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I need hack for membership soon SOD add new area only for members o don't have money but I want to fly in this island so please help I want hack



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it seems jumpstart likes doing this to my accounts



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Calm down there, Thor, and think for a second. Done thinking? Kay good.

Why would someone make a thred about this unless they are a troll, hmm? They obviously know they will get banned. Seriously.

They probaly have a second account, and are watching from that account, enjoying the chaos they have created. Drama is vary amusing to some people. Its depressing what a human will do for amusement...

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Walks over to kitchen .....

  Walks over to kitchen drawer grabs can opener, opens can.....SUPRISE it's a can of worms that you just opened^^^^^ Good luck. 

  I think it's safe to say your not the sharpest tool in the shed. 


Just when I thought I was out ...they pull me back in< GODFATHER

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You just ended your game. Goodbye hacker.





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Woah O.o

.......I did not know Hackers deserved this much hate...?


Hello There hacker.

I do not wish to insult you....Because I have somewhat sympathy towards you...


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-stares in complete amazement-

Wow. A person calling for hackers in a mountainload of antihackers. Shocking.


~When I return we will meet again~

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Hey midnight.

I'm curious...About why this person would like to hack...


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Hey rose :3

Beyond me.

Guess they've never heard the term cheaters never win. x3

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I understand frustration

I understand frustration about not having gems, or dragons, or any of those membership benefits but.... wow. Pretty much everyone on the forum is against hacking, so... you just opened an explosive can of worms. I almost pity you, 'cause you are going to get it! Sheesh...


My name is Azura Rain in game, and I love to write. In the game I am part of the clan Skyleapers.


I am a member of the SoD fan fiction club!




  1. The Last of the Lightning Keepers:
  2. The Last of the Lightning Keepers Book 2:
  3. Child of the Flightmare:
  4. Groundsplitter vs Toothless: the story: What happened between Toothless and Groundsplitter? Now we know!

I love comments on my work so, please leave your opinion!




Name: Sapphire

Gender: Female

Appearance: She is blue and purple.

Age: 20

Personality: She is responsible, and takes care of my dragons.

History: She is my first dragon, and was the leader of my dragons until she was challanged by Spark.

Species: Monsterous Nightmare

Quote: "Hope is like light. Even when you think that it's gone forever, there's always some for you to find."


Name: Eclipse

Gender: Female

Appearance: She is a dark blue and purple.

Age: 20

Personality: She is very clever and sly.

History: She is my second dragon, and (unknown to my viking) is part of the underground Whispering Death movement to take over Berk. I found her egg in the tunnels after the Screaming Death's attack.

Species: Whispering Death

Quote: "I am a Whispering Death. Even when I am about to bite your head off, you should admire me, as well as fear me."


Name: Berry

Gender: Female

Appearance: She is purple

Age: 10

Personality: She is gentle, and is terrified of Eclipse.

History: She is my third dragon, and I found her egg as part of a clutch of Gronkle eggs that had been destroyed by dragon trappers. Ever since, she has been a little skittish, but very lovable.

Species: Gronkle

Quote: "Kindness goes a long way in the world."


Name: Spark

Gender: Female

Appearance: She is blue with purple highlights.

Age: 17

Personality: She is smart and clever.

History: She is my fourth dragon, and is the new leader of my dragons since she challenged Sapphire. Her and Eclipse are rivals, and she is trying to find out why Eclipse is constantly sneaking off to the old Whispering Death tunnels.

Species: Skrill

Quote: "Fear me, admire me, I don't care, just give me heavy doses of both. I am Lightning and Death itself!"


Name: Starfrost

Gender: Female

Appearance: She is blue with white.

Age: 7

Personality: She is smart, slightly vain, and very loyal.

History: She is my fifth dragon, and is friends with Berry, Sapphire, and Spark. She doesn't really trust Eclipse.

Species: Deadly Nadder

Quote: "Family is not just through blood. Your family is those who stand by you when you need them."


Name: Dawnstrike

Gender: Female

Appearance: Royal blue with gold teardrop designs

Age: 6

Personality: She is clever, intensely loyal, and fierce

History: She is my sixth dragon, and I have had her since I discovered her in the wilds of Berk

Species: Skrill

Quote: "You hurt Azura, I hurt you."


My Favorite Fan Fics On The Forum


  1. Tale of Mahelsonei Sonjen: How to betray a madman ((HIGHLY recommended. The author is awesome!))
  2. Age of the Chosen ((Amazing!))
  3. Toothless's Kindom ((AWESOME!!! Enough said))
  4. Horizon ((Really good))
  5. Reign of the Deep Queen
  6. Big Challenges
  7. A Hidden Life ((Sequel to Big Challenges))
  8. Alpha's Heir


My Adopted Dragons and OC's




All credit for this dragon goes to kimbenso

She is an elegant dragon who is very mature, and loves to fly at night, swooping under the silver moon and stars. When she uses magic, the jewel on her head glows with strange power.



My beautiful Aquaborealis! Here is her story....


Narrated by Iridia:

I swam through the waters by the viking island. It was a barren place, filled with spiky rocks and little greenery. I swam through the mouth of the cove where the vikings kept their boats, a harbor I believe. My tail propelled me along quickly, slicing through the chilly water. I swam around one of the rocks, and popped my head up on the other side. I was curious about these vikings. Their thoughts were so different from those of an Aquaborealis, all loud and darting from one thing to another. Kind of like a school of minnows. Cautiously, I watched the vikings. So caught up in staying hidden from the vikings on land, I didn't watch behind me. A net was thrown over me suddenly, and I whipped around. Vikings had snuck up on me and I was now trapped! Futily, I struggled against the net, even diving under the water to try and break free there. It was no use. A viking with a wiry black beard raised an axe over my head. I stared up at it in fear, and shrank back in the net. Before the axe fell, another viking, a teenager, ordered "Stop! What do we have here?" He put one boot on me, leaning on the butt of his axe. "This is a new type of dragon!" He exclaimed. "Keep it here overnight. In the morning, I will add its skull to my collection!" He ordered triumphantly. The vikings drove iron nails through the net, pinning it to the rock. All the while, I struggled until one of them threatened to drive a nail through my tail. Then I stopped struggling, and prepared for a long night.


Azura's (My viking) POV:

I flew through the storm, on the back of my skrill Spark. Expertly, she rode the tangled air currents, but fighting against the elements was a futile endeavor. Ahead, I spotted Berserker Island. It wasn't my favorite place, ever since I had almost died there a couple times, but we had to wait out the storm. "Take us down girl" I said, patting Spark's neck. She folded her wings, and dove, landing on a rocky ledge above the harbor. I dismounted, and walked over to the edge, kneeling so I wouldn't be seen. Far below, I could see a blue and purple dragon of a kind I had never seen before, not even heard about, imprisoned half in, half out of the water in a net. "I wonder what that dragon is?" I said to myself. Looking closer, I heard two vikings talking not far below. "Well, tomorrow Daggur will have that dragon's skull mounted on his wall. Pity really. Its so beautiful and gentle." Daggur was going to kill that beautiful dragon! I had to help, to rescue it. My best chance would be once it was en route to the arena. "Tomorrow, Spark, we are going to rescue that dragon" I said, looking back at my companion. She stared at me, as if saying "Good. I don't like Daggur any more than you do." I walked over to my friend, and pulled a blanket from her saddle bag. Curling up at the base of the cliff, I fell asleep.


Iridia's POV:

In the morning, once the storm blew itself out, the vikings came. They chained my legs and wings, and dragged me out of the water and up the cliffs to an arena of sorts. The teenage viking from before (I heard that his name was Daggur), was waiting inside, twirling his double bladed axe. I whimpered in fear, knowing that he was going to kill me, and strained against the chains. One of the vikings cuffed me upside the head, and dragged me to the center of the arena. I was chained to the stone floor, and I stared at Daggur in fear as he raised his axe, then let it fall. I closed my eyes, preparing to feel the blade. A clang caused me to open my eyes, and what I saw astounded me. A female viking with copper hair was blocking Daggur's axe with her sword. "I won't let you kill this dragon, Daggur" The female said. "Azura" Daggur sneered. "How dare you return to my island!" He howled, pulling his weapon away and attacking. The female, Azura, dodged his strike, and returned with one of her own. I watched as they fought, neither one gaining the upper hand. Suddenly, a blue and purple dragon leaped down from the netting above. It spread its wings wide and hissed, lightning crackling amid its spiky frill. Daggur stared at the Skrill, and Azura took advantage of his distraction. She slammed the butt of her sword into the back of his head and Daggur crumpled to the ground. The guards had run away in fear, so Azura ran over to me and pulled a pin from her braid and used it to pick the lock on my chains. "Come on" she said, beckoning with her left hand, her right holding her sword. I followed her and the skrill into the stone tunnels that led outside. Once we reached the open air, Azura mounted her skrill and took off. I followed her, launching into the air and beating my wings hard. I followed her all the way to another island, one I had never been to.


We landed in the main square, I cautiously looked around, ready to take off at a moment's notice. A skinny boy with brown hair and a metal leg walked up, acompanied by a black Night Fury. I tensed, ready to fly. "Azura, who's this?" The boy asked. "I took shelter from the storm on Berserker Island and I rescued her from Daggur. He was going to kill her, Hiccup" Azura explained. Hiccup. That must be the boy's name. "I've never seen anything like her" Azura said. I opened my thoughts and 'said' "I am an Aquaborealis. A sea dragon." Azura and Hiccup jumped, looking around wildly before Hiccup realized I had said it. "Oh! An Aquaborealis! There's a few others of your kind here on Berk" He directly adressed me. "Azura, you've never met the other Aquaborealis riders, but there are a few on Berk." "Could I stay here?" I asked Hiccup. "I was seperated from my pod when I went exploring, and it would be nice to stay here." "Of course!" Hiccup said. "If you are okay with it, you could stay with me" Azura offered. I smiled. "It would be my pleasure." Since then, I have lived on Berk with Azura, and I even joined her family of dragons!


