CALLING ALL BRONIES pony gc shareing

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hi im a pegasister

and lets share some gcs (genarated characters)

and thses are NOT OCs (original characters)

this is a oc

Artbeat by xarazura

this is a oc

Returning characters (*queue


There is a My Little Pony a oc is either drawn yourself or you payed someone like a artist do draw it

i myself use a gc because i dont know how to properly use paint(the pc thing) and i dont wanna pay for a drawing (no hate to artists)


also antibronys dont let the door hit you on the way out


since where on the subject of ocs and gcs-

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this is marry sue TRY NOT TO MARRY SUE

as you can see she is a alicorn

she is toatly loved by everyone and is the daughter of nature

and is princess exposistion's neice

she is perfect in every way

and can never be defeated

marry sue is everywhere and she is no fun to role play with

i have no problem with alicorn gc/oc i have a problem with marry sue



well no matter lets share some of our gcs and ocs and talk ponys







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oh yea and no stealing art

oh yea and no stealing art OCs or GCs

no fighting 

Love and tolerate

i found this on aol like all the pics above

in the starting article


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this is my gc and my face in


this is my gc and my face in the brony area (she is not me she is a different person)


breed:bat pony


a cave

personality:fun loveing,nightowl (duh)

and she dosent look before she leaps and when she is criticised on that se simply says

"why do i have to look bofore i leap i have wings"

she is also very sarcastic

backstroy:(she is fairly new so theres not much to her)

she tore her ear in the ever free forest

she was born and raised in a mountain where a whole colony of bat ponys live but moved near ponyvill after a earth earthquake that ruined her caave and  scattered the coloy

(tell me your oc/gcs stroy i wanna know)


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this one i made for the luls

look its princess vinyl XD

luna draps the moon she drops the base

name:queen cimex

backstory:she put a curse on her kingdom back when alicorns where everywhere and then with a stronger race

that like mosquetos need to fight to survive she went to war and lost (hence the broken horn) he kingdom had the curse lifted but as punishment her curse wasnt and now she waits for revenge from inside the canterlot dungeon