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Hey so I was thinking how cool would it be if we could have a forum thread just to talk and share things about cars, engines, other mechanical details, so here you have it if you just wanna share anytihng about cars or simply just want to talk about them here is the place!


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This is my happy place! 
I am a huge car girl! 
Finally got my dream car, which is a 1995 BMW 318i 5 speed this year, and am loving her!

Do you play Car Parking Multiplayer by any chance?




(Words of wisdom by Trainsanddragons!)



Hello. I'm Rosemeralda!


Starlight and Esmé, my Signature Guardians!

They may not be dragons, but you don't want to mess with them! 

Both designed by me!



In game:

My name is Rosemeralda.

I have probably seventy-ish dragons, including all three Night Lights.

Dart is my favorite Night Light.

I love all of the dragons, but my top favorites are: Sand Wraiths (My first dragon, named BlackBird), Stormcutters (Looks like my cat), Night Fury, Light Fury, Night Lights, Triple Stykes, Deathsongs, and Skrills.

Proud leader of the clan Copycat Hiccup! 
(Clan is closed off from requests, sorry.)

I mostly am seen with either a Night Light adult, purple Fireworm Queen (named Purple Magic), Deathsong, Hambanger, Triple Stryke, Stormcutter or Stormcutter Titan.

I ride whichever dragon I want to be on, at the moment.


I am fully against cyber bullying!

No one should be treated bad, no matter who they are! 
I am a victim of multiple cyber bullying.

Know that I am here for you, if you are a victim of cyberbullying, and you are strong!



A small list of my favorite dragon names I (mostly) came up with:


Firesong - Deathsong


Firefighter - Fire Terror


Purple Magic - Fireworm Queen


Raxtus - Razorwhip


Zoom Twist - Deadly Nadder


Spike - Deadly Nadder


Black Bird - Sand Wraith


Imagine - Titan Sand Wraith


Gobbles - Hobgobbler 


Hobbles - Hambanger


Schmich - Titan Stormcutter


Poothless - Woolly Howl


The Stig - Speed Stinger


Rock Crusher - Gronckle


Imoola (Pronounced eM-U-la. The double "Os" pronounced like "You" and the "I" is silent, making you say the "M") 

- Thunderdrum




I have a pet betta that is black, blue, and has a little red on his tail, so I named him Toothless. Toothless is a crazy little fish! He never stops moving.

He also tore his fin, so he's even more like Toothless the dragon! 

Though I wasn't thrilled when I discovered his torn fin...


More about me: I love cars! They are my most favorite thing on the planet! Especially the E36 318i!
I own a 318i with a manual transmission! (#savethemanuals)
My favorite car company would be MINI, and BMW second. Though I love E36s more than anything!


Probably out cleaning a car when you are reading this. 

I prefer car cleaning over almost everything.

I also have Build-A-Bear Light Fury and the First Release Toothless.


I am against hacking. 

I like to draw cars and sometimes dragons. 
I'm a bookworm. I love Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus, Trials of Apollo, and Harry Potter.

Other things I do: I computer code a little, I crochet, and I like math.

I'm on PixilArt (send me a message if you're on there and want to follow me!).



My car model list:


Over probably 100 MINI/Mini Coopers list

Cooper S, lots of those, Countryman, Hardtops, Convertible, Paceman, Classics, Stuffed MINI

Probably around 30-ish BMWs

First BMW: I think was my little Z8 named Bloodcell.

Two Z4s, two Z8s, one Z3, three E92 ///M3s, E39 530i TWO DOOR Coupe, E39 four door saloon, Two 502 classics (one is a tin toy), 

two E30 POLZEIs, ten E36s (maybe more, because I keep sewing/crocheting them) a stuffed E90, two 2002ti, three i3s, three i8s, an ///M8, a very pathetic 850i (I got it because it was such a pathetic excuse of an 8 Series, I loved it even though I disliked it!) two M4s, and probably more I'm forgetting.

Tons of vintage cars I find at thrift stores, and tons of Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars.

Some huge cars, some smaller.

I have two of the same Mustangs, though I modified one, and had to repaint the stipes on the other.

I mostly modify or restore some cars. Most of them though I keep stock. 
I modified a Ford (probably F150) into being my mum's truck as a gift for her.
I did paint flames on my weird but well loved Dodge wagon.

It depends on the car with modifying though. Mainly if it needs it, or if I have an idea to make it look better.