Want to know more about Azura's history with Dagur? Check out my fan fic 'The Last of the Lightning Keepers' and it's sequel. The link is up at the top of my sig.



This feathered beauty was made by the wonderful Amberleaf7.



She is very gentle and loves hatchlings. She would never hurt anything except in self defense. She also has an excellent sense of humor, and can think her way out of practically anything.

This celestial beauty was made by bubbles5498.


I found Adiria when I was stranded in Berk's wilderness after a failed hiking trip where I had gotten lost. Don't ask why (But it involved red-eyed boars and a piece of bacon). I had made camp for the night, when I saw something streak across the sky (Maybe a comet?) and land in a field not far away. Curious, and unable to fall asleep, I went to investigate. There was a smoking crater in the middle of the field, and through the snoke I saw a beautiful purple dragon who looked like a piece of the night sky. Her wing was broken, so I slid into the crater to try and help. As I approached her, the purple dragon raised her head. "I won't hurt you..." I said soothingly, seeing that the dragon was nervous. Using some rope, and a sutibly straight tree branch, I managed to splint the dragon's wing. Over the span of a month, I helped the dragon- who I had named Adiria- recover. It involved lots and lots of fish, let me say that. All the while, I was unaware that Hiccup and some of my friends were searching for me. One evening, just after the sun went down, Adira's wing had healed and she was ready to fly. "Go on, try" I encouraged her. She leaped into the air, beating her wings hard. Soon, Adira was soaring above the field and across the night sky. I smiled, happy. She landed and looked into my eyes. "Thank you" I heard a melodic voice say in my head. "You... you can talk?" I said, surprised. "Yes. My species, the Galaxy Furies, are telepathic. I know that you are lost, and I can help you back to your village." "Thank you" I said as she allowed me onto her back. We took off and soared over the dark forest. I had never realized that Adira glowed slightly, like the soft radience of stars. We landed in Berk's main square and I slipped off her back. "Thank you" I said, extremely grateful. "I should be thanking you. Without your help, my wing would not have healed properly." "So, where will you go now?" I asked. "I am not yet strong enough to fly back up to the stars, so I will regain my strength elsewere." "You could stay with me" I offered. Adira accepted, and has stayed with me ever since, occasionally visiting the world high in the stars.






My Roleplays!


The Werewolf Pack Roleplay Part 4




Thank you so much treehousemagic!


The War of Storms: Revived RP


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Here I am trying to decide if it is "safe" to even be on this site because of hackers .....

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This is just sad. Thi is obviously a troll seeking attention and everyone who is threatning and 'reporting' them are either clueless, completatly gullible, or just really, really, REAAALLLYY stupid. Im sad for you all. Im going to go hide in my covers with the last remaining shard of hope I have for humanity and try to protect it. Not like its gonna censored idiots really censored make me sad...

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Sooooo your calling us idiots.... Shocking.

I was trying my hardest to avoid this comment- not happening now.


It says in his topic. Calling all hackers- I need you.

Basically speaking, he's asking for the hackers. He has a hacked speedstinger in his profile picture.

Connection much?

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Yes, I understand what you

Yes, I understand what you mean about 'Don't feed the trolls', but please do not be rude. We are not idiots, we are not dumb. We are just frustrated about hackers, and the fact that someone would actually ask for someone to hack things into their account (Cheating). I just ask that you don't be rude, and understand that some people have actually spent money on this game. It is frustrating that you spend money and do things honestly, while others cheat and get things for free. I just ask you to understand, and not be rude.

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You have a solid point, and I am glad to see a calm, level headed person replying so smoothly and having hope to help others understand unstead of replying in anger. Well said. Maby humanity isnt lost just yet.

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You catch that ringreid's

You catch that ringreid's signature says just 'Hackers the best'? HACKERS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I- I have no words. You just stepped in an anthill, ringreid.

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Oh. My. Goodness. Are you serious right now?


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I shall pretend you are joking...hahahahahahahaha! :)



Do you want art like this of your viking?




Or maybe dragons like these?

You can throw a request my way on my request thread!



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Lol XD

Lol XD



SC Banner by Stiger23

Please fill out an application HERE if you are interested in joining.

We look forward to hearing from you :D

*Recruiting Poster made by SIlence*


*banner by Silence*


In-Game Pictures


Me, Stiger23, Silence, and themasterplan47

(All above Photos by Sitger23)


Gifts Made for Me

Thank you to everyone who has made me a gift. I treasure them!


Crest by Silence  |  Viking by Carmine  |  Viking by Heather Moonlight

Dragon by Rebicar  |  Finnic by theMASTERplan47


Dragon by Moondragonfox  |  Herman by theMASTERplan47

Irwynn by Stiger23


Thank you all for the amazing gifts!!!



Lovingly Adopted to the Family



Find many of my adoptables on my Viking Website!

Maijic Mayhem

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but you will be able to see the dragons on my adoptables page.


Diceon gifted to me and made by StrawHatAlex!


DragonBots by Kelcyk123


Lahav - Happy go lucky, excitable dragon :) He enjoys following me around but gets distracted easily.


Furies by Defy

*Art and Species by Defy*

Name: Buttons (Be careful, he likes to steal your buttons)

Gender: Male

Species: Woolly Fury


About Woolly Furies

Nope nope nope this is not woolly howl! This is the first and unique Woolly Furies!It is a hybrid between nigt fury and woolly howl and I think the result turned out very nice. These cute creatures are completely covered with soft fluffy wool so you will be pleased to fondle your dragon. These cuties have another interesting feature. All woolly furies know how to pull teeth just like Toothless! Flame all the same and pinkish. --Defy


*Art and fan species by Defy, nightfury species by HTTYPD*

     Name: Magma                                                                                                                                                          Name: Bandit

     Gender: Male                                                                                                                                                             Gender: Male

      Species: Boulder Fury                                                                                                                                    Species: Nightfury


About Boulder Furies     

Charming creatures with indomitable energy. These dragons have a very tough skin covered with plates.

They are a little inferior in speed to other furies but the flame does not compare with others. Only Spirit Furies exceed their temperature and power. Boulder Furies dig and eat small pieces of rock like gronckles. They are very cute and love spending time with the rider. -- Defy


*Art and fanspecies by Defy*


Name: Axel

Gender: Male

Species: Spirit Fury


About Spirit Furies:

And now say Hello to the first ... Sprit Furies!!! Yeah yeah you read that right! Why Spirits? Because they are totally transparent and remind spirits. They look like ghosts , have a huge glowing eyes and a strange glow inside. But actually these are REAL dragons which you can touch and even fly with them. They like to hover above the ground like ghosts and in this  posture to follow the rider. This is one of the largest furies and have the most enormous wings. They are very proud and want to constantly be with only rider.This is a very rare and dangerous dragons. Usually attack luminous deadly flame. --Defy


*art and fanspecies by Defy*

Name: Ruffina


Calm and warm. Ruffina has a very warm nature and she always gets along with all the dragons. She doesn't like squabbles and never comes into the fight with other dragons. Ruffina is very fond of little dragons and always protects them. She's very affectionate. --Defy


My lovingly Adopted Aquaborealis

from Spy aka 1flower

*Species and lineart by 1flower*

*color by 1flower and kcrockett*


I have permission from Kcrockett to put her dragons in my signature. Here is a list of them:

Nova (Trahveller's mate), Tide Pool (Nova & Trahveller's son), Coral (Drevis & Kiwi's daughter), Drevis (Kiwi's mate), Damon (Aryia's mate), Azog (Raeyan's mate), Thresh (Raeyan & Azog's son), Drakis (Verde's mate), Koba (Shamaya's mate), Mist (Ripple's mate), Tundran (Leena's mate), Sapphire (Puck's mate), Dawn (Jekyll's mate), Willow (Regal's mate), Glacius (Máni's mate), Tito (Raynelle's mate), Neon Lake (Twilight's mate), Zeus (Artemis' mate), Iris (Larkin's mate), Silver Mist (Morris' mate), Cyra (Draven's mate).


I also have permission from Maddness to have her dragon in my signature.

Rivercloud (Fleur's mate)


Babies who have now grown up:


Additional Bases:

Full Grown Aquaborealis and their Mates:



From right to left: Trahveller (Maijic), his mate Nova (Kcrockett)

Bottom: Daughter Laylah, Son Tide Pool (Kcrockett)



Lohlaa (Maijic) and her mate Neptune (Krockett)

From right to left: Ignatius (Kcrockett) his mate Glimmer (Maijic), and their son Pyrrhos (Krockett & Maijic)


From Right to Left: Drevis (Kcrockett) and his mate Kiwi (Maijic), and their daughter Coral (Kcrockett & Maijic).

*Kiwi is the Daughter of Glimmer and Licht, Step daughter of Ignatius*

From Right to Left: Damon (Kcrockett) and his mate Aryia (Maijic). Dazran (Maijic) Son of Damon and Aryia


Raeyan (Maijic) and her mate Azog (Kcrockett)

Raeyan and Azog's twins, Rain and Storm

Raeyan and Azog's other hatchling

Thresh (belongs to Kcrockett)

From Right to Left: Verde (Maijic) and her mate Draksis (Kcrockett)


From Right to Left: Shamaya (Maijic), and her mate Koba (Kcrockett)

Bottom: Fleur, Shamaya and Koba's daughter.

