Can Someone Explain The Clan Tournaments To Me??

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I just don't understand these tournaments..? Who gets in? How to you join in with them? How often do they happen?? Just explaiiinnn XD

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AND clash of the clans (; XD

AND clash of the clans (; XD

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*inserts subject*

the tournament is an event that go from 1. mars to 1. april.

The thing u need to do in the tour is to get as many trophies as possible ( last time it was eel roast and other but idk )

There are 4 rounds, every one of them a week.

first the admins pick the eight clans that got more trophies ( they see too how many members the clan have ) and they go to next round.


1. round:

8 finalist

2. round:

4 finalists

3. round:

2 finalists

4. round:

the winner


and the winner gets a special price ( the champion price )



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this was only clash of clans

this was of clash of clans idk the others XD

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Cheesecake and Chill.

Clash of Clans is the name of the tournament. 

As for how it's done I don't know. This was my first one. :/


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Profile... stuff:


In-game Info:

Name in Game: ALostPrincess

Age: 18ish

Gender(boy/girl): Girl

Clan: The Phantom Shadows

UDT: 400,000

Stars: One Gronkel Iron Star

Trophies: 4,000+

Member: Nope

Dragons: 78

Titains: 30

Elders: 1

Main Dragon(s): Varda(Titain Wooly Howl) 

Favorite Dragon Class: Strike Class

Favorite Dragons: Night Fury, Wooly Howl, Skrill, Triple Stryke, & Stormcutter

Favorite Activity: Dragon Tactics


Out-of-game info:

Name: None of your bisness XD

Age: Between 12-30 yrs

Gender(boy/girl): Girl

Religion: Christain(Presbyterian)

Nationality:  American

Favorite Activity: Drawing, baking, playing SoD and going to WDW.


My Dragons:


Strike Class:

Varda: Titain Wooly Howl, Female

Kiume Simba: Titain Wooly Howl, male

Kralovna: Titan Wooly Howl, female

Beowulf: Wooly Howl, male

Hela: Titain Skrill, female

Magnum pi: Skrill, male

Zury: Skrill, female

Plumaria: Triple Stryke, female

Askari: Triple Stryke, male

Mushu: Snow Wraith, male

Ragnhild: Titan Snow Wraith, female


Stoker Class:

Kafka: Thyphoomarang, male

Maleficent: Thyphoomarang, female

Johhnny Rebal: Mounstous Nightmare, male

Tara: Titian Mounstrous Nightmare, female

Galaderial: Fireworm Queen, female

Larry: Hobblegrunt/Threadtail, male

DreamFinder: Singetail, male

Pascel: Titian Terible Terror, male

Joanna: Flame Whipper, female

Ikran: Silver Phantom, male

Kidogo: Smothering Smokebreath, male

Grendel: Moldruffle, male

Kahn: Fire Terror, male


Boulder Class:

Atlantis: Elder Sentinel, male

Samurai: Titian Sentinel. male

Mordu: Titain Whispering Death, male

Nazgul: Titain Scearming Death, male

Clawhauser: Titan Gronkel, male

Lohi: Hotburble, male

Bluegrass: Snaffelfang, male

CannonBall: Groncicle, male

Smokey: Eruptodon, male

Tiitus: Grapelgrounder, male


Tidal Class:

Elgar: Titain Sand Wraith, male

Kope: Titain Sand Wraith, female

Stitch: Sand Wraith, male

Gharial: Windwalker, male

Erza: Windwalker, female

Adaliah: Scauldron, female

Kinaara: Scauldron, female

Sannr Vinr: Sliquifirer, male

Segger: Tide Glider, male

Mogwai:  Titian Thunderdrum, male

Maji: Titan Shockjaw, Male


Tracker Class:

Seamist: Titain Deadly Nadder, female

MacGyver: Titan Deadly Nadder, male

Juddy Hopps: Deadly Nadder, female

Eeyore: Titan Rumblehorn, male

Bongo: Mudraker, male


Sharp Class:

