Can't find Hobgobbler Nest

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Hello there. Unfortunately, I haven't been playing SoD for a couple of years so this Hobgobbler quest is kinda new to me. So, after I talked to Skulder, I was supposed to find the Hobgobblers nest so I followed the quest arrow straight ahead but then it started turning around. I found some videos, with the player going straight ahead, next to Skulder and Mudraker but for some reason, I'm not getting the same screen afterwards. Any help I get will be appreciated, thank you.

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any screenshots might help


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I don’t really get in what

I don’t really get in what part of the expansion pack you are


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The quest arrow is a bit buggy, I've experienced that myself so I wouldn't rely on it as much. If I remember correctly, the Hobgobblers Nest is behind where Skulder is standing. I'm pretty sure Skulder is standing on some kind of ledge in the Hidden World.



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Here is how you get to the location of Hobgobbler Nest:

Here is how you get to the location of the Hobgobbler Next:


Follow these steps to get back to the right cave and continue your quest:

1. Return to the Hidden World cave on New Berk, follow the path until you see the archologist, his Mudraker dragon, a SOD Travel Archway that will return you to New Berk, and some Hobgobblers that appear to be dazed.

2. go to the edge of that platform and locate the golden river casasding into the next cavern, the archway has white crystal arches on both sides. Fly your dragon over the water into the next cavern. It will have many very tall mushroom towers, and lots of red rock crystal structures. Keep flying, looking left, until you see another archway that is formed by two broad columns of red rock crystal. 

3. Go through this archway, you will now be back in the room where Toothless and LightFury are sitting on their throne high up in the room. Fly toward them, land if you like, and look left of their platform for a second set of red rock crystal arches. 

4. This is the entrance back into the quest. If it opens, when you walk through, your quest is still working. You will also hear Astrid greet you with a shout of greeting/challenge. Note: it is at this point you will leave behind the dragon you have been flying, until you finish the quest or sign-off the game. You will be able to sign off and return to the quest at any time to continue the quest until you've completed it.

Good Luck!


If you cannot return or get back into the quest, you should Report a Bug (Problem) with your quest. Follow normal instructions for reporting a bug. 


Here are pics:


Toothless/Light Fury throne (white round crystal structure hanging from ceiling on left) Passage to Hobgobblers' Nest (Red Crystal arches on far right)


Single View of entryway to the Hobgobbler Nest. . .


Hope this helsp. 





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Thank you

Thank you to Elisa and CoalBright for the help in finding the Hobgobbler's nest, I really Appreicate the help :D