Cannot catch brown trout?

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Hi, I just joined the game yestrday and I am stuck on the surviving in the wilderness quest, specifically the part where you need to catch the brown trout. I cannot catch it because the line keeps snapping. I bought an improved rod and I still can't catch it. I tried just trying to reel the fish in and the line snapped. Then I tried to drag it in and I lost the bait. How do I catch the fish?

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Why do I need one?

My tip is to alternate between drag and reel.  Basically, don't hold the drag or the reel for too long, other those two thing will probably happen.


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What I usually do with that is I switch between the drag and reel buttons. Don't hold either one for too long or you'll lose your fish. Make sure it stays at the green, so you can catch it. It may be a bit difficult at first, but you'll get the hang of it.


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