Forest, Fleur's son, And Fleur's mate Rivercloud (Madness)

Ripple (Maijic) and his Mate Mist (Kcrockett)


Leena and her daugher with Cursed Eclipse, Calliope

From Right to Left: Puck and his mate Sapphire (Kcrockett) 


Jekyll ^_^ He has a split personality.

and his mate Dawn (KC)


Regal and his mate Willow (KC)




Acai, my little berry boy ^^ He likes roofs


Máni & his mate Glacius

Raynelle & her mate Tito

Twilight, her mate Neon Lake (KC) and her daughter with Denim, Artemis


Larkin and his mate Iris (KC)


Caspert (name pending)

Morris the Melanistic (Maijic) and his mate Silvermist (Kcrockett)

Pyrrhos (Kcrockett and Me) and his mate Cassiopeia, she is blind, and has two tails :D

Cassiopeia was a queen that bragged about her beauty. Though my Cassi is not vain, I thought she deserved a name that was as beautiful as her.

Cassi's daughter with Zyock, Nesoi. She is partially blind

and needs to be in water a lot or her skin will dry out. 

Pyrrhos' son, Canicus. He likes to Growl ^^ (Mother, Crescent)


Draven, my partially tamed wind elemental.

He visits, and terrorizes me. But I love him!

And his mate Cyra, owned by Kcrockett

And Daenerys, their daughter :D


Aquaborealis species belongs to 1flower. Most of the art and coloring belongs to 1flower. Some have been colored by Kcrockett. I used to know which were which, but have since forgotten.

Nova, Ignatius, Drevis, Coral and Damon all belong to Kcrockett.

They are just visting their mates on my signature.





My Smoothskins

*Art and Species by Me*


                          Name: Lemon                                                                 Name: Lime


Name: Puff



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(No Subject)

I'm laughing...


More of my art can be found on my Instagram: @ProDragonRider




Smaug inspired by Lis Alis!




Dragons Online ^








































ImitationGame is a Hacker Fury. If you've seen "The ImitationGame," you'll understand.









This is Vortex the Void Fury



Too much ImitationGame!!









The Many Photos of




















This picture (above) is by Amber! ^









































Enjoy the rest of the signature!































"The Alpha, protects them all"













Nemesis, the small dragon who turned out to be the biggest hero.













Always have a friend beside you. They will always be there for you no matter what the cause. 
























"All of you! Listen to me! You must listen! Have you forgotten what happened to Dale? Have you forgotten those who died in the firestorm? And for what purpose? The blind ambition of a Mountain King, so riven by greed, he cannot see beyond his own desire!"

"The Lord of Silver Fountains. The King of Carven Stone. The King Beneath the Mountain. Shall come into his own. And the bells shall ring in gladness, at the Mountain King's return. But all shall fail in sadness, and the Lake will shine and burn."



"If we burn, you burn with us!" 





"Don't worry bud. I'm not going to let anything happen to you. I promise."


Oh, sure, they have armies, and they have armadas, but we... we have... OUR DRAGONS!








Drawing by Karddia

This is Berk. The best kept secret this side of, well, anywhere. Granted it may not look like much, but this wet heap of rock packs more than a few surprises. Life here is amazing, just not for the faint of heart. You see, where most folks enjoy hobbies like whittling or needlepoint, we Berkians prefer.. a little something we like to call... DRAGON RACING!























"Into a Fantasy"


I have a dream

You are there

High above the clouds somewhere

Rain is falling from the sky

But it never touches you

You're way up high


No more worries

No more fears

You have made them disappear

Sadness tried to steal the show

But now it feels like many years ago


And I

I will be with you every step (Hey! Hey!)


I found a friend in you

And I'll keep you close forever


Come fly with me (oh-oh oh-oh)

Into a fantasy (oh-oh oh-oh)

Where you can be

Whoever you want to be

Come fly with me


We can fly all day long

Show me the world

Sing me a song

Tell me what the future holds

You and me will paint it all in gold!


And I

I will believe your every word (Hey! Hey!)

'Cause I

I have a friend in you

We'll always stay together


Come fly with me (oh-oh oh-oh)

Into a fantasy (oh-oh oh-oh)

Where you can be

Whoever you want to be

Come fly with me




And I

I will be with you every step


I found a friend in you

And I keep you close forever


Come fly with me

Into a fantasy

Where you can be

Whoever you want to be

Come fly with me


Come fly with me (oh-oh oh-oh)

Into a fantasy (oh-oh oh-oh)

Where you can be

Whoever you want to be

Come fly with me





"Where No One Goes"

Let the wind carry us
To the clouds, hurry up, alright
We can travel so far
As our eyes can see

We go where no one goes
We slow for no one
Get out of our way

I'm awake when up in the skies
There's no break up so high, alright
Let's make it our own,
Let's savor it

We go where no one goes
We slow for no one
Get out of our way

We slow for no one
We go where no one goes

We go where no one goes






"Sticks And Stones"

Eyes open wide, blinded by the sun now
Orange and white, dark red, green and yellow
Rainbow colors! Do not hide, see the view! 
Step aside, go through!

Against the light, too strong, blow a fuse now
Everything bright, new songs, burning shoes
The look in your eyes! Break our bones into half! 
Scream and shout and do laugh!

Let yourself... go (Oh Oh Oh)
Let yourself... go (Oh Oh Oh)

Stay close to me
Count one, two and three
Up in through your sleeves
Bursting through the seams
Open your eyes and see - You'll see

Inn um ermar, upp hryggjarsúluna
Yfir skóg, flæðir niður brekkuna
Allt upp í loft! Ég mun aldrei gleyma! 
Því ég mun aldrei!

Hleypur um, rífur, leysir flækjurnar
(Upp með rótum) Með blik í augum!
Stórmerki, undur, brjótum bein í sundur!

Let yourself... go (Oh Oh Oh)
Let yourself... go (Oh Oh Oh)

Stay close to me
Count one, two and three
Up in through your sleeves
Bursting through the seams
Open your eyes and see

Stay close to me
Count one, two and three
Up in through your sleeves
Right beyond the trees
Show you how you'll be

Stay close to me
Count one, two and three
Up in through your sleeves
Bursting through the seams
Open your eyes and see - You'll see

Stay close to me... Count one, two, three
Up in your sleeves... You're right behind me
Stay close to me... Count one, two, three
Up in your sleeves... Burst through the seams

Open your eyes and see
You'll see (You'll see...)