Solvi: Titain Razorwhip, female

Lani: Razorwhip, female

Pippin: Scuttelclaw, male

Hatari: Titan Scuttelclaw, male

Tarakona: Scuttelclaw, female

Figment: Titain Stormcutter, male

Okoa: Titain Stormcutter, male

Imara: Titan Stormcutter, female

Lavani: Stormcutter, female

Delta: Titan Speed Stinger, female

Frozone: Shivertooth, male

Gladiator: Titian Grim Gnasher, male

Naseem: Raincutter, male

Changa: Prickelboggle, male

Clementine: Timberjack, female


Mystery Class:

Nalu: Deathsong, male

SweetTea: Titan Deathsong, female

Abbot & Costello: Titain Hideous Zippelback, males

Senegal Sal: Titain Hideous Zippleback, females

The A-Team: Snaptrapper, males

Aragorn: Armorwing, male

Patriot: Titan Flightmare, male

Eomer: Titan Bonenapper, male

Cincinatus: Changewing, male

Ajagar: Titan Buffalord, male

Sakaria: Sweet Death, female

Aladar: Dramillion, male




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Oh thanks :) 

Oh thanks :) 

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Spell check isn't working. -_-

By the way, I did a sketch of your request yesterday.

It's in my art dump if you want to check it out. :)

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Annual Clash of Clans Tournament

"Clash of Clans" is the name of the tournament. It occurs every year in March and lasts for 28 days (think March Madness for basketball). Once it starts, every clan automatically participates during Round 1 and the Top 8 performing clans enter into the bracket elimination rounds... (Note: Trophies earned before Round 1 starts are not counted and trophies earned during each week of the tournament are reset internally for each round). 


Trophies can be earned in Thunder Run Racing, Fireball Frenzy and score challenges.


ROUND 1 "Pool Play" (Monday-Monday, 7 days)

Out of every clan in SOD, only the Top 8 clans that earned the most trophies during this time will qualify to move onto the next round... (Note: Your trophy count before the start of Round 1 is not counted)


ROUND 2 "Quarter Finals/Top 8" (Monday-Monday, 7 days)

The Top 8 clans are then split into 4 brackets (2 clans go head-to-head in each bracket), which means each clan will be paired with another clan to compete for the highest trophies earned during this week and the winning clan from each bracket will move onto the next round. 


ROUND 3 "Semi-Finals/Top 4" (Monday-Monday, 7 days)

The Top 4 clans are now split into 2 brackets (2 clans go head-to-head in each bracket), again this means each clan is paired with another clan to compete for the highest trophies earned during this week. The winning clan from both brackets will move onto the Finals.


ROUND 4 "Finals/Championship" (Monday-Monday, 7 days)

The 2 winning clans from the previous round go head-to-head to earn the most trophies during this round and claim the championship of Clash of Clans.


Important Note: The number of members in a clan matters greatly, since the weighted percentage of total trophies earned in a clan is divided equally among each member... the clan with the highest number of trophies earned when divided equally among each member is the clan that moves forward in each round. Typically this means the smaller the clan with highly active earning members, the better your chances are. (This is why you'll see many clans creating additional "Tour Clans" to which they only select their most elite members who are willing to dedicate the time and energy to earn as many trophies as possible for the entire month.



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Ask me anything...

What are Tour Clans?

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Tournament Clans

Tour Clan = short for Tournament Clan

They are a clan made specifically for members who will be competing in the tournament.

Example: "Great Heights" has about 60 members but only about 15 of those members are willing/able to compete in the tournament. Since the scoring process for the tournament is based on total trophies earned divided equally among each member, that means the fewer members in the clan, the better. So, the leader of "Great Heights" creates an additional clan for this purpose, named "Breaking All Rules" and those 15 members from "Great Heights" transfer to this new Tour Clan for the duration of the tournament.


Sometimes multiple clans will decide to join forces and create a single Tour Clan and transfer members from several different clans.

Example: "King of Empires" and "Potato Brothers" created the Tour Clan "Flying Cookies" which contained members from both clans.