Call of the Death Song Overview

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This is a place to post screenshots from the second expansion pack, which was released in tandem with the first season of Race to the Edge back in the summer of 2015. Call of the Death Song introduced a few new areas fraught with dangerous creatures. To reflect back on your adventures you could show me the Death Song or Razorwhip you got, battles against eels or pictures where you're looking out at the landscape.


I also have another thread with more details about the expansions if you're interested.


Gorge II

Level 50

352000 UDT points

Critical thinker; artistic; patient; obsessive over things he loves; absent-minded


Brightslime is all grown up (& reached level 50)


Battle High Scores:

1. Headvord    -  1225

 2. Globstract   -  1203!

3. Streamglide - 1122

4. Sparkflare   -  1070

5. Brightslime  -   980

6. Flingshot     -    900

7. Grimpinch   -    895

8. Bulkshield   -    859

Expansions completed:

      Battle quest    Rtdi icon    Tsol icon 2          



 Sparkflare                        Streamglide

Female titan wing Nightmare                 Male Windwalker           

Level 50                                         Level 50

 Found July 18, 2013                    Rescued July 23, 2016

      Cheerful, ferocious in battle,               Caring & comforting, dragon rescuer,

distracted, excitable, reckless                        brave, stealthy, nimble     



Globstract                                  Flingshot 

Female Death Song                           Male Singetail    

Level 50                                         Level 50

Adopted Nov 11, 2016                   Bonded Feb 12, 2017 

      Reclusive, disobedient,                       Sociable, co-operative, curious,

showy, artistic, cheeky                              lively, protective of me




Persistent & focused; mature; outgoing; confident; short-tempered



 Bulkshield                        Brightslime

    Male Rumblehorn                     Female Flame Whipper

Level 50                                        Level 50

  Hatched Jan 1, 2015                  Adopted June 11, 2017

Friendly, stubborn & determined,             Adventurous, likeable, observant,

      moody, tough, heroic                        has quick reflexes, poisonous



Headvord                          Grimpinch

   Male Sentinel                            Male Deathgripper

Level 50                                         Level 49!

Befriended Oct 10, 2018              Befriended Aug 30, 2019

Dignified, benevolent, tenacious                Dangerous, touchy, submissive 


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Call of the Death Song Quests
  1. Assault on Berk
    Death Song on Berk.jpg

  2. The Mystery of Sven’s Farm
    Trapped Nightmare.jpg

  3. The Death Song Amber
  4. Berk Defense
  5. The Mysterious Dragon Eye
  6. Legend of the Dragon Valkyrie
  7. Shipwreck Lane

  8. Journey to Death Song Island

  9. The Newest Dragon Eye Lens
  10. Invasive Species?
  11. The Groncicle Inside Scoop

  12. Who is the Rogue Rider?
  13. The Hatchery is in Trouble!
  14. Following the Rogue Rider

  15. The Master Amber Scheme
  16. Where’s Heather?
  17. What’s This?
  18. The Death Song Menace
  19. Loose Ends

  20. The Aftermath
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Melody Island & Ship Graveyard

I loved seeing all the forests on this beautiful island. Even though I first visited this place over a year after it was released, I was surprised to find a cave I hadn't known about.


And there were ruins on the island too.


It was in July last year, on a search mission for a missing ship from the Shivering Shores (that's a tongue-twister!), when instead I found a caged Windwalker on a wrecked dragon trapper boat in the Ship Graveyard.


After fighting off the trappers I entered the half-sunken boat to rescue the scared creature.


The Windwalker was very grateful to Sparkflare and me, and with my dragon's encouragement we flew back to Berk the next morning.

Flying Over Berk.jpg