Bilbo and Smaug 



Bilbo Baggins: I did not come to steal from you, O Smaug the Unassessably Wealthy. I merely wanted to gaze upon your magnificence, to see if you were as great as the old tales say. I did not believe them. 
Smaug: [strikes a pose] And do you, NOW? 
Bilbo Baggins: Truly songs and tales fall utterly short of your enormity, O Smaug the Stupendous... 
Smaug: Do you think flattery will keep you alive? 
Bilbo Baggins: No, no... 
Smaug: No, indeed! 
Smaug: Well, thief! I smell you, I hear your breath, I feel your air. Where are you? 
[moves in Bilbo's direction] 
Smaug: Where are you? 
[Bilbo runs, but Smaug hears his footsteps across the gold and follows] 
Smaug: Come now, don't be shy... step into the light. 
Smaug: There is something about you. Something you carry, something made of gold... but far more PRECIOUS... 
[Bilbo is assaulted by Sauron's eye and pulls off the ring] 
Smaug: [sees him] There you are, Thief in the Shadows! 
Thorin Oakenshield: Here! You witless worm! 
Smaug: YOU! 
Thorin Oakenshield: I'm taking back what you stole. 
Smaug: You will take NOTHING from me, dwarf. I laid low your warriors of old. I instilled terror in the hearts of men. I AM KING UNDER THE MOUNTAIN! 
Thorin Oakenshield: This is not your kingdom! These are dwarf lands. This is dwarf gold! And we will have our revenge! 
Smaug: You think you can deceive me, Barrel-Rider? You have come from Lake Town! This is some sort of scheme hatched between these filthy dwarves and those miserable tub-trading Lakemen, those snivelling cowards with their Longbows and Black Arrows! Perhaps it is time I paid them a visit! 
Bilbo Baggins: Oh, no... This isn't their fault! Wait! You can not go to Lake Town! 
Smaug: You care about them, do you? Good! Then you can watch them DIE! 
[Smaug is smothered with a deluge of molten gold] 
Smaug: [rises up] Revenge? REVENGE? I will show you revenge! 
[takes flight towards Lake Town] 
Smaug: I am fire! I am... death! 
[Smaug has been keeping the Arkenstone away from Bilbo throughout their talk, however he lets it fall within reach of Bilbo] 
Smaug: I am almost tempted to let you take it, if only to see Oakenshield suffer, watch it destroy him, watch it corrupt his heart and drive him mad... But I think not. I think our little game ends here! 
Smaug: Did you think I did not know this day would come, that a pack of canting dwarves would come crawling back to the Mountain? 
Smaug: You seem familiar with my name, but I don't remember smelling your kind before. Who are you and where do you come from, may I ask? 
Bilbo Baggins: I come from under the hill... 
Smaug: Underhill? 
Bilbo Baggins: ...and under the hill and over the hills my paths lead. And through the air! I am he who walks unseen! 
Smaug: Impressive titles. What else do you claim to be? 
[leans forward to smell Bilbo] 
Bilbo Baggins: Luck-Wearer... Ring-Winner... 
Smaug: Lovely titles... 
Bilbo Baggins: Barrel-Rider! 
Smaug: Barrels! Now that is interesting! 
Smaug: And what of your dwarf friends? Where are they hiding? 
Bilbo Baggins: Dwarves... No. No dwarves here. You've got that all wrong. 
Smaug: Oh, I don't think so, Barrel-Rider! They sent you in here to do their dirty work, while they skulk about outside! 
Bilbo Baggins: Truly, you are mistaken, O Smaug Chiefest and Greatest of All Calamities... 
Smaug: You have nice manners for a thief, and a LIAR! I know the smell and taste of dwarves, no one better! 
Smaug: The King Under the Mountain is dead! I took his throne, and ate his people like a wolf among sheep! I kill where I wish, WHEN I wish! My armour is iron, no blade can pierce me! 
Smaug: Oakenshield sent you in here for the Arkenstone, didn't he? 
Bilbo Baggins: No no no no no, I have no idea what you're talking about... 
Smaug: Don't bother denying it! I guessed his foul purpose some time ago! But it matters not. Oakenshield will fail... 
Smaug: You have been used, Thief in the Shadows. You were only ever a means to an end. The coward Oakenshield has weighed the value of your life and found it to be worth nothing... 
  • "Zu'u Alduin. Zok sahrot do naan ko Lein!" ― "I am Alduin. Most mighty of any in the World!"
  • "Zu'u lost daal." ― "I have returned."
  • "Nust wo ni qiilaan fen kos duaan." ― "Those who (do) not bow will be devoured."
  • "Pahlok joorre! Hin kah fen kos bonaar!" ― "Arrogant mortals! Your pride will be humbled."
  • "Di kiirre fen alok." ― "My children will arise."
  • "Kel drey ni viik." ― "The Elder Scroll did not defeat (me)."
  • "Hin sil fen nahkip bahloki." - "Your soul will feed (my) hunger."
  • "Fen du hin sille ko Sovngarde!" ― "(I) Will devour your souls in Sovngarde"
  • "Daar Lein los dii." ― "This World is mine."
  • "Dovahkiin, hin kah fen kos bonaar." ― "Dragonborn, your pride will be humbled."
  • "Sahloknir, krii daar joorre." - "Sahloknir, kill these mortals."
  • "Zu'u lost kriaan hi ont, nu hin sille fen nahkip suleyki." — "I've killed you once, now your souls will feed my power."
  • "Zu'u unslaad! zu'u nis oblaan!" ― "I am immortal, I cannot die!"
Hello :)
~About me~
My favorite color? 
My favorite dragon?
-Nemesis the Boneknapper-
My favorite place to go in SoD?
-Training Grounds or the Wilderness-
I'm Irish!
I'm also a girl. :)
I joined School of Dragons October 14th, 2013
So, I've played this game for a while now, ah ha.
Current dragons: 146
Current Boneknappers: 
Idk a lot

~If you have any problems with the game then I'll be happy to help!~













My art gallery: ( Some of it )


Nemesis, Falseking, and Blackheart. 

Nemesis: Boneknapper

Falseking: Deathsong

Blackheart: Razorwhip




Full picture




This is a drawing referenced off of Sandara's picture on Deviantart.





My derp OC named Imitationgame...He has a personality like Dagur!

(Actually, I referenced him off of Hook from the TV series called Once Upon a Time, lol)






Ever heard of Once Upon a Time? No? Maybe?!







Prince Hans?















Back to Once Upon a..  Time.








It's magic






Captain Swan! 













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What the...are you serious

What the...are you serious err...err...err 

*i dont know what to say*





















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First of all , hacking is not
First of all , hacking is not the right way! What are you doing with your life? You will lose friends. What do you get with this? Like what? Do you have satisfaction with saying that you have the good things and trying  to make the ones that don't have sad? Because if yes you are a awful person.
Please can someone tell me that this player is not being serious please.
Old player. 
I've been playing the game for 6 years now, and been on the forums for over 4 years. I'm not very active on here, but if you want to message me, you can!
Name: Immortal
Clan: Swift Champions (since 27/9/2015 - current day)

Trophies: 13.000+
Dragons: 100+
Join date: 24/4/2014

My screenshot collection thread ♦

My adopted dragons/OC'S/Art Requests 

Edited on the 04-03-2019

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hate to break it to ya i

hate to break it to ya i think he is serious

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I hate hackers sooooo mutch!

I hate hackers sooooo mutch!

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Stop people

Stop replying people. Notice he didn't give any of his in game info. 

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Wow. Just wow. Why would you

Wow. Just wow. Why would you ask hackers for help? Ok, yes. I understand that there are rumors about Icestorm Island being for members only, or even having to pay to get to the whole thing. But those might not be true. And you should have thought over some stuff before you posted this. Stuff like these things: (1) Oh wait, the forum has a lot of Stop the Hackers banners, and everything. The forum hates hackers, so maybe I shouldn't do this or I'll get a big load of hate. (2) Hackers are doing bad things to SoD, so maybe I shouldn't support them. (3) Maybe the new island will be for all people. If not, maybe I should think about this: SoD needs money, so I should pay or play fairly.(4) What makes me think the hackers will help me? Even if they did, they might just then hack my account for fun. (5) People will get very, very mad at me when I post this. (6) Maybe I should find out more about what the hackers have been doing to people before I ask for a hack. I have just given you six things. Hackers may not be the end of the world, but what they do is wrong. Very, very wrong. How would you feel if all your hard work, and dragons you love, just get tossed away by a hacker who was bored and wanted some fun? Would you be so happy to ask the hackers for help then? I get you want to go to this new, cool island, and have the new dragons, but hacking is not the right way to do it. Just play fairly. Please. 


                                                   WELCOME TO MY SIGGY!

You may call me Esp, DragonRiver, or Sommer.

My in-game name is Lsara


                                                                     My dragons:


Name: Opal

Gender: Female

Appearance: Blue with green

Personality: Like a mother to my other dragons.

Type: Monsterous Nightmare

History: I walked into the hatchery. There were so many eggs to choose from! Gobber had said a Gronkle, but they just didn't feel right. A Nadder was okay. But Zipplebacks loved to fight, and I couldn't handle that. I came around a corner and saw the Nightmare nest. On the edge of it was a shiny, blue egg. That was the one. I carefully picked it up and carried it over to the lava pool. I dropped it in and waited. It didn't take long for a pedestal to rise from the lava with the egg on it. The egg cracked, and then burst open. In the center of the shells was a tiny blue nad green dragon. It looked at me, and I knew I had chosen the right egg. "Your name will be Opal." I whispered.


Name: Glacier

Gender: Female

Appearance: Dark teal with lighter teal

Personality: A bit evil, sinister.

Type: Whispering Death

History: "Well this is creepy." I said. My Nightmare, Opal, let out a soft roar and blasted out a bit of flame to light the tunnel up ahead. We were in the Whispering Death tunnels because Hiccup had wanted us to check them out for anything. We turned a corner and came to a lake. A real underground lake with a waterfall, and fish leaping from the murky water. We stopped to get a fish and were about to go back up when I saw a box with an Outcast crest on it. "What's this? What do you think, Opal?" I asked the blue and green dragon. "We could take one back to show Hiccup." I said to myself. I picked up a teal egg and hopped on Opals back. We flew out of the tunnels and showed Hiccup. "Hmm. Outcast crest, you say? I'll look into it. Hey, maybe you can keep the egg?" "Really?" I asked Hiccup. "Sure. it needs a home with a good dragon trainer." He said. "Oh wow!" I raced to the hatchery and put the egg in lava. I watched it crack and a dark teal head poked out. "What will your name be, little girl?" I asked. The baby looked up at me and bared its teeth. "Haha, you're an angry dragon aren't you? How about....Glacier?" I said. "Yes. your name will be Glacier."



Name: Evergreen

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dark green with lighter green

Personality: Angry all the time. Likes to follow Glacier.

Type: Whispering Death

History: "We'll get someone for you to be with, Glacier!" I said. One of the other Whispering Death eggs hadn't been taken by anyone when Hiccup put them in the store. I had taken the egg and was now hopping around the lava pool as I waited for the egg to hatch. Glacier seemed..Tolarant of my antics. "Oh! It's hatching!" I said. I looked at the egg as it broke open. A small green head snapped out and growled at me. "Woah, boy. Calm down. Must be a Whispering Death thing, huh?" I said to the dark green dragon glaring at me. "How about your name be.....Green? No. Way to simple. Evergreen!" I said. "Hello Evergreen."



Name: Sasha

Gender: Female

Appearance: Red with purple

Personality: Cheerful, but, as with all Storm Cutters, proud.

Type: Storm Cutter

History: I rushed to the traders shop. Storm Cutter eggs had just come in! I ran in. "Hey there! Do you have any Storm Cutter eggs left?" I asked. "Well there is one. No one wanted it so I was going to put it back where I found it." Trader Johhan said to me. "Oh no! I'll take the egg." I said. "Ok. I'm glad someone wanted it." He handed me a purple and red egg. I took it and ran outside. I rushed to the hatchery and put it in the lava. I watched as a tiny red and purple head covered in frills came out. "You are one lovely girl!" I said softly as the Storm Cutter ruffled its four wings. "Hmm. Sunset? No. You don't have those colors. What will be your name then? Ooo! Sasha?" I said. The baby almost seemed to nod its head. "Ok, Sasha. Welcome to the world!"



