Can't move in-game....can't fly.....can't breath... -falls- XD ok seriously come!

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 For some reason. in-game I can't move! I tried space bar, arrow keys, the R  and F buttons, don't work. I can't even chat!


Please help :(


It's honestly been so long . . . lol, well, I guess I've returned from a long break. I have two dragons: A skrill and a Deadly Nadder. 


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Recent update also cause this to happen to me

I can't move around or fly with my dragons. I can get on and off of them, and even have them shoot fireballs, but keyboard and touchscreen won't work for movement. I've already uninstalled and reinstalled and this didn't solve the problem. I even had disappeared under the school. I was standing in the water under the school, I could look up and see the building and other vikings and their dragons. When I climbed back on to Rockabilly, my Rumblehorn, I was back on the school land again. Something's glitchy here. Hope the devs fix this probelm soon! I couldnt help out in a battle at all, just stand there feeling useless...:(


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Yeah same thing happened to

Yeah same thing happened to me! Someone better fix this!

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More info...

Hello all! Thank you for reporting this! Have you all cleared your browser and unity caches? Are you unable to walk and jump? Are you able to mount your dragons or fly? Does this happen in a specific platform (browser, mobile, PC/MAC downloadable) or on all of them? Did you receive any kind of error message? What were you doing right before this happened? Please do let me know, and please include your username and name of the affected viking. Thank you!

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I cleared everything and I

I cleared everything and I still can't move. I'm only able to mount my dragon but that's about it. I'm pretty sure this could happen in all browsers. I received no error messages, and I was just playing on SoD and then I signed out to take a break and as soon as I got back on I couldn't move! My username is Bluestar4evr and my Viking name is Bluetarevr. This might seem irrelevant to the subject, but my Gronicle went missing and I can't find it, so if you can do something about that, that would be great.