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Hi. I am trying to create an account for my step sister and we tried creating the first one but she got her email wrong, so we went back to create another one but no matter what I try to change with the username and password or whatever, it keeps saying "try back later". Also, every time I try to create a new account, the age is stuck on 10. I'm 18. Why is this happening?


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About me:

Hello! I am a young female Viking that goes by the name Raven Dragonborne. 

Currently not in any clan, but my friend Azura is a member of The Forgotten Racers.

I am quite an intelligent Viking, and with that comes my cunning wit. But I have a heart of gold (most of the time) and I absolutely adore dragons! I can be pretty competitve, too.

I am not one to pick on people. If I shoot at you, it's most likely on accident. However, if you attack me first, don't think I won't fight back! I stand my own ground!

Also be aware that if I catch you picking on one of my friends, clan members, or even just an innocent stranger, I won't hesitate to defend them.

My family came to Berk on an expedition one year. We fell in love with the scenery as well as the harmony between dragons and Vikings. We'd never seen anything like it in our lives! Peace between the two worlds at last! I simply had to stay, and so I convinced my parents to let us settle in Berk. Stoick was very welcoming to us, and Hiccup was more than excited to teach me about dragons!

And I was excited to learn!


My Stats:

Adventurer level - 16

Fishing level - 6

Farming level - 2

Trophies (so far) - 0

UDT score - will update later


About my partner:

My partner dragon of choice is a young Sand Wraith named Obsidian. I will update later wih more information on him, including an adult picture. You can see him as a baby in my own pic.



Meet my other dragons:

I have a Deadly Nadder named Hawkeye. He is very clever and cunning, but also playful and cuddly at times. He is constantly cleaning himself and is quite proud of his vibrant blue scales.



I recently made friends with a Night Terror named Aegis. He was separated from his group and brought to the school for protection. He took a liking to me and now acts as my bodyguard. Will update with picture soon.


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Don't mind the age. The people who made the game probably forgot that the movie HTTYD was appropriate for kids older than 7, and the film was made in 2010, that means the kids who watched it from the beginning of the series should be in age group 12+ now. 


And about the can't-register... well, we had plenty of people with same problems recently. Sadly, you just have to write a ticket to administrators directly and wait it out. They hardly ever read the posts.

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Okay, thanks you. And how

Okay, thanks you. And how exactly would I write to the admins? I'm not sure where to go for that.