Name: Lilac

Gender: Female

Appearance: Light purple with dark purple belly

Personality: A prankster that will do anything to get metal. 

Type: Smothering Smoke Breath

History: "I'll never get one, I guess." I said sadly to Sasha as I watched a Smoke Breath fly over me. I had always wanted one, but I was a few gems short. The Storm Cutter looked at me sympathetically. "There are so few ways to get gems." I said to myself. I turned away and walked toward my house. I opened the door, went up-staires, and got it bed. I soon fell asleep. The next day, Hiccup had a job for me. "I need you to get these things for me. I can pay you gems for it!" Hiccup said to me. I looked at the list. Gems! That was just what I needed! "Ok Hiccup!" I snached the list and ran off. I took the entire day to find the things needed, but I finally got them all. "Thanks. Here you go!" Hiccup handed me a pouch of gems. "Thank you so much!" I said. I ran off yet again. This time it was to the store. "Here are the gems." I handed the gems to trader Johhan. I flew to the hatchery and put the egg in lava. Smoke filled the room and I looked down at a pale purple baby. "Lilac!" I blurted out. It seem right. "Your name will be Lilac. You like that, right?"



Name: Orca

Gender: Female

Appearance: Black with white belly and spots

Personality: Friendly, LOUD.

Type: Thunderdrum

History: "What do you think I'll get out of it?" I asked my dragons as they crowded around me. I had saved enough gems to get an egg box and I was about to open it. I slowly lifted the lid and looked inside. A crackling pale blue egg was inside. "A Thunderdrum!" I said. I lifted it up and carried it inside the hatchery. I put it in the Tidal Class hatching place. It was a pool of warm water. I looked on as the crackling surface of the egg broke open and a black and white head popped out and sent and gentle sonic blast playfully into my face. "Nice to see you too." I said, laughing. "How about we call you Orca?" I asked the baby. She sent another blast into my face. "Ha! Orca it it then!"


Name: Sila

Gender: Female

Appearance: White with light teal fins and barb

Personality: Fierce, but has a small soft side. Is very lonely, because her pack abandoned her.

Type: Speedstinger

History: "What? There is no way an entire pack of Speedstingers could be here without us knowing." I told Hiccup. "It's true, Lsara. I saw something around here that looked like a Speedstinger, so there must be a pack." He replied. "I need you to look for it." I stared at him. "And where should I go first?" I asked. "Try around caves, and places for them to get food. Near a fishing pool." He told me. "Ugh! Fine. But if I don't find anything then I get to tell you "I told you so."" And then I got on Sasha and flew toward the nearest cave I knew about. But the longer I looked around it, the more it felt wrong. "I can't think today. Of course Speedstingers would go to a place where no one could find them so easily." I scolded myself. Sasha nodded. "Okay. Lead the way to the place you want to go." I sighed as I got on the Storm Cutter. She shot in the air and headed towards the icy glaciers that were at the very far side of Icestorm Island. "And why didn't I think of this?" I asked Sasha as I looked around. There was an overhang, and a pool of fish. Perfect for a pack of dragons, no matter if they were flightless. Sasha curled up to sleep. And then I heard a growl. A white Speedstinger was standing on a ledge above me. I slowly started creeping towards it. I looked around for signs of a pack. A small pile of fish there, scrapes in the ice for nests here. But no sign of any other Speedstingers. "Uh..Hi there." I said. The Speedstinger roared, but didn't move. "W-why are you all alone here girl?" I asked, mostly to myself. When I said this, the Speedstinger made something that sounded almost like a whimper, and flattened her crest down, something that was a sign of peace. "Why don't you have a pack?" I kept talking in a soothing voice as I slowly inched closer and closer. And then I was right next to it. It made another soft growl, but didn't stop me as I reached out to touch it. I ran my hand along her back, and watched her. "Sila." I whispered. The Speedstingers head shot up, and she looked at me. "Could I name you Sila?" I asked. She narrowed her eyes and growled. I backed away, sensing it was time to go. I woke up Sasha and started to get on her. I heard something behind me, and saw the Speedstinger had walked right up to me. She seemed lonely, but not sure what do. "Y-you can come, Sila." I told her. And then I started walking back. She followed.



Name: Tsunami and Typhoon

Gender: Female

Appearance: Blue with sea green belly and gray-blue details.

Personality: Typhoon likes to fight a lot, and is rather hot-headed. Tsunami is more polite, but is really still the same.

Type: Hideous Zippleback

History: "Wonder what we'll get this time. Another Thunderdrum?" I asked my dragons. I had yet another egg box on the table, and was ready to open it. "Okay..Ready!" I lifted the lid. A blue and gray egg was there. "A Zippleback!" I cried. I had never liked Zipplebacks. They were always fighting. "Well, I will love it anyway. Come on." I carried the egg to the hatchery and popped it in the lava. "I hope it will be nice." I said to myself. It cracked open. A blue, blue-gray, and sea green Zippleback was there. They were already tangled in one another. I sighed, but I already kind of liked them. "Okay. I have the feeling you might fight. So something fierce. And you have the colors of the ocean, or maybe sky, so that helps. What though?" I wondered out loud. "Well. You will be Typhoon." I said, pointing to the head that was snapping at the other. "And...You could be...Wave? Just no. Ooo! Storm?! Nah. Wait, didn't Hiccup tell me about those...Storms at sea once? They were big waves-Tsunami!" I shouted to the more quite looking head. Not quite by much, anyway. "I'm alread having fun with you guys." I said.


My OC's


Coming Soon!


I am against hacking!!!





  I am leader of the clan SkyLeapers!


Clan banners/home page is coming soon!




Nice of you to make it to the end!

I will give you a cookie as a gift!








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Well, If you want to hack and get banned, asking here is not such a good idea.


I may have done some things I regret here on this forum.

Only using this account for the release of Timberjacks.

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u serious really hackers will never help u ever the only thing they will do for your account is delete it unless they truley are your friend they will never help u all they care about is helping them selves so really and they destroy our game u want a membership buy one never ever cheat ever!!!!!1


Revamping currently!



Things to know:  

  1. Any Artwork in here, click on it to see who made it.

2. My Profile Picture is by 1flower.

3. Do not take art from this signature without approval.


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Image result for i looked at him and i saw myself

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  That's all folks!

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Um. *reads post again* Lol


*reads post again*

Lol what?


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Hacking is not only

Hacking is not only cheating... it is stealing. above all it is wrong! If you let one person hack your account to giv eyou a membership that means they can get into your account at will and do what ever they want, it's a risk your taking asking for a hacker's help.




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-Falls into cold water -

 Really dude, Hacking is bad. Work for that money :P DUH!


                                            What is Up Dude its been forever

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Not all hacking is bad but this guy is low

Before anyone tries to yell at me I'm going to clearly state that I don't know HTML, and HTML5 so I can't hack SOD because i don't know how and i'm not inclined to since it requires me to learn a whole new language. However I do hack the software in toasters, microwaves, cars, GPS, and my cellphone to make it work better for me. Not all hackers are bad, some actually hack for a living to test a computer's security and firewalls and give the data back to legit companies for their paycheck. Then there are people like the guy who started this thread who are just really low people. 


I often attend Hackathons and hack stuff in my spare time. But I do not hack for the sake of getting free stuff. I personally hate black hackers (it's what the hacking community calls those who hack for malicious or criminal intent) as they are the hacking equivalent of trolls and they make the hacking community look like terrible people when it isn't the case. 


Well this rant is over. Time to go hack my lawnmower. I'm going to get some extremely negative backlash with this post


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The Legend of Garth of Izar: 

Book 1: The Fall of Izar

Lost Tales of Izar

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Chances of Receiving a Certain Powerup From the Mystery Box of Powerups Study


The Book of Dragons (it's a work in progress I'm trying to organize all the tips and tricks on the forums into something that's browsable)


The Bejeweled Chest Fiasco, Me and harbinger (my deathsong) investigate the mystery of the random chests and we find a big one!



I enjoy: HTTYD, Halo, Destiny, Aldnoah Zero, Sword Art Online, RWBY. Assassin's Creed, Avatar the Last Airbender, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Engineering, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, building airplanes and rockets, and making the impossible possible. 

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If you zap a dead fish right you can restart it's heart and then it becomes a problem, especially if it's supposed to be your dinner. 


"It was going well until it exploded"


"It's just a mild calibration error" 


"I'm not crazy I'm completely insane and i enjoy every minute of it!"



Monstrous Nightmare: Sunbreaker (M) (Broadwing)


The first dragon I come across on berk, goes around doing his own thing most of the time. Likes taking care of baby dragons so he stays in the stables alot. Though he will come out to play fireball frenzy. He loves showing off and as he always shoots fire at the sun at least once a day hoping to finally catch that light. 


Deadly Nadder: Whirlwind (F) (Broadwing)

Fast and agile Whirlwind is one of my racing dragons. She is often the one trusted to lead the herd when Sunbreaker is away. She loves mirrors and shiny objects. She also preens alot. 


Thunderdrum: SONAR (M) (Broadwing)

A blind thunderdrum, uses sound to navigate. Really loud and loves singing (not everyone else enjoys it though).


Scauldron: Wavedancer (F) (Broadwing)

Boiling water and a knack for mischief, this scauldron often plays pranks on fishing boatsby stealing their catch and doubling it. 


Tide Glider: Riptide (F) (Broadwing)

My main riding dragon, she is shy around new people but will never back down from a fight. She is the first dragon I tamed while on Izar, and my main dragon for fun stuff in the game.


