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So this is a pretty big issue for me. It happened while I was doing the Secret of the Leviathan expansion. After I came up from underwater in the Ship Graveyard after finding the keys, I had to tap on a box in the other boat. I have watched videos and I see that I'm supposed to get some flightsuits from it, but when I tapped on it, it does nothing. I have tapped several times, tried leaving and re-entering the map, deleting and redownloading the game, everything, and nothing has gotten that box to open for me. I thought that once I updated the game to the newest expansion, it would maybe be fixed, but when I tried again, nope, I won't get to finish the expansion. I have pretty much nothing to do, as I have completed all the expansions, including the new hobgobbler one. Does anyone have any suggestions that may help me?


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Send a forum message about your problem to Brynjolf and

Send a forum message about your problem to Brynjolf and include all information on the type of computer/device, operating system, browser you use to play; include as much information about the quest and the problem, when and how it happened, and what you've attempted to resolve the problem (per How to Report a Bug guidelines,


Brynjolf is a game administrator, who might be able to help with your problem or direct it to someone who can help. Please note, he is the only current active administrator, checking the forum, so he's very busy. It may take a lenghty amount of time (days, maybe longer) to get a response on your problem. And, he only checks the site during weekday, not weekends. 


Hope this helps . . .