Can anyone see your accessories?

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Hello, today I've bought the flight suit. I was very happy, it was very cool :P

But... After gliding, there's an "unequip" button, so I thought the suit was only an object and not a part of the clothing of the character. Mmmm... So what to the other users of School of Dragons see? They see me with the flight suit, or I'm the only who can see it? Because it says that the suit is a top sellers, but I haven't seen many people having it. Maybe only the owners of the suit can see it, or am I wrong?

Please answer me, I'd like to know :)

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It's possible that the reason

It's possible that the reason you don't see anyone with it is because there's not many who were wearing it at the time. But I've seen about ten "flight" suits (I say "flight" because it's not flying, it's gliding.) at the same time.


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Well you don't need to wear Flightsuit to use it. When you are flying on your dragon there shows up a button to Fly with your flight suit. I only wear flight suit for gliding. Hpe this helps.


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Thank you

Thank you for answering. Today I saw a player with the gliding (hehe) suit! She had a Toothless, too.

Mmmm... I think it's better going around with the suit on, my poor clothes aren't that good compared to it and I don't want to spend money on them when I can simply wear the suit.

Thank you for helping :) I really had fun with this game and all its tasks.