Skrill: Teslan (F) (Broadwing)

Often charges my electrical lab equipment and is my main racing dragon.


Raincutter: Drizzle (F) (Broadwing)

Likes rain, helps me out at the forge and in the lab 


Stormcutter: Chinook (M) (Broadwing)

This stormcutter was found riding the chinooks as a baby he likes warm winds and long flights in the mountains.


Zippleback: Ayre & Dance (M) (Broadwing)

One head sleeps while the other one searches for food. Two headed efficiency at its finest.


Sand Wraith: Luna (F) (Broadwing)

Found on the Onyx beach, this sand wraith looks like the surface of the moon


Changewing: Glass (F) (Broadwing)

Loves hide and seek, and likes turning invisible and scaring vikings into thinking there is a ghost. 


Woolly Howl: Athabasca (F) (Broadwing)

Named after the Princess, Glacier, River and Lake bearing the same name she like cold weather and enjoys dragon nip tea


Shivertooth: Blizzard (M) (Broadwing)

Found on Icestorm Island harrasing groncicles, has a grudge with Yellowknife


Flightmare: Aurora (F) (Broadwing)

Likes flying around Icestorm Island


Speed Stinger:Scramjet (F) (Broadwing)

Always moves with her mouth open reminded me of a scramjet


Typhoomerang: Scorch (F) (Broadwing)

Likes scorching eels, hates eating them


Hobblegrunt: Tlaloc (M) (Broadwing)

Named after the Aztec god of rain Tlaloc likes splashing in puddles


Sweet Death: Ambrosia (M) (Shortwing)

sits around all day bothering the bees


Shockjaw: Ion (F) (Broadwing)

Ion likes swimming in saltwater and plasma


Fireworm Queen: Fusion (F) (Shortwing)

Very protective even as a baby


Fireworm Queen2: Pulsar (F) (Shortwing)

Very adventurous even as a baby is blue for some reason


Smothering Smokebreath: Charla (F) (Shortwing)

Loves eating charcoal


Groncicle: Yellowknife (M) (Broadwing)

named after the capital of the Northwest Territories and found on Icestorm Island


Rumblehorn: Shieldbreaker (M) (Broadwing)

Guess what his favorite hobby is?


Scuttleclaw: Ammolite (F) (Shortwing)


Moldruffle: Fel (M) (Baby)

Mudraker: Mudkip (M) (Baby)

Grapple Grounder 1: Yin (M) (Shortwing)

Grapple Grounder 2: Yang (F) (Shortwing)

Snow Wraith: Frostbite (M) (Shortwing)

Prickleboggle: Nightingale (F) (Baby)

Sliquifier: Sedna (F) (Baby)
Razorwhip 1: Tomahawk (M) (Baby)
Razorwhip 2:  Katara (F) (Baby)
Deathsong: Harbinger (F) (Broadwing)
Snaptrapper: Mistletoe (F) (Baby)
After rescuing a freezing egg on Snoggletog's eve this Snaptrapper was born the next day in the middle of winter. 
Thunderpede: Magnitude (M) (Baby)
Timberjack: Maple (F) (Baby)


Slithering Fluoroscale by Nightmarerebuff: Silica

Found when flying around Berk eating elderberries off the bushes, hates raspberries.


(Former Clan: Order of the White Lotus)


Current Clan: The Dragon Racers


On the Subject of Hackers

please read this link, it helps to identify the different types of hackers. I have hacked computers, and servers in the past (despite not being the best at code) but I never do it for personal gain. Unfortunately the hackers most people refer to on the internet are crackers so they bring a bad light on the hacking community in general. I only learned to hack code because I needed to in order to hack my microwave and other software in my house.


Don't be a Cracker you ruin it for everyone!

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This is obviously a troll.

This is obviously a troll. Why?


1. Notice the date? They just came here today. How could they know about the whole island without coming on forum before hand? This just doesn't make sense.


2. Notice all the "Hackers the best" and the Speed stinger picture? They went hevily on the pro-hackers stuff in the middle of a forum with Admins and Anti-hackers, which would basically be the equivalent of jumping into a pit full of deadly snakes.




If I did not make sense in some of this sorry I have a bad cold and it's turning my brain to mush >.< But I honestly think this is a troll, or the stupidest pro-hackers person in the world. 


~ Flyleaf


Hello... Please call me Blue.

Please do not DM me with any requests! I may consider art trades.




WIP from here on out, folks.







CREDIT TO: NightmareRebuff

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I have one question-qhy
Why you hack this amazing game
And soon come new update this mean end of hackers


My dragons and me

1437754971839.jpgmy viking in future (made by me)







untitled.pngglaurung-made by me

received_662662483878861.jpegIMG_20150501_175914.jpgsorry for my bad camera






PicsArt_1426495896216.jpgPicsArt_1425395315283.jpgPicsArt_1424622240268.jpg PicsArt_1425109577622.jpgPicsArt_1425459530394.jpgPicsArt_1424622325850.jpgPicsArt_1425459715877.jpgPicsArt_1424622418615.jpgPicsArt_1423940937900.jpg


PicsArt_1438081153047.jpg  PicsArt_1438083909444.jpgPicsArt_1424799663840.jpgPicsArt_1423941000103.jpgDSC_0027.jpgIMG_20141122_141217.jpgIMG_20141112_174557.jpgPicsArt_1425589345054.jpgPicsArt_1425588623769.jpg


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I have one question-why
Why you hack this amazing game
And soon come new update this mean end of hackers

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I have one question-why
Why you hack this amazing game
And soon come new update this mean end of hackers

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Tree pull POOOST! ((RAREZ!)

Tree pull POOOST!




Hello All! I'm Locked out of Dracoeyes Right now so I'm having to play as this File, Recent Stuff for my Normal Dracoeyes file's Siggy  will remain here until I Return to my account Dracoeyes.

Thanks for Reading this Boring Part as Well.


 I made a Profile pic!

Thanks all for. . . Something!


My New Profile Pic will be used on my Normal File as Well. (Dracoeyes)





Name:  ShimmerWraith

Gender: Female

Fertility: 40%

Personality: (Kind, Adventurous, Helpful, and TrustWorthy) 

Like a hidden Jewel, she likes to remain kind and Helpful in the background,

 Also Like Gem when Found, she is something you will remember and treasure as a friend.   

Rarity: Uncommen


ShimmerWraith's Son

Name: NightStreak

Gender: Male

Personailty: An Adventurous Little Guy who loves to Follow the Leader to his parents,

Unless it means Time-out, He can't stand Sitting still, and Often Is being tricked by his little Brother.

(1Flower's New Hatchling)

Rarity: Two Ton, Rare

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Subject? What subject?

DON'T FEED THE TROLLS. That is all. Goodbye.



You can call me Geek or Geekdom for short. I'm a girl, by the way.

Thank you, AllyNadderRider, for my profile picture!

My fandoms include *deep breath* Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, MLP, HTTYD, Marvel, Ranger's Apprentice, and Narnia.

Here are my OCs and adoptables:


First up is Allie, my main OC.

Her dragon is Excelsior, a stormcutter. The picture of her and Excelsior is by Scorpio Kardia, and the one of just her is by Pixel.

Allie's organized and practical, but still really absentminded at times. She's awkward around people she doesn't know very well and when it comes to muscles she's pretty wimpy, but she can whip up a pretty great strategy. If only people would listen to her when she tried to explain it. She really doesn't like hurting other people or animals, and that's not even including the fact that she feels queasy around blood.

Her weapon of choice is a hairbrush. Why? Even I don't know.


Then there's Kara.


Kara was an Outcast, but now she lives in Berk. It's a long story. I might write a fanfic about it... eventually. The razorwhip edit is by NadderMeGood. Drawing of Kara by MistyNight.

Kara is spunky and stubborn. She's tough as nails, and she's suspicious of any kindness. She grew up in a very dog-eat-dog world, after all. Her weapon is a warhammer, and she primarily rides a razorwhip named Shine, though the armorwing from the Battle for the Edge expansion and the singetail from the Return to Dragon Island expansion are also her dragons.


Next up we have Starr.

[No pictures of Starr currently]

I use her for next-gen roleplays. Starr has long, blonde hair and dark green eyes. Her bonenapper, Crypt, is still young and doesn't have a full armour. This picture of him is by TosiLohi.

Starr is shy and quiet. She really loves maps and mapping, and she's good at rock-climbing. Crypt is cocky and stubborn and refuses to listen to a word Starr says. She found him as an egg, which is why I have this awesome picture by Gorginia47:


Finally, there's Lissa.

[No pictures of Lissa currently]

She's another one for next-gen things. She's short and kind of pudgy, with black hair and grey-blue eyes. Her dragon, Santa Claws, is a battered red/white/green groncicle.

Lissa is really good with animals. She's kind and compassionate. Santa escaped from Drago a while ago, but his experience there left him scarred both emotionally and physically. Lissa was able to help him work through his trauma, and the two forged a powerfully unbreakable bond.


Here are my adoptables. On the newer ones (as of 10/17/16) the dragon species name is a link to the adoptable thread. If I get around to digging up some of the older threads I'll link them too, but that may not happen.



These are Ithil, Anor, and Earendil, my Spacial Beauties. They're siblings: moon, sun, and stars.

Ithil is named for the moon in Elvish, from The Lord of the Rings; he's playful and always ready for a romp and a good time. When vikings around him are drinking mead, he likes to take a sip, and he becomes very goofy and then falls asleep, soundly and for a long time.

