Can I get banned for this...?

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I'm just wondering...

Sometimes I type in the chat and more times than not I say a word that gets censored, and it tells me not to say it. I don't understand a lot of these words that are censored and they're not even bad words, but I still get warnings.

So I'm not used to being censored for saying numbers or other things. Numbers is a big one for some reason, though I can think of a few reasons why that's been implimented. 

But the fact of the matter is sometimes I say 'oh, is it that one?' or something like that, and I get censored, and I am wondering if I can get banned for accidently saying too many things I'm not supposed to say by accident.


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I guess you get a first warning, and eventually if you keep getting your words censored, you'll get banned from the chat :P 

I dunno, I've never been chat banned xD




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Not banned from the school

If you say too many "bad words" (it thinks non bad words are bad words sometimes)

you can only get temporarily banned from chat.

It's not a big deal but it is annoying if you're trying to talk with a friend.

The :X face in the smileys section means "Chat is broken, I can't talk"





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no chat glitch

I never got banned from the chat, but sometimes when I come in the game I can write something but it NEVER apears in the chat... I think the admin should fix that. Also if you chat too much and not in one time and you want to chat, the game will say something like you have chat too much you can't chat now. I had that a few times while playing with my friends XD


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I've gotten warned three

I've gotten warned three times today, once for typing an evil laugh... so, for future reference, saying "Muahahahaha" is not ok in SOD. XD


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No, I don't think you can, but you can get CHAT BANNED :( Don't worry depending on how many warnings/bans you got the longer your chat ban is. Every three warnings you get chat banned. Sometimes you can get a few chat bans in a row. The chat has been messed up since the updates, which is why I stay alooooone. xd




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