cant do farm jobs nor race or chat

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ok SOD, step it up and fix these glitches

i cant do any farm jobs and i eiher cannot race or get trophies. I cannot chat and i really want to chat.

i should exit this game for a while and com back a few months alter and expect some fixed bugs.




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Clan: Valor

Made by stworzydlak

Made by stworzydlak


Me and Nyrom, my favorite dragon

Made by stworzydlak


Main Dragons:

Nyrom- Stormcutter

Beta Librae- Flightmare

Nagato- Woolly Howl

Toothless- Sand Wraith


Racing Dragons:

Shisui Uchiha- Snow Wraith

Toothless- Sand Wraith

Nagato- Woolly Howl

Kopaka- Shivertooth


Battle Event Dragons:

Bubbles- Scauldron

Katsuyu- Prickleboggle

Apollo- Prickleboggle



WOOHOO!!! Stormcutters+Night furies:)