Anor, on the other hand, is the sun. She is quieter and more reserved. She's very observant and sees a lot of things that go on in Berk. She likes napping in the sunlight, which her scales reflect blindingly. She loves plants and everything that grows, and often tries to help them along, with varying success.

Earendil's namesake is one of the brightest stars of Middle-Earth; she's shy and reserved. She loves to explore and find places where nobody's ever been before. She likes boats, and never gets seasick. Earendil can make the parts of her that look like stars glow brightly, even blinding those who threaten her or her friends. She hates spiders.

Name: Anuniaq

Species: Keelut


Starr was exploring the north with her boneknapper, Crypt, mapping the scattered islands. After she made camp one night, however, she discovered a lot of stores were missing the next day. She found doglike tracks running through the snow, but after she followed them for twenty yards, they disappeared. When she studied the depth and angle of the last tracks compared to the previous ones, though, it looked like it had taken flight, like it was a dragon--but what dragon had prints like a dog?

She sketched the prints in her notebook and set off through the air with Crypt to track the dragon. Though Crypt was not an exceptional tracker, he was able to follow the scent of the stolen food fairly well. They landed near a hollow, where Starr saw a smallish dragon devouring the last of her stolen supplies.

Using the rest of her supplies, she lured the dragon back to Berk. She soon found it had a curious mind and was eager for adventure, much like herself. The two formed a bond as Starr took care of the creature, who seemed to have been fairly hungry up in the north. She named the dragon "Anuniaq", a name that to those of the north she came from meant "Hunts for Food". Another translation was "Hunts for Knowledge", which was also accurate. Starr took Anuniaq with her often on her exploring journeys up north. Not only did the dragon get to visit her homeland again, she was also excellent at navigating the area, and her uncanny ability to locate food meant they could travel lighter, packing fewer supplies.

Adopted from: ladybrasa

Name: Buckbeak

Species: Thorny Sea Hound


Allie enjoyed sitting down to fish, getting a chance to just relax. Today, she'd borrowed a boat and was out fishing on the open ocean. Excelsior was circling the area, flying around. Allie had caught a lot of fish and was getting ready to return home when suddenly, many dragons swooped in on her and began attacking. She pulled out her hairbrush (her weapon of choice, don't judge) and swung it, but it passed right through the creatures. She was confused, but the dragons soon disappeared again. Odd.

When she turned around, she suddenly realized her entire day's catch had been stolen! Through the water, she caught a glimpse of a long purple creature sliding away through the water. She called Excelsior to her and followed it. It looked like some kind of dragon. She called Excelsior, mounted, and followed the new dragon.

Before long they caught up to it, sitting on the shore and eating the last of Allie's fish.  It was a beautiful dragon, and Allie walked up to it cautiously, not knowing how it would behave. It fixed her with a stare of its eyes, and somehow she felt it was sizing her up, deciding if she was worthy. She trusted her instincts about this, and also about what he was looking for. She kept her eyes open, not blinking, and stared it in the eyes as she gave it a short bow. It paused for a moment, then lowered its own head, returning the bow. Allie reached up and stroked its nose. The nose felt hard, kind of like a beak. In her mind, Allie began calling the dragon Buckbeak.

It lowered its neck, allowing her to mount, then took her for a ride across the top of the ocean. It was amazingly fast, and the water splashing her was cool and refreshing. Before long, it returned her to the rocky area, where Excelsior was waiting.

She took off, and Buckbeak didn't follow, but she often returned (especially on hot days) to visit him and go for a ride.

(Okay, maybe this dragon reminded me a bit of a hippogriff.)

Adopted from: WitcherForever

Name: Forest Light (Light for short)

Species: Cave Raider (Hatchling)


Lissa and Santa Claws, her groncicle, were out scouting the forest. They were so absorbed in watching the wildlife on the forest floor that they didn't notice the clouds beginning to gather until, with a rumble of thunder, the clouds opened up and poured down on them. Soaked through, Lissa turned back, but soon spotted a cave. She'd much rather stop there until the storm abated than head all the way back to Berk, and Santa seemed eager to reach shelter as well. Raindrops were freezing on his cold skin, weighing him down.

They landed in the cave, and Santa began ridding himself of the raindrops with his claws and teeth. Lissa started heading towards the back of the cave to explore. She thought she saw a faint glow ahead. Interested, she moved closer, then realized it was a dragon, and not just any dragon, a mother with a nest! She knew better than to mess with one of those, but it wasn't a dragon she'd ever seen before, and she was absolutely fascinated. So instead of backing away, she walked forward slowly. The dragon turned and growled at her, and Lissa noticed the glowing spines--fascinating! Hiccup would never forgive her if she let an opportunity like that go to waste. She lifted a hand. "It's okay," she whispered. If you used a high-pitched, fast voice, animals would get riled up, but a low and slow one would calm them, a fact Lissa knew well and would use to her advantage. "It's okay," she said again, forcing herself to be calm, practically exuding calm. Carefully, she reached up and stroked the dragon's nose soothingly.

Lissa wasn't a very talented girl, but this was where the talents she did have lay, in calming and understanding dragons, or any animal, really. She rarely used dragon nip, which felt like cheating to her. But this dragon was fairly calm already.

She grinned and started to walk towards the eggs, but a growl from the mother alerted her that she wasn't trusted that much yet. She backed away from the eggs, which seemed to earn her some more trust from the mother.

She continued to stroke that dragon, running her fingers down the neck, along the back, across the wings, down the tail. The dragon seemed to like that a lot, so Lissa continued for a while. In fact, what she was doing was memorizing the dragon's curves so she could describe it to Hiccup.

She heard the rain outside start to lessen and turned to head back outside, but the mother dragon made a little rumble that clearly meant, wait just one second. Then she turned to the eggs and nosed one towards Lissa, a foresty green one with bluer and yellower patches. The yellow patches glowed. Lissa gasped as she realized what the mother was telling her. Tenderly, she picked it up. "I'll take good care of it," she promised solemnly.

The glowing egg lit Lissa's way back through the tunnel, and she found Santa all ready to go. The rain had stopped now, so she mounted up, still holding the egg carefully, and headed back to Berk to tell Hiccup. He was excited she'd discovered a new species, and when the egg hatched, he sketched it from every angle while Lissa tried desperately to convince the dragon (who she'd named Forest Light) to sit still. He was a curious, adventurous fellow, and he loved riding on Santa when Lissa went anywhere. He was incredibly loyal and never left her side, and though he was extremely reluctant when he first learned to fly, he got the hang of it more quickly than any other dragon Lissa had seen. She took him often to visit his mother, but the visits didn't usually last very long, as the mother dragon had plenty of other babies on her hands.

Light wasn't really Lissa's dragon, not fully. Hiccup had a large hand in his training, too, and he soon showed an affinity for herding both sheep and small dragons, making him invaluable around the village. Lissa liked to joke that once he grew up, he'd keep the entire village full of dragons under control.

Adopted from: Valoris620

Species: Wardenrain

Backstory: Starr was, as usual, exploring. Crypt, her boneknapper, was exhausted, so she was forced to land on the first island that came into view. He collapsed into sleep as soon as they touched the ground, and she knew she wouldn't be able to wake him up, under any circumstances, for several hours.

Unfortunately, he'd landed right next to a lake, and the lake was full of scauldrons. They weren't hungry enough to leave the water, but they were still eyeing Crypt. Starr noticed rainclouds approaching, and realized that if it rained, the water would rise up to Crypt, and the scauldrons would eat him. As the first drops began to fall, she prepared herself to fight the scauldrons, but not with much hope of success.

Suddenly, she heard wingflaps above her. A strange dragon she'd never seen before was flying overhead, basking in the rain, and somehow drawing it to herself so that little of it fell. To show her appriciation, Starr caught the dragon a large pile of fish, which it ate eagerly.  She wasn't able to convince it to return to Berk with her, but whenever she returns to that area, she can always find it, and it's usually eager to play.

Adopted from: chameishida

Name: Celestia
Species: Psyche Keeper
Adopted from: Krazykira24
Celestia watches over the element of light. As such, she is extremely attracted to shiny things.

Name: Revenge

Species: Ballistic Silentwing

Personality: Revenge is, as her name suggests, very vengeful. But that's not the only side to her nature. She's also very nurturing to younger dragons and more forgiving of them than of others. She enjoys flying and doing tricks, but she's very competitive. I don't let her compete, because she'll make it less fun for others.

Adopted from: chameishida

Name: Baby

Species: Starstruck

Backstory: I was walking by myself in the woods when I heard a keening yelp. I ran towards the noise, which sounded like an injured dragon. I burst into a clearing to see a baby starstruck being attacked by a boar. Knowing how rare they were, I wanted to save it, so I attacked the boar with nothing but a small dagger. Both I and the starstruck got pretty injured, but I managed to drive off the boar. The dragon and I had to work together to get back to Berk all right. By the time we were done, we'd formed a bond. I called her Baby while we were in the woods, just as a nickname, but she refused to answer to anything else later.

Adopted from: chameishida

Name: Countershade

Species: Boomballoon

Adopted from: chmeishida

(Picture approximately life-size)

Name: Juniper

Species: Woodland Sprite

Adopted from: Duskdaybreak

Name: Ceridwynn

Species: Deathwing

Personality: Ceridwynn is a Welsh name meaning "poetry" and it certainly fits this graceful beauty! She loves the sea, especially the waves, and she likes me to read her poetry. Her call is a series of rythmic clicks.

Adopted from: kimbenoso


Name: Mako

Species: Waverazer

Personality: Fierce, but with an insatiable appetite for fish. Kind of a loner, he usually hangs out by himself- or with sharks.

