Can anyone make this nightlight as ref?

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So The Nine Realms game trailer drop and I would love get this dude as ref so I can my myself as ocs (with different colors)

So it has black chest with black around neck (not connect to chest), white body, black spikes and line to back, black wings

white legs, green eyes 


just front and back and side 


not this nightlight the original nightlight (Toothless's kids)



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Thank to amazing artist who made it!

Artist Credit- NeverendingSilverstorm                      Artist Credit- Dogloven

Artist Credit-  Snudoo                                                Artist Credit- Slargvarg

Artist Credit- DrakeTheDragon5567        Artist Credit- Flitt

Artist Credit- FireFlash           Artist credit- ???(Skrill cant remember who made this if u know who plz pm me)

(pm me if u know who artist of this Skrill cant remember who made it) Artist Credit- Zikta

Artist Credit- Tigerli1y        Artist Credit- Toothless0603 (Anthro Neon!)

Base credit- wyndbain on deviantart                              Artist Credit- AndreaEaston

both were credit by ZestyDragonWing

Artist Credit RedHoodJason      Artist Credit- Dogloven

Artist Credit- Frugal

Artist Credit- Toothless0603 (Anthro Takagi n Miwako!)

Both Base were credit by AriaAngelWing on Devianart (Kogoro Is Blue/Purple and Ginzo Is Green)

Both Edit Artist Credit- WoollyHowlEra

both Artist Credit- Toothless0603 (Kogoro is toothy and Ginzo is werewolf)

Both artist credit- DyliehIdol1214

All 3 Artist Credit- Tigerli1y

Artist Credit- Snudoo

Artist Credit- Toothless0603 (Anthro Ginzo n Kogoro!)



Artist Credit- Madoka Miyazono                      Nightlight's colour/pattern

Artist Credit- Toothless0603       Artist Credit- Frost Shades

Artist Credit- WoollyHowlEra

 Artist Credit- Snudoo (Blue eyes is Night n Striker Male Nightlight and Green eyes is female Nightlight Wind n Sky)

Artist Credit- Toothless0603 (Anthro nightlight! Night, Striker, Sky and Wind!)







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Artist Credit- Tigerli1y 



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Do you have any other screenshots of this dragon? I can try drawing a reference sheet for this Night Light (which will be viewable on Deviantart), but it might be difficult with only one viewing angle.


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Here's the link to the Reference Sheet I drew for this Night Light:


It's missing a view from behind the dragon, if that's what you meant by a "Back View", but it does have both sides of the dragon, a small portrait from the front, and top views of the wings, pelvic wings, and tail spade. I also added a guess as to what its plasma blast might look like, its Dragon Class symbol, and some lightning.


Please let me know if you'd like me to make any more reference sheets of Nightlights.

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Yess that what it look like! Thank you!