List of my top favorite model cars, modded and stock:


Stormie, my first MINI


Scaremeralda, my 1/18 Scale E36


Snow Scaremeralda, my white 1/18 Scale E36

Smally Wally, my Dodge Ram 1500


Ferdiand, the Porsche Off-road sports car


List of modified cars:


Herbie from the Love Bug


Amber the Lambor, a Lamborghini that was once yellow and had a bent in roof (honestly, she looked like a Lego dude had a roll over in her). I made her mostly teal with yellow stripes, and cool doors that open under, instead of out or over.


Sally, my Mustang who got silver stripes and purple accent.


Grape, my Dodge wagon, got new rim color, flames, and chrome handles.


Zoe, my Countryman got stripes like a real MINI.


Moonlight, originally a Mustang, but I made into a two door E39, which is rare. She also can have her shell taken apart from her chassis.


Rosemeralda, my E36, has foil behind her headlights (didn't know my thrift store find was a rare model that was worth WAY more than I paid for.), because she looked a little creepy without it.


Dodge Viper has two different paints, blue and yellow.


Midnight, my Z4 Coupé, got a touchup of paint on her turn signals to be orange, instead of clear.


Ferdinand, my Porsche I bought at a thrift store, that had no front bumper or engine cover in the back, so I made a front bumper that looks like a welded off-roading bumper, and made bars over the engine. And he has a sweet paint job all over!

Current projects:


Fast and Furious Dodge Challenger (I never wanted to watch the movies, because I've seen enough ads to know they are horrible to the cars) because its paint was more like a wrap, and coming off so easily, I pulled it off. My debate is whether I repaint it purple, blue, or make it into a police car, or a Taxicab. Or art car. 


Dodge Viper. Possibly two. Depending on if I wanted to do my other one.


MINI Cooper Hardtop will be getting a British Flag rooftop. Maybe a Black Jack or Silver Jack. (or both)


1966 Chevy Side-Step Three on a tree.


Two Lamborghinis.


Alfa Romeo race car.


Dodge Ram 1500 Biplane-truck


Probably more I'm forgetting.


Future project cars


E36 3 Series to look like my cartoon car.


BMW i8 Ultimate Sophisto Edition.


BMW M4s in Heritage Edition.


BMW M8 in Golden Thunder.


BMW M3, M4, M5, or M8 Taxicab.


MINI Cooper Paddy Hopkirk Edition.


Paddy Hopkirk's Original Mini Rally car.


My Mum's MINI.


Biplane truck with a Dodge Ram model. 


Art Car, Moonlight.


Art Car, MINI.


Art Car, various BMWs.


I have even more cars, but it would make my signature way too long.




Breyer horse collector!


I have a mix of vintage and newer models.

My favorites of my Traditional models is probably my Mare, Sundancer, and Warrior, my Morgen, and Snowman!
Added to the list: Monty the Old Timer, and Cloudjumper the miniature horse!

Favorites of Classic/Freedom Series: Cantering Mare named Winny, and show name is Hocus Pocus. She's a beautiful horse! I also have Spirit, who is one of my other favorites, along with Mercedes and Poseidon. I love all my Classics/Freedom horses.


Favorites of my Stablemates:

I have a lot, so hard to choose, but I love my Palomino Mare named Rose, Totilas, Painted Magic, and their foal Fifinella, Esmeralda my vintage mare, Renzo my Morgen, my trotting mare that's a strawberry Appaloosa, Cupcake the Highland pony, and finally, Midnight Cruiser.





Music lover!


Favorite bands:






Steely Dan 


Imagine Dragons


Led Zeppelin 




Proud Owner of Esmeralda, the Little Bimmer!

Old BMW 318i Classic with a 5 Speed manual! 
Hoping to convert her into an EV! 
Esmé is on Instagram, known as @esmeralda_the_little_bimmer Please don't get on just to message me on Esmé's account though. I probably won't respond on there. (Happened before, so just letting it be known.)


Things I need to fix on Esmé:

Too many! XD


This is the car that I fell in love with as a little girl, and have dreamed of owning my whole life, until the wonderful day I got her as my first car!

And those that know me, know that I talk about Esmé probably more than I talk about myself!

This is the car that has helped me through tough times, and had shared joys and adventures with me!

Favorite thing about Esmé? She's a manual transmission, and Boston Green!


Least favorite thing about Esmé? Nothing! (Except when she breaks a semi-important part...)


Weirdest thing found in Esmé? Plenty! But Wasp nest in the door jam has me head scratching.


What's it like owning an old BMW? Fun! Obviously!


