishida, Lainah, Frugal, InkyDigiWing, belubel2014(2), Andrea Easton, Flitt(3), Iamthesenate, Akilaya, AMAZIEing, and IIdramillionII!​


Gif(s): DrakeTheDragon5567 and Sohki!


Pixel Art: Aetherna and chameishida(17)!


Banner(s): VicZarSky, Dragonriders Fury, and Andrea Easton!  


Chibi(s): Blue Kitsune! 


Instagram: @ver.sso   SOD: Carolinalina (A3J673) 


Drawing Stormcutters!  Dragon Headshots!  Stormcutter Bases!     



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Bump and Update-

Yea, it's been a week or two, and it turns out I underestimated my workload. I do have a lot of school stuff going on atm, but still working on these. Car and Raahimj, I hope to have both of yours done before the end of the weekend.


Also, I'm still taking requests, so a small bump if anyone else is interested c: