Can you increase Clan size?

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Just a question. I was wondering if you are able to make your clan number bigger after you create it.


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clan size

yes you can make your clan bigger, the max is 100 people. you can not make it smaller once you have picked a number. example: clan size is 20, you can't go down to 10, but you can go up.





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Yes. I'm not a Clan leader myself, but I learned from Art that you can. As a previous post stated, you can't reverse it, though. Best of luck to you and your Clan!




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Yep! :)


Clans can be as small as 10 members and as large as 100 members, though it costs gems to make it bigger.


Hope this helps! ^_^


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Thanks for your help everyone!  Now I just need to get the last few gems..

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This is interesting to know

This is interesting to know and something I never knew. I have been wanting to start a clan for awhile now myself.


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Glad that this thread helped

Glad that this thread helped ya out!