Can I post pics without Chrome?

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Hello! I know, it is me again... But I was wondering if it is possible to post pics without Chrome? I have I E, but really want to post pics. Thanks!


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For put pics u need to use Chrome 



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To post pics you need Chrome

To post pics you need Chrome or Fire Fox.




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You can use Firefox (my personal favorite) or Google Chrome. You just can't use Internet Explorer, that's all.




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This is a subject.

Unfortunately, you can't use Internet Explorer to post pics, it will work on Google Chrome or Firefox however, so I'd say that you should install either one of those. Which is one of the reasons I've considered switching to either one of those browsers, since I'm an I.E user myself.

(Plus, Google Chrome has Adblock, so that'll come in handy)


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Ok, thx!

Ok, thx!