Adopted from: RaxForax

Name: Sanskrit

Species: Paranoid Sandskitter

Adopted from: NightmareRebuff (as a reward for participating in a challenge)

Name: Analog

Species: Banded Featherlure

Personality: Analog is artistic, drawing much better doodles than Toothless with her muscular tail. They're not as good as a human's, but the objects are recognizable. I've never understood why she was such a loner, since her species usually comes in packs.

Adopted from: Amberleaf

Name: Seafoam

Species: Smoothskin

Backstory: Seafoam was one of my very first dragons. I passed her beached on the shore, floundering around and trying to return to the water. It took me a long time to convince her to trust me and let me help her get back into the water, but after that she was always swimming around when I came into the water and bringing me fish to thank me. I'm not sure if this is quite a dragon bond or one of those life-debt things, but I love her all the same whichever it might be.

Adopted from: Maijic

Name: Opalescence

Species: Egg Biter

Personality: (In four words) Quiet, playful, cheerful, motherly

Adopted from: snowflake12298

Name: Rush

Species: Firefang

Backstory (short): Unlike some stories, in which people go out looking for dragons to train, Rush went looking for a human to train. He uses certain noises to get me to do certain things--so I guess I'm pretty well-trained!

Adopted from: snowflake12298


Name: Rowena

Species: Golden Snitch Dragon

Personality: Rowena is quiet, but not because she's shy. She's more... arrogant. She's highly strategic and constantly creams everyone at chess. She considers humans to be beneath her, but will deign to consort with a few she has deemed worthy.

Backstory: I was glancing out the window of my tower when I first saw her fly past. I was instantly in love with the shimmering swirls of silver on her body, the feathers on her elbows, and her elegant, floating wings. I saw the golden ball she was carrying, carved with words in an elaborate script, but before I could make out the words, she was gone.

It took me weeks to find her again. She was perched on top of the tower, where she apparently made her home, and it was quite a challenge to get up there. She flew away whenever I tried to approach her with a broomstick; she seemed to consider it cheating. So I had to climb. When I reached her, she wouldn't let me approach. She simply rolled the ball towards me, and I saw that every inch was covered in riddles, ones much harder than the ones the common room door usually gave me. She seemed to have collected the best ones for a long time, decades, maybe centuries. I examined them all thoroughly, until I could recite them backwards in my sleep, but I had no idea. Defeated, I was forced to retreat.

I spent hours every day in the library, reading every book remotely related to any of the riddles. It was hard work, but I'm stubborn. After three weeks of hard studying, I was ready. I returned to the tower, and when she returned the ball to me, I answered her riddles. She consented to allow me to come close to her and to touch her. She refused to let me ride her, though.

After that, she came down to the common room sometimes. Sometimes she'd curl up in front of the fire or sit next to me and read over me shoulder as I did my homework--that drove me crazy, because she was constantly making disapproving noises when she felt I did something wrong and always made me second-guess myself, but I got great grades on those assignments! Most of the time, though, she played chess with anyone and everyone who was willing to play her. After the first three times she creamed them, most people weren't willing anymore. But like I said, I'm stubborn. I read books about chess technique, learned from my mistakes, watched her technique as I played her time and time again, and one fateful day, I beat her.

She allowed me to ride on her back for the first time.

I'll never forget that day. It was different entirely from broomstick, hippogriff, winged horse, or any other method of flying I've ever tried, and it was better than any of them. The next day, as I climbed up to her tower as usual, I expected another ride, but I was wrong. She would only grant me a ride after I had beaten her at chess, which was a rare occurence no matter what I did. But it was worth being beaten a thousand times over just for one flight.

Adopted from: IisRandom

Extra facts: This is a Harry Potter-universe dragon. Thus, she belongs to my HP OC Zenna instead of any of my HTTYD OCs. Also, Snitch Dragons are usually much smaller, but Rowena is several centuries old. Future Ravenclaws may well find her atop the tower, but beware. Her riddles only get harder as time goes on.


Name: Nimrodel

Species: Shimmering Seascale

Adopted from: CoolerthanDragons

Name: Ozymandias

Species: Galedron

Personality: Ozymandias likes to think he's feirce, and no doubt he was in his younger days. Now, though, he's just a teddy bear. An elderly teddy bear. He hoards shiny things, and he'll do all he can in protection of them, which usually just means sleeping on top of them... very soundly. One time a herd of somethering smokebreaths came through and stole his entire hoard out from under him, and he didn't even twitch.

Adopted from: Ashley40

Name: Romphaia

Species: Frilled Parrotbeak

Adopted from: Cerebellum

Name: Equinox
Species: Dewmist
Adopted from: Cerebellum

Name: Snarl

Species: Skull Screamer

Adopted from: Golden Scarlet

Snarl is not tamed. He actually really hates my OC, Allie.

(before metamorphosis)




(after metamorphosis)
Name: Lena
Species: Outrageous Windshrike
Adopted from: NightmareRebuff

Name: Azmavarim

Species: Cyclonewing

Adopted from: Snowflake12298

Name: Altus

Species: Triple Stryke

(Short) Backstory: Altus saw Excelsior flying around one day and saw that their coloring was very similar. For some reason, he seemed inclined to trust her, so he followed her home. He was slower to trust Allie, but eventually the pair bonded, though Altus still seemed to prefer Excelsior, and took directions from her more readily than those from Allie.

Adopted from: donnala

Name: Orthanc

Species: This creature actually has no official name, but I call it a Flitterwing.

Backstory: I was walking in the woods when I found its egg. I took it back to Berk and raised it. It became very mischevious, and frightened me by turning into a cocoon for two weeks. I had never seen a species like it before. I suggested it be called a Flitterwing, but the Riders were doubtful.

Names: Nivelle and Solace

Species: Pollen Wing

Personality: Pollen wings are all about taking care of plants. This pair lives in an apple tree near the Great Hall and helps all the plants in Berk grow. Though they're siblings, these dragons are polar opposites. Nivelle loves winter, ice, and snow; Solace's favorite season is summer, the time of sun and warmth. 'Nivelle' means 'snow' in Latin; 'Solace' means 'sun'. Even so, the two work well together.

Name: Laurelindorenan

Species: Elemental Jabberjaw

Adopted From: The Ecliptic Eight

Extra: She's a kind of elemental drago. Her element is (obviously) earth.

Name: Umbra

Species: Jabberjaw

Personality: Umbra is a feisty little girl with a nose for trouble. She's also very curious and tries to learn more about everything. By destroying it. Which usually defeats the purpose.

Adopted from: The Ecliptic Eight

Name: Demeter

Species: Maned Stratofier

Personality: Demeter has a natural mothering instinct, but she doesn't have any children. Instead, her instinct is to protect and help everything that comes her way. She, like most of her species, has a deep-seated hatred for skrills.

Adopted from: mechfighter

Name: Lila

Species: Daggermaw Flamestalker

Adopted from: NightmareRebuff

Name: Alinari

Species: Crying Life Stealer

Adopted from: Golden Scarlet

Name: Fangorn

Species: Tree Eater

Adopted from: Murrish

Name: Valinor

Species: Bladed Sand Screecher

Personality: Valinor has a love of decoration.  She practically makes nests, but she does it using the most shiny and colorful things she can find.

Adopted from: Golden Scarlet

Name: Slash

Species: Saber-toothed horntail

Adopted from: Fury of the Night



This is Squee. She's a Pan Puffle, which is not a dragon- I'm not quite sure what it is. Squee is a real prankster. She likes even jumping out and scaring people, but she's adept at more elaborate pranks too. Being able to float around silently helps a lot with that. She can get carried away and hurt someone accidentally, but she would never do it on purpose... unless it was really, really funny. I adopted her from Sky and Ocean.

This is Tiger, a female teenage whale shark. She's a good friend of Mako's. She likes nosing around shipwrecks and looking at all the random stuff inside.

This is Jelly. Don't let her frighten you, she's really very friendly! She does have a bit of a temper, though, and sometimes when I look into her eyes, I seem to feel compelled to do what she wan- What's that, Jelly? You want me to tell them all how wonderful you are? And how amazing, and how... I don't know, that seems a bit excessive... oh, don't make that adorable face, you know I can't resist-

*monotone robot voice* Jelly is wonderful. She is amazing. I have never had a better pet. Jelly is my best friend.



Future dragons- planned to be in-game but I don't have them yet:


      Candela                      Frost                       Fiyera            Arathorn      Akari


                 Riptide                                 Sting (and his namesake)                    Crypt


                 Kara                       Woodsmoke                          Sunny                     Dash

Brought to you by Autumn5476, snowflake12298, mesaprncss, Yin to the Yang, Stiger23, Grumpy Cat lover, ToothlessNightfury, Basrolo, DuskDayBreak, and Dreamworks.


In-game dragons:


                Excelsior                            Anduril                                   Permafrost


                  Shine                                        Shadowfax                                   Gwihir


                 Alibi                                     Santa Claws                                 Jadis


              Sunrise                        Riddle and Enigma              Jewel                          Shadow

Also: Grass and Maud Pie (gronkles), Pinkie and Pie (zippleback), Cadence and Cosecant (deathsongs), Zoomy McZoom (mudraker), Tiger (armorwing), Firebolt (singetail), Rocky (eruptodon), and Incendio (devilish dervish). There might be pictures of these coming. You know, eventually. Once I get around to it.

MagicalPotato drew me this incredible picture of Shadowfax for Christmas:












































This is Clament, our mascot










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and my shell is that white spiral.

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