Are there any downsides to owning Esmé? My empty wallet is the answer...


Do you love Esmé more than people? I spend more time with her, but that's because I'm a weirdo with not many friends, but I don't really care, she's like a second part of me! 



Esmé during a scavenger hunt... (Not a happy Bimmer.)

Esmé and the Scaremés hanging out for some drone shots!


One of the best looking stick shifts there is!



That's all for now. Will add more to my signature later!







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wow I'm glad you like it, I was thinking of making this and I told jadee about it and she liked the idea, and no I haven't played that game but I do play, Madalin stunt cars multiplayer, Derby crash 4, Highway racer, and Downtown 1930's mafiabut hey I'll check it out someitme soon.

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-eternally screaming-

Ah yes, the car. A highly useful but unobtainable and un-feedable item in this day and age
















































































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  This is Esmeralda, my


This is Esmeralda, my car! 
Most people laugh at me for wanting the most basic of the E36 models, but hey, I grew up with this little Princess, so I like owning a 318i!

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NICE! hey I like it she looks

NICE! hey I like it she looks good and hey some people criticize me for knowing so much about the 1974 AMC gremliin and I love the 2014 model Chevrolet Camaro with a 7.0 L V8 with 505 hp.

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Thanks!And hey, it doesn't

And hey, it doesn't matter what people think on your car knowledge! It's about what you want to know, and how much you want to know!

The Camaro is an awesome car! 
I also love the Challenger! 

My mom had one as a loaner car after I *ahem* might've taught Esmé tree climbing and she was in the shop, they gave us a base model for our loaner for a week or so! Was the nicest ride I got to ride in when I was 16 (sorry Esmé, no offense.) (Esmé gets offended if I say some other car is better than her, so I always have to say no offense to her, so she knows not to trap me inside her! Haha!)

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Norbutt Norston
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Cars 2

Wow that's so cool and yeah I understand, lol, and thanks I happen to know all that cause of cars 2.

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Norbutt Norston
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2018 Dodge Challenger

And I have been liking the 2018 Dodge Challenger and I tend to liek challengers cause Rod Torque Redline from cars 2 is one of my favorite characters even though he wasn't in the movie that much.

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Cars 2 Is My Go To!

I liked Finn McMissile, because he was based after the James Bond Aston Martin DB5, mixed with a BMW 507, and Volvo. (BMWs have also been big James Bond cars, yet the only reason I know so much about James Bond, though I never watched the movies, it's from reading about the cars in Car And Driver, and my mom showing me a few scenes with the BMWs. The 750iL [or Li, always confuses me, haha!] has the best mods of the James Bond BMWs in my opinion. The Z8 was also an amazing car in there!)

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Norbutt Norston
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Cars 2

Oh yeah Finn is a really cool car I always liked him.

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Although I'm not the biggest car enthusiast in the world, I absolutely love vintage cars. Mainly those from the 1920s–1960s. As you probably guessed, I love anything vintage and that includes old cars. I've always wanted to own one from the 60s, and who knows, maybe I will. :)


Artwork by Blue Kitsune.

Stuck in the 1960s and a tad obsessed with Night Furies.

— ♥ || ♥ || ♥  

 IGN: Sidvig. Feel free to say hi if you spot me in-game. <3

Banner by Dragonrider's Fury.

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Norbutt Norston
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Vintage Cars

Hey, I'm sure you could get one someday i have ridden in atleast six cars form the 60's and I've even seen a 34' Coupe granted it needs much repair but got alteast some parts for it!

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I'm not gonna put too much details (someone might track me down O_O) but I got a small chevy optra that's been with me since I was still in elementary school (note: I didn't drive with it back then lol)


So it's like, almost 20 years old but it still runs good, although has its moments of fits. I've had a lot of fond memories riding in this car, and even with the tough times I just can't bring myself to have it sold for extra cash. How many emergency situations I've used this car for, mostly medical such as that time I can't move because of a foot injury for months. It's gotten through so many accidents as well, a bus pretty much left a permanent dent on one door lol.

I don't think I can ever use any other car than this one, but a car can't last forever :(


         For the love of Odin, read the server rules thoroughly I'm begging you                    Or Ruffy will rough you up



Because of a bug, I'm now "VicZarskykatsu" in-game. Thanks SoD.


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Wow I totally understand that, my grandfather has a 64' Chevelle that he is thinking about selling so yeah I understand I have some fond memories with that car. So I understand.

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Cars facts

SO I thought i would share some of my knowledge on some cars,

Landrover Defender 90: Engine type: BMW Petrol engine alongside the normal Tdi engine. The engine was the BMW m52 2793 cc, straight-six, 24 valve engine. (bonus fun fact) :also as found in the BMW 328i, 528i, 728i, and the Z3

AMC gremlin: engine type: featured AMC's 232 cu in (3.8 L) six cylinder engine and 3 speed manuel transmission.

Any other facts are more than welcome (not just about these two cars can be any)

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Ooh! I want to share some car

Ooh! I want to share some car knowledge too!!!

Mostly BMWs, but a little MINI knowledge too!


Here's the Bimmer stuff:

In 1997, BMW added flamethrowers to the cars going to South Africa, as a safety feature for the owners.

To get it to work, you have to have the car stopped, then you press a button, and I believe you have to have it in neutral, then I think you rev it, and the flames come out. I'm a little rusty on that knowledge, but it's what I remember.

The design I believe, is where at the bottom, close to the chassis, on the sides. It has one part that sprays gasoline into the air, and right next to it, there's a spot that gives the spark, and BOOM! You have flame wings on your car!

This is a self protection feature for the owner.


Another safety feature of these cars, that's in the U.S. too.

There's a small flashlight in the glovebox, that comes out, and here's the interesting part, the other side is a small taser, that is used for self protection, in case of an emergency.

It's locked, and usually you need to use a coded sequence with the light switch to get it to work. 
My car came without hers, but it is an interesting fact.


BMW fact number three: 

When you need to roll up the windows, but don't want to get inside your car, you can just put the key in the lock (with older models) and hold it in "lock position" then your car's windows will roll up!


MINI facts now!

I will only share about two, so I don't make it too long, but here's the first fact: 2014-2016 MINIs I believe, have a hidden compartment above the glovebox.

Fact Two: Mini was founded in 1959 by Sir Alec Issagonis (probably spelled his name wrong...)!


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Norbutt Norston
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That is so cool I did not know that about the flamethrowers or the tasers or hidden compartments thast super cool!

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More BMW Knowledge!

Yeah, those actually aren't common knowledge, so I'm always happy to share the weirdest BMW facts I know, haha!


Also, thought that you might be interested that BMW also made a fully electronic car in the 90s, which was in the E36 model, but it was a rare prototype. I think only around 200-250 were built. I'm actually going to do an EV conversion on my car once I can afford it! It will be one of those rare E36 EVs, though probably with a Nissan Leaf engine.

I have actually been researching about EV conversions, and have found out about a guy who did a Tesla swap in his E30 325is (I think that's the model. I know the chassis is an E30). It's really cool!

BMW also made a hydrogen car that turned exhaust from gasoline into water vapor to try to be more eco friendly.

It was a 6.0 liter that had a V12 engine, pumped out 256 HP, called the Hydrogen 7. Based off of the 760Li (Sharing the same engine).

They have always been a company that knew how to make things differently than other companies. Even back in 1916 during WWI, they made a watercooled engine plane, that helped in the war (Obviously on the wrong side, but it still is interesting.) then they made a driveshaft for their first motorcycle, instead of using a belt or chain, which is still being used in today's motorcycles! 

They also prototyped an E30 EV in the 80s, but didn't really get their game up into mass-producing their EVs until the i3 and i8 in 2013. I could probably go on, and on, about BMW always being awesome at thinking ahead in the future, so I will end at this, before I talk too much, haha!


I'm basically the biggest E36 fan you could meet! 

Someday I hope to own more than one E36, but for now, I'm happy owning my own "Ultimate Driving Machine" or, in my words "Ultimate Dream Machine". 

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Wow thats cool I don't get tired of hearing the strange facts about BMW's. About the WW1 made me think of something about jeeps in WW2 that I will share later.

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Jeeps carry 10....

1: In WWII Jeeps weren't only used to carry troops. When it was necessary, they were also capable for being converted for rail use. Once this conversation had been completed, these Jeeps were capable of pulling up to ten tons via rail.

2: WWII jeeps were made with sturdiness in mind. Therefore they could haul 600 to 1,000 pounds.

3: Jeeps weren't just used in Europe against the Germans. They were also utilized Japanese front as well. On the battlefront, Jeeps were often used to ferry around high ranking officers. Jeeps were also designed to carry the wounded, as the back seat was able to convert to a stretcher. Jeeps were also used to often lay communication lines.

4: Jeep have a seven slotted grill to represent the seven continents after they couldn't use 9 slots because Ford copyrighted the